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Make Money Consigning Your Clothes

Make Money Consigning Your Clothes


Make Money Consigning Your Clothes

Make Money Consigning Your Clothes



You have hundreds to thousands of dollars sitting in your clothes closet.

Ever ask yourself how much of those dollars you actually wear?

Scary, right?



Very often new or long-time clients want to learn how to pick out clothes they won’t be sorry they bought plus get help to say either see ya, so long, bye-bye, nice knowing you, doesn’t bring me joy, I’ll never wear it, it’ll never fit again, or ________________________. You can fill in the blank.

Here I am, below, telling you about 2 clients who made money from clothes they either didn’t or shouldn’t wear.

The very fun, very OMG now I know why that dress, top, necklace, scarf, you name it, doesn’t look good on me Virtual Personal Styling Workshop has just 2 virtual seats left.

Get one of those last spots here. Going once, going twice, gone!


Should You Wear Back and White?

Should You Wear Back and White?

Some things are as clear as black and white.

But, should you wear black and white?

Not always and here’s why.



P.S. You could learn how to always know what to wear and
easily pick out an age-appropriate and flattering outfit wth my
virtual styling service.

My clients NEVER stress about what to wear and
neither should you.

Use your extra time at home wisely and finally get control of your clothes. When the Coronavirus is behind us, you’re going to want to get out of the house to mix and mingle and you shouldn’t keep wasting precious time and energy figuring
out what to wear.

Working remotely is getting very popular right now. Fortunately, I’ve been doing that for years so I’m inviting you to take advantage of working with me virtually so you’ll get the tips you to finally end your years of Stressing About Dressing.


Do You Want Clothes Like These Too?

A friend shared this Facebook post with me because she thought I’d appreciate it.

I sure do and thought you would as well.

I really want to know which of these do you most relate to, not agree with, and do you have any others to add?

Please add yours to the comment box below, and I’ll create a revised list and try to get store’s and designers’ attention.

Together we can make a difference, or at least have some fun.

Here’s a simple tip that will make your neck look younger and not obviously show your or its age.

How you see yourself effects how others see you.
How you feel about yourself effects how others feel about you.

Dress Without Stress Online Video Course

Dress Without Stress is a self-study online video course with tons of my easy to follow, fun, style (and life) changing, thump on the head styling tips you wish you had known years ago.

If you’re wanting to know how to look fabulous and stop wasting money on clothes that don’t look great on you, then the Dress Without Stress video course will be gorgeous on and for you.

All you need is a mirror, sense of humor, and the goal of no longer getting stressed, frustrated and miserable when you try to find something to wear that will make you look great and love who you see in the mirror.

You’ll learn how to use each styling tip for your specific features: the good, the bad and the ones you’re not so thrilled with.

Enrollment Bonus – Personal Styling Tips Consultation

Enroll in Dress Without Stress by 2/20/20 and you’ll get a 1-hour personal styling tips call with me as a bonus where I’ll show you what you should wear and why and then you’ll always know what to wear.


Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?

Fear not…relax and listen instead.

Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?


Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?

Recently I was asked to be a guest on the wonderful Amy Schmid’s podcast Fearlessly Facing Fifty. She asked me to share styling tips on how to shop and dress for our ever-changing bodies and mindset.

Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?


So take a listen and please tell me which you liked the best or what tip you’d like me to give you in the near future.

Easy packing. Easy choosing what to wear.
Are You Fearlessly Facing Your Closet?

“Yesterday and today I’m on the road meeting with clients and estate attorneys. Before packing I pulled up the photos of all the beautiful outfits you created and it made packing so easy!  Everything coordinated and I felt great.  Many thanks!”

PS. My next newsletter will be my annual My Favorite Things list where I share the products I love for myself and you.



1 Day Of Free Styling Tips To Get Your Own What Not To Wear Experience

Ready to Get Your Own What Not To Wear Day?

I love giving styling tips.

I love Q & A.

I love great advice.

So, when a brilliant businesswoman suggested I combine all of the above and offer a day of free tips to all, I said YES!!!

I hereby proclaim Thursday, July 26, 2018,
to be
Free Styling Tips Day.


All you have to do is post your question on my Scarlett Image FaceBook page with or without a photo and you’ll get my suggestions and recommendations to help solve whatever your what to wear issue may be.

Throw on one of your Go-To outfits, share a photo, and get a suggestion from me as to how to make your outfit go from okay to oh my.


Ask Me A Question

Here are just a few of the questions you may have on your mind:

How can I wear this ____________?

Should I wear this_______________?

What can I wear to make my ____________ look smaller?

What can I wear to make my _____________ look bigger?

Should I keep, consign, or donate this ________________?

What style of shoes should I wear with _______________?

What shoes are out there that won’t hurt my feet?

What, Why, When, Where ____________________________?

Now it’s your chance to get the answers that are swirling in your head each time you wonder what to wear or how to wear it.

Get Your Own What Not To Wear Get Your Own What Not To Wear

Trust me, Tim Gunn, Clinton Kelly, or Stacy London aren’t offering you their advice for free, however, I am but for only 1 day…so hurry on over to my Scarlett Image FaceBook page and get em while they’re hot!!

And please do tell your friends and family about my Free Styling Tips Day, simply because you’re the kind of person who shares once in a lifetime opportunities. 🙂


Note: Dress Without Stress enrollment ends July 31 st. In other words, time is running out for you to get my tips and feedback to help you be able to quickly and easily know what to wear when you look at your clothes. No more stressing about dressing for you!!

stop stressing about dressing

I’m Back! Now You Can Read Stop Stressing About Dressing

EXTRA EXTRA: Read all about it. Stop Stressing About Dressing is back and it’s all mine.

stop stressing about dressingAs some of you may know the publisher of my book Stop Stressing About Dressing, stopped answering my emails as well as paying me royalties for copies that were sold.

Turns out, I was one of MANY authors they cheated, but thanks to a group effort, lawyers, attorney generals, and that good always overcomes evil, my book is now totally owned by me, so I’m back…as the publisher, author and the full owner of my own work.

If you haven’t already gotten a copy, please get yours and perhaps one or two for those you love. I’ve been told Stop Stressing About Dressing, makes a great gift.

Not only will you get tons of my styling tips and tricks, you’ll laugh out loud. Well, that’s what readers have said. Just read the testimonials on Amazon if you don’t believe me.

Here are just a few….

on July 19, 2016
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase


don't be green with envy

Oh No It’s Back and Don’t Be Green With Envy


Color Trend Warning: Oh, No It’s Back and please don’t be green with envy.

Don't Be Green With EnvyI won’t even bother giving my opinion on the style of this jacket…you should know me well enough by now to  know that I prefer creative, not crazy, for my clients.

About five years ago, bright and lime green were a trend color, and like black, it was all over the stores and hard to miss.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see my style tip for wearing lime or bright greens.

Unfortunately, I see this shade of green in almost every client’s closet, and it is typically a garment she rarely wears.

Don't Be Green With EnvyThe reason she rarely wears it, is because she feels wrong in it but doesn’t know why.

I created a do it yourself program, for $297, that includes helping you figure out which colors  you should and shouldn’t wear, and why.

If you know why something is right for you, you’ll wear it, and if you learn why it is wrong , you won’t wear it. It’s really that simple to stop making shopping mistakes, and feeling so discouraged when you stare into your clothes closet.

I don’t mess around, so take a look and listen to what I created to help you and your friends stop saying you wish you liked how you look and feel in clothes, to actually feeling confident and attractive.


See how you can go from being interested to committed towards making yourself happier about choosing what you wear for work or play.

“Oh my goodness. That was fun. I feel like I just lost 20 pounds. It’s like I was given permission to let go of past things that just didn’t work. Past ideas and even goals that literally just don’t fit me anymore. Thank you so much for your help. So much I never knew or even thought about!!!”- Lisa Tancredi

STYLE TIP: If you do have that lime green color in your closet, try combining it with navy instead of black. It will be a more flattering and softer combination.

Another Image & Style Consultant Product You Should Own

 image & style consultant
As an image & style consultant, I often find unusual solutions to very common problems.

One problem I have never have to solve is keeping a toupee on a man’s head. However, if I did then I would recommend Top Stick Men’s Grooming tape, but yet I actually can recommend this product to YOU!

I recently discover this product, and it  costs less than a popular ‘Fashion Tape’ product out there, and can solve so many so called fashion emergencies.


  • Peeking out bra straps.
  • Hems that need emergency hemming.
  • Peek-a-boo necklines that need a bit less peeking.
  • Belt straps that flap around and you still haven’t added extra holes to get a better fit.

 image & style consultant

Place the tape between bra strap and top, and voila instant classy lady vs. throwback to the 80’s Madonna period.

Product info: Top Stick Men’s Grooming Tape 1 Pack of 50 Strips for under $8.

Keep a few in your bag and be the hero next time you witness a fashion disaster.



Did you get your copy of my new book, Stop Stressing About Dressing? Well what are you waiting for? Grab yours here and find out how to pick out what to wear so you end being frustrated overtime you need to leave the house.

 image & style consultant

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Now YOU Can Get My Wardrobe Stylist Tips & Tricks


I found the perfect Styling & Shopping Guide that fits in your bag, and will show you not only how to choose clothes that are right for YOU, but will also make you laugh.

Oh, and by the way.. I wrote it!! And now you can get a copy on Amazon.com.

Now YOU can get my Wardrobe Stylist Tips & Tricks in my newly published book, Stop Stressing About Dressing.

Find out how everything from fabric to ruffles, transforms how you look to others and most importantly, how you look at yourself.

Actually the biggest ‘lesson’ my book offers, is how to stop beating yourself up and have a little fun with choosing what to wear.

You will get the tips and tricks that will make you say WOW, out loud.


book cover

Stop Stressing About Dressing by Scarlett De Bease

Order YOUR copy today here.



Just want to start by saying that “Stop Stressing About Dressing” is the perfect give for your mom, sister or best friend. I learned more from it than I have in a lifetime of trying to make decisions about how to clothe myself without any advice about size, color, design and even necklines. Scarlett DeBease is an expert in helping a woman to make use of what they already have in their closets with new clothing and accessories. I loved reading this hilarious book as she mixes humor with truth and makes learning more fun than it’s been in years. I sat in a doctor’s waiting room recently and read the book, screaming (softly) with laughter as I read a chapter called “The Bathing Suit Blues.” I will now know how to choose my next bathing suit with a lot more self assurance on how to look good at the beach in what most women believe to be an impossible effort.
Best piece of Advice? Roll up your sleeves to just below your elbows to look slimmer all over in your clothes. It works!

Great tips made simple for every women to understand and remember when they are shopping.Very funny and entertaining to boot!


I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read on how to look and feel great every day. I’m a protege of Scarlett’s and find her tips and explanations invaluable in this slim volume. “That’s why I should wear more ruffles!” is one small reminder of why particular textures, colors and necklines flatter some and not others. Scarlett is a genius in this arena and generously shares her fashion secrets with us mere mortals. I highly recommend Stop Stressing About Dressing to all women, particularly those of us over 50.