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How To Avoid A Wardrobe Malfunction

How To Avoid A Wardrobe Malfunction

The best stories come from either my clients or the women who want to work with me.

I’ll share one with you a few sentences from here, but first…

We’ve all had the experience of something in our outfit either busting open or barely
fitting properly, and one way to avoid wearing an outfit that will make you very uncomfortable is to sit it out.

Yup, I mean sit down.

I encourage you to sit down when you put an outfit on or try on a new piece of clothing.


  • You feel constricted, hear a strain, or a pop, don’t wear it, and definitely don’t buy it.
  • It is uncomfortable, don’t wear it, and definitely don’t buy it.
  • You tell yourself you’ll lose weight first, don’t wear it, and definitely don’t buy it. 
  • You can’t sit down without feeling miserable or potentially embarrassed,
    don’t wear it, and definitely don’t buy it.

So, here’s the story from a woman I spoke to this week, who wants my help getting her
closet filled with outfits that will fit, and flatter her.

All she simply wants and will get, are clothes that she can’t wait to wear. Sound familiar?

She wants to replace the mistakes hanging in her closet and showed me one of
her expensive examples.

It was a very pretty 3-piece pant set that a salesperson talked her into buying
for her daughter’s wedding a couple of years ago.

The jacket and pants were nice, but the sleeveless tank was much shorter than what I would have picked out for her. It simply wasn’t long enough to fully cover her stomach.

The tailor she took the outfit too, offered a solution. He would add snaps to connect the tank to her pants. 🤔

That looked great when she was standing, but at the wedding and reception, she was seated.

So what do you think happened when she sat?

Yes, you guessed it…SNAP, SNAP, SNAP!

But, if she had done the sit test, or, even better, had known me back a few years, she would never

have been so self-conscious and uncomfortable on such an important day in her and her daughter’s life.

Take a seat when trying on outfits, and you will know how to avoid a wardrobe malfunction that will ruin your day or night.

I’ve never heard of attaching snaps from a top to a pair of pants, and for good reason. It’s a VERY bad idea.

PS. If you find yourself standing in your PJs each morning, staring into your closet hoping that today’s the day you’ll find an outfit that fits you perfectly…stay tuned for a new and quick way to have a closet full of clothes that makes you confidently happy and stylish!

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How To Avoid A Wardrobe Malfunction