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National Fudge Day

June 16 Is National Fudge Day

National Fudge Day

Can You Find Me?

JUNE 16 Is National Fudge Day and according to legend, a confectioner messed up while trying to make caramel, and ended up creating… FUDGE.

My difficult to share fudge story is below. Proof that a mistake can result in something good.

It Happened In Paris.

I used to dress in a way that made me look like a plain-Jane and often disappear in a room. 

On my last day of training in Paris for the skincare company I worked for, my boss invited me to join him and others later that night at the disco he frequented.

I was so excited, but what did I know about discos in Paris or really anywhere?


I was clueless as to what one wears and thought to wear the mousy outfit I wore that day would be perfectly fine.

It wasn’t.

Later that day, after a nap I was in my hotel getting ready for what I was sure would be an incredible night of fun.

I redid my makeup, fluffed up my hair, and put back on my mousy brown skirt with matching top, buttoned up with a bow to my chin, and freaking sensible sandals!!

Ugh! I was in my 20’s and was dressed like my friend’s grandmother and I didn’t even know it.


So when I walked into that club totally believing it was going to be a great night out as the guest of a wealthy Parisian, I thought I had arrived!

I walked into the club and immediately realized I was not going to fit in. It didn’t matter that I was barely 23 and nature was still on my side.

All around me were gorgeous tall, thin, and sexy women. Most were models from all over the world including America and compared to them I felt and looked like an ‘Ugly American’.

Double FUDGE!

So I sat there drinking and shrinking into my seat. Nobody was asking me to dance and each time a goddess walked by, tilting her head, laughing and looking fantastic in just jeans, cowboy boots, and a t-shirt, I could swear I was getting shorter, wider, and even more invisible.

But it turns out I wasn’t invisible after all. All of a sudden a man rushes up to me and lifts me out of my seat holding me up in the air and then places me on a high bar table. As everyone started to stare and laugh he put his head under my skirt and now the entire room was hysterically laughing at how he was mocking me.

I don’t know how, but I remember grabbing my skirt around me and jumping off that high table. Guess those sensible sandals came in handy after all.

He, and it seemed like the whole room, was laughing at me and it wasn’t my imagination -they were, and I was no longer feeling invisible. It was awful.

Turns out that jerk was a very well known socialite in Europe and known for being a sleazy guy. But that didn’t make the humiliation go away.

I told no one about this for at least twenty years, but…

I vowed to never again be made to feel insecure and unattractive again.

Not knowing what to wear was humiliating & I told myself NEVER again.

I was determined to learn how to dress better even on my limited budget. I learned what colors were best on me and stopped buying lots of clothes because they were a bargain. Instead, I only bought clothes that made me look and feel confident, successful, and strong instead of weak and invisible. 

Years later I told my story to a client who happened to be a business coach, and she helped me realize that now I help women never feel like I once did. That horrible night has given me a very fulfilling career.

As Oprah says, what I know for sure is that…

Feeling insecure, uncomfortable, & self-conscious is not acceptable to me and shouldn’t be to you either. Been there done that.

Note: The photo above was taken the morning after my disco disaster, hence my miserable expression. Unbelievably I was wearing yet another mousy bow tie top and matching skirt. FUDGE!!!!!

P.S. I created 2 more Personal Styling Workshops conducted virtually for you to learn what you should wear to feel and look current, comfortable, and confident no matter your budget or size.

Go here to save your seat.

National Fudge Day

Look Thinner With Clothes

6 Easy Ways To Look Thinner With Clothes

Here’s How to Look Thinner with Clothes

Sometimes, actually pretty much always, it’s the small styling detail that makes a big difference and one of today’s tips is all about corners.

So now that you saw and heard me tell you to avoid squared corners I’m going to slightly contradict myself as you can see here in this before and after of my wonderful client wearing a squared corner jacket in her after photo.

Look Thinner With Clothes

She’s wearing an outfit I created using the clothes she purchased from our shopping trip, where I must say I found some incredible deals and fabulous wardrobe building pieces for her.

And yes, her new jacket has squared corners and here’s why it and everything else she’s wearing is perfect on her and will make all of us look thinner with clothes:

  1. This jacket is meant only to be worn open on her and since it hangs straight down it’s an instant middle minimizer.
  2. The bracelet sleeve length is another secret, shhh, way to minimize the middle and visually lengthen the body.
  3. Full vs ankle-length pants are typically more slimming.
  4. Wearing a top under a jacket untucked.
  5. This neckline is much more flattering on her than the low and wide one in her before outfit.
  6. Wearing the same color from top to bottom is always a slimming and lengthening trick yet this after outfit proves you don’t have to be in only dark colors from head to toe to look slimmer and stylish.

These are all great examples of how small tweaks transform an outfit and when you know what to look for.

About Scarlett: I’m not a Fashionista but am a personal stylist and shopper with a passion for helping you love how you look with the body you have right now.

I work with women of all shapes and sizes both in-person and virtually. I can take you shopping or create a fabulous outfit from what you already own. And we have a whole lot of fun doing it!

The best way to get to know me is to sign-up for my twice-monthly newsletter, Scarlett Says, for fun, practical style tips you can actually use!

When you do, I’ll share with you my fun 5-day video series — End Your Closet Shame. That’s right, we’re going to work together to clean out your closet so you don’t feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, or stressed every morning when it’s time to get dressed. Who wants to start their day that way? I want you smiling as you head out your front door with places to go, people to meet, and things to do. Let’s do this!

Sign me up for Scarlett Says today.

dress without stress

Mary, Not Her Real Name, Wasn’t Happy

Mary passed the mirror in her hallway and was startled when she caught a glimpse of her reflection…OMG.

What happened to her body?
How did her middle get so much bigger?
When did her body parts shift?
Why do her clothes no longer fit the way they used to?
Where are the clothes she needs to hide her lumps and bumps?
Why can’t she find anything in the stores that look good on her?

She wondered if she should just take that mirror down, but instead decided to immediately go on a diet and lose those pounds that sneaked up on her when she wasn’t looking. Problem solved?

Then 3, 4, 5…20  years later she now weighed more and had developed a great fondness for leggings and an all-black wardrobe.

The trouble was, that really didn’t work for when she had to attend a networking event, accept invitations to events, speak, or meet a potential client.

Panic would set at the moment she needed to leave her home office, and she often found herself turning down invitations that required her to get out from behind the computer.

dress without stress

Speaking of her computer, she now had developed a very unhealthy relationship with it and was finding it hard to step away from. Although unlike herself, it never judged how she was dressed, looked, and felt.

Mary had some thinking to do.

She has her own business and started to realize that how she looked and felt about her very own bottom, was hurting her bottom line, and taking a serious toll on her dwindling self-confidence.

She had no idea how to dress her body or what to wear to make her look as successful and capable as she had been working so hard to be. Finally and with great relief, Mary decided she was ready to accept the body she has and finally get the help she needs to find out how to dress it.

She was ready to wear clothes with zippers and buttons, get out of the house, reduce her I’ll just stay in my legging days, and look at her reflection with confidence and a smile.

UPDATE: She turned quite a few heads the next time she went out and all her lumps and bumps were quite stylishly hidden, all because she found out how to Dress Without Stress. 

Now It’s YOUR Turn !!!

Are you ready to get out of your leggings, wear some color, look and feel stylish, and learn what will look good on you?

Enroll in Dress Without Stress, to get the tools you need to be able to choose an outfit without getting frustrated or stressed out and get my personalized feedback. You won’t have to do this alone.

I would love to help you Dress Without’s totally possible
you deserve it.

If You Enroll by July 1st, you’ll get a 1-Hour Personal styling call with me for free.

Get all the details on Dress Without Stress & sign up right here.

It all begins on July 16…

and then You’ll also be saying…

“Oh, my goodness. That was fun. I feel like I just lost 20 pounds.It’s like I was given permission to let go of past things that just didn’t work. Past ideas and even goals that literally just don’t fit me anymore. Thank you so much for your help. So much I never knew or even thought about!!!”  Lisa Tancredi

“I discovered Scarlett through a mutual friend whose ensemble was stunning. I had to ask “who” she was wearing. She passed me Scarlett’s name, and what I got from our engagement was so much more than a few beautiful dress recommendations. She empowered me with the knowledge of the right colors and silhouettes for my coloring and shape. I’ve received piles of compliments on the items we both chose using her guidance. She gave me a tool I will have for the rest of my life. Working with Scarlett is an investment not only in your closet but your confidence as well!” Lea Pica

“Thanks to your course I learned how to NOT draw the wrong attention to my backside, and for teaching me soooo much that I never knew about dressing.” Dr. Pamela Hoffman

dress without stress

Take A Look At This Makeover’s Before & After

It’s always fun to see a makeover in magazines and on TV, so wouldn’t it be nice to know the details that make the after so much better than the before?

Of course, it would!

So let’s take a look at my client’s makeover before & after and how my tiny tweaks made big improvements in how she looks.

 Makeover's Before & After

Before Don’ts

  1. The yellow color is not flattering and caused her skin tone to look unhealthy and red.
  2. This low v-neckline is not right for her and made her face look too small for her body.
  3. The neckline is also too wide for her which made her shoulders disappear.
  4. Having a print over a wider part of the body is causing her to look larger, which is pretty much not the goal for most of us.
  5. This top is also making her look even shorter than she already is, and wants to be.
  6. Her top is a bit too long for her and makes her hips look wide and her legs look short.
 Makeover's Before & After

After Do’s

  1. This blue is perfect for her and brings out her pretty eyes and is making her complexion appear creamy and even-toned.
  2. This neckline is perfectly proportioned for her and visually adds some width to her shoulders, while minimizing her bustline.
  3. Wearing this solid color on her upper body is slimming her down and making her look taller.
  4. A jacket in the same color as her pants is visually elongating and slimming her body.
  5. Pushing up sleeves is an instant waistline maker and makes you look a bit taller too.
  6. This top is a perfect length for her as it minimizes her hips and makes her legs look longer.

You better believe there’s more, but this is a blog post, not a style tips guide, and that’s why… I created Dress Without Stress– a self-study online video course filled with tons of my easy to follow, fun, style, and life-changing, thump on the head styling tips you wish you had known years ago.


You’ll learn how to use each styling tip for your specific features: the good, the bad and the ones you’re not that thrilled with. And yes, we each have a few of those. All you need is a mirror, sense of humor, and the goal of no longer getting stressed, frustrated and miserable when you try to find something to wear that will make you look great and love who you see in the mirror.


And if you enroll by July 1st you’ll receive a 1-Hour Personal styling call with me for Free.


Get ALL the details HERE.


Just think about how much you’d love being an AFTER instead of a BEFORE. Just saying.


Dress Without Stress Starts July 16, 2018, so you can spend the lazy hazy days of summer getting yourself ready to sizzle with style.

Are Your Photos Telling You Something

Are Your Photos Telling You Something?

Nope, I’m not going to tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words, although it is…

Are Your Photos Telling You SomethingHere I am as a bridesmaid 31 years ago….please stop laughing and OMG, I have tan lines!!


Once you’ve composed yourself, take a look at some of your photos to see if the following stories could be about you.


Usually, after I give a presentation a few women come up to chat with me and tell me how they related to what I had shared with them. I love when that happens, and occasionally a few more will send me an email.


At a recent presentation, I gave to NAPO,  the National Association of Productivity  & Organizing Professionals at their annual conference, I told the story of what a woman who attended one of my previous talks had told me.


Her very funny story was that she realized she had a problem with her wardrobe when she went to renew her driver’s license, and after seeing the photo she realized she was wearing the same outfit 6 years later.


Now let’s agree that’s a lot of years to have the same go-to outfit, which explains why she hired me to help her transform her wardrobe and self-confidence to create multiple go-to outfits.


A few days ago a woman who attended my NAPO presentation, posted on my FaceBook page that she was choosing what to wear for a professional family photo shoot and that thanks to my presentation, she stopped herself from wearing the same top she wore for their last professionally taken family photo… wait for it…10 years ago!!!


There is nothing wrong with repeatedly wearing the same outfit. I do it ALL the time.


There is something wrong with repeatedly wearing the same outfit because you struggle to find something new, comfortable and flattering to wear.


Have you ever caught yourself wearing the same outfit for many years and wondered if you might have a problem?


Are Your Photos Telling You Something too?


We are on day 3 of my 5-day spring cleaning closet plan, End Your Closet Shame.

You can still get all 5 tips when you sign up here by May 18.


If you are one of the 200 plus women who signed up already, forward this post to your friends and family so they too can get the tips to help them get the clutter out, and help them make their closet a neater and happier space than it may be right now.

5 Tips to End Your Closet Shame ends in 2 days, but a less messy closet will last forever when you follow my 5 tips.

Are Your Photos Telling You Something

Let’s go shopping together, for FREE

Let’s go shopping together, for FREE

Sorry, but the free replay is no longer available, but you still can get all my styling and shoppings tips that will transform how you choose what to wear without having to lose weight or turn back the clock to be younger.

Enroll here and in less than 10 minutes per video, you’ll know exactly what you should be looking for, so you’ll have clothes you’ll love to wear.

Let's go shopping together, for FREE

Let’s go shopping together, for FREE

I’ve gotten so many questions as to how will my video trainings work, that I decided to make my first one available at no cost for a limited time.

[widget id=”text-2″]

On 1/18 at 2:00 EST, my first training,  Stylist 3 Step System To Shop For Clothes You’ll Love To Buy & Wear will be available to you at NO Cost, but the free replay will only be available for 2 days. After 1/20  this training will be available for sale, so let’s go shopping together, for FREE while you can.

You have to sign up in order to get the recording, and if you attend live you’ll be able to ask me your shopping questions. This is your chance to get my advice at no cost.

Here is my video message to you for the start of this year and how you may be looking at making changes in your life.

As a BONUS for signing up, you’ll get your own personal styling cheat sheet for you to print out and fill in with the tips & tricks you’ll learn in this video training.

Let’s go shopping together, for FREE on 1/18, 2:00 pm EST.

Disoriented, Bewildered and Unclear


I may never meet you, but…using a computer, phone and my skills, I can and will change your life.

Are you ever CONFUSED about what to wear?

Are you often UNSURE what to buy when shopping for clothes?

Are you feeling PERPLEXED as to how to dress for your body and age?

Finally ready to go from LOST to found?

You can Stop The Madness!!

In less than 1 hour, you will know exactly what to do with your current wardrobe and/or recent purchases so you will no longer waste days to years questioning yourself when you leave your home.

All you have to do is say YES, please tell me what to wear.

You will be amazed at how easy it will be for you to figure out what to wear once you get my tips.

Click on the link below to end your frustration with your wardrobe and image.

YES, please tell me what to wear

What are you waiting for? Why wouldn’t you want to know what to wear?

I have changed the lives of many women without ever having met them in person. You can read in their own words, below, how I transformed their lives and gave them confidence.

Scarlett“I absolutely LOVED my Skype consultation with Scarlett! My previous photoshoot was a disaster and I didn’t like my pictures. This time I was determined to give it my best. I hired Scarlett to help me choose the right clothes and accessories. I was tired of having closet full of stuff that looked great in the store, but not so much on me. Scarlett came to the call prepared. She reviewed the pictures I sent her and had incredibly helpful tips for me on how to dress, what colors and styles suit me well. She even created a WishList on an online store to show me what types of clothing might look good at me. Scarlett transformed my life. She not only helped me feel like a superstar during my photoshoot, but gave me confidence to walk away from clothes that don’t compliment me and focus on styles and colors that will make me look and feel great. Thank you Scarlett for turning my photoshoot into a success and teaching me how to be a confident shopper! I highly recommend Scarlett as a personal stylist for any professional woman who is looking to dress for success and look stunning at all times.”  Silvia Pencak

Scarlett“As someone who spends all of her time at medical meetings focusing on the presentations and not on what the presenters were wearing, I knew that I needed to update but felt at a loss for how to go about it. I want simplicity, sophistication and a style I feel comfortable with. Talking on the phone with Scarlett was wonderful. We “shopped” together virtually and could look at items together while physically across the country from each other. It was a wonderful, non-threatening and efficient way to re-create my style and not get frustrated. Prior to my actual consultation, I really enjoyed dissecting Scarlett’s blog and acting on many of her tips as well. I highly recommend Scarlett and look forward to working with her in the future!”  Dr. Carla S. Smith, MD

Be sure to sign up for your weekly tips HERE, and please tell your friends and family to sign up too. They’ll thank you for being so considerate.

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Has Any of These Ever Been Your Why?

Makeovers for women

The top 3 reasons you may be sick and tired of trying to figure out what to wear:


Weight – You do not have to change before making a change.

Money – What has buying the wrong clothes and/or not feeling confident about yourself really cost you?

Fear – Of going out of your comfort zone and/or letting someone in to transform your image & confidence.

Below you can hear my solutions to the top 3 “I don’t know what to wear” reasons you may be struggling with, in a bonus call to Inner Circle members of Sandy Weiner’s Last First Date dating coaching service.

Makeovers for women

Loved how one participant changed what she was going to wear to a large event the next day while listening to my presentation. I typically change a woman’s struggles with her wardrobe and self image in less than 3 hours, but she did it in less than 30 minutes! You can actually hear in her voice how excited she when she chose to wear something totally different, than before she heard my tips. She made me very proud.

Note: The before and after photos I refer to in this recording can be seen here.

Makeovers for women“Scarlett has a true talent for pulling disparate items of clothing, shoes and accessories from your closet and turning them into amazing new outfits! She is so professional, warm and respectful. If you have fallen into the trap of wearing the same four outfits over and over again then it’s time to hire Scarlett. I feel as if I have a new business wardrobe, something I really needed!”  Julie Jansen Professional Speaker, Coach and Author



Copyright © 2019 Scarlett Image™., All Rights Reserved.   THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.

Make Mother’s Day A Great Day

Stylist shows women what to wear

Stylist shows women what to wear.


Get Scarlett in your closet for the best present ever!!

Ask for the gift that will keep on giving, and will absolutely change your professional and personal life for the better. Once you allow Scarlett to rid you of the angst of choosing what to wear, you will have the confidence you need and deserve to feel every day no matter your weight, age, size or budget.

Whether you choose to work one to one or via a virtual consultation, you will have the following benefits:

* Lots of new and creative outfits using the clothes you own.

* No more stress about what to wear.

* You will look and feel confident, attractive and actually like to see your reflection in the mirror.

* A new closet without a renovation.

Send your children, husbands or wives here, to get the gift you really want.

Happy Mother’s Day Stylist shows women what to wear

“I discovered Scarlett through a mutual friend whose ensemble was stunning. I had to ask “who” she was wearing. She passed me Scarlett’s name, and what I got from our engagement was so much more than a few beautiful dress recommendations. She empowered me with the knowledge of the right colors and silhouettes for my coloring and shape. I’ve received piles of compliments on the items we both chose using her guidance. She gave me a tool I will have for the rest of my life. Working with Scarlett is an investment not only in your closet, but your confidence as well!”

“Thank you for all the photos of the outfits you created for me using my existing clothes. Every outfit I wore last week was one that you put together, and I really appreciate it. It’s like having a closet full of new clothes. I love picking out what to wear, simply by looking at the pictures and having everything together, even the jewelry. Thank you!” Nancy Aker
“To be truthful, I wasn’t sure I needed Scarlett’s services, but I knew that I wanted to recommend her to my clients and before I did that I had to try it myself first. I was wrong. I didn’t realize the value of having someone take the time to go through my wardrobe, point out the good, bad and yes some ugly. The really fun part was creating brand new outfits from the clothes I already owned. Scarlett was patient, funny and while I was flinging clothes around the bedroom she color coded my closet so everything was SO easy to find. We also matched each outfit to jewelry that I had that had been sitting idol. Just by changing the jewelry it gave each outfit a brand new feel. Most importantly Scarlett was helping me fit my clothes to my personality and step away from what I thought I should be wearing. Sometimes you don’t know the value of something until you have tried it and this definitely fits that category for me!”  Debra Shimer Desire On Fire
“I’m the first one to tell people, when they compliment me on how I look, that I have a secret weapon: Wardrobe Stylist ScarlettStylist shows women what to wear Debease. I’ve worked with Scarlett for years now and recommend her heartily to family, friends and colleagues. She not only shops with me for beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe, but she also comes to my home and coordinates the new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe, then photographs the outfits to create my own personal look-book. I NEVER have to think, “What will I wear today?” I simply consult my look-book and get dressed. I know I’ve saved time and money using Scarlett’s invaluable service.”  Leading Remarkable Women To Uncommon Success  Jane Pollak,CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach & Author.

Could you do me a favor, and LIKE my Scarlett Image FaceBook page? 

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speaking nightmare

The Perfect Gift For Women

thAre you a bit tired of receiving another sweater, scarf or piece of jewelry that you will never wear or even like?

Struggling about what to give to someone that seems to have everything?

Want to give a creative gift, but can’t figure out what it should be?

In my humble opinion I believe I have found the perfect gift for women, for yourself or to give someone you love.

WARNING: This gift is only for those who want to solve the following problems.

  1. Can’t figure out what to wear now that you weigh more than you used to.
  2. Can’t figure out what to wear now that you are older than you used to be.
  3. Can’t figure out what to wear now that your body parts are in different places than they used to be.
  4. Can’t figure out what to wear now that you work out of your home and occasionally have to go out  in the real world.
  5. Can’t find anything to wear even though your closet is full.
  6. Can’t take anymore agonizing over what to wear and buy.


A personal styling service with me is the perfect gift for women.


Tell your gift givers to contact me to request a Gift Certificate, and get ready to say

I LOVE IT, when you unwrap the best gift ever.


Now is the time to stop saying someday; because,“Someday is code for never”. You and those you care for, deserve to look and feel confident, beautiful, younger, thinner, and taller NOW, not someday.

“I’m so looking forward to my reunion, and I’m so happy to have so many outfit options. This was the best money that I have spent on myself in a long time.” — R.H. Tarrytown, NY

The perfect gift for women

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