Virtual Wardrobe Styling

Imagine How Great It Will Feel Being Confident In Knowing What to Wear!

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I designed my Virtual Styling for the woman who lives outside of my travel area or wants to “try on” my services without literally trying things on in front of me.

You’ll learn which style of clothes and accessories you should wear and avoid without leaving the comfort of your home or office. No video, changing your clothes, or showing me your closet required.

Whaaaat you ask? How’s that possible?

Here’s how:

You’ll finally always know what to wear to look and feel beautiful, confident, professional, and perfectly put together.


  • You’ll learn which colors, shapes, styles, clothing details, and accessories you should wear and which to avoid.
  • You’ll have your very own Personal Styling Tips page with your photos and my notes/tips for you to refer to as needed.
  • A virtual closet for you to upload photos of your clothes and accessories to get my feedback on and to create outfits with.
  • Links to the clothes and accessories I’ve found online for you to buy and use as inspiration for when you go shopping on your own.
  • Your very own Look Book page with photos of outfits I created using your existing clothes and my online finds. Odds are, they are not combinations you had thought of before.
  • Together we’ll review the outfits I created for you.
  • You’ll learn which stores you should be shopping in. Pssst, they are likely NOT where you currently shop.
  • Scarlett On Call – Ex: If you’re putting together an outfit, want my opinion, need me to create new outfits, or if you need to be talked off the ledge when you’re shopping in-person or online, I’m only an email, text , Zoom, or call away.
  • Online shopping and outfit creation for your online, in-person needs, special events, and speaking opportunities.
  • You’ll also learn how to look your best on Zoom or other remote platforms.
  • Makeup application tips and lessons. My career started as a makeup artist.
  • Eyeglass frame recommendations.
  • Scarlett On Call – Ex: If you’re putting together an outfit, want my opinion, need me to create new outfits, or if you need to be talked off the ledge when you’re shopping in-person or online, I’m only an email, text or call away.

It’s time for YOU to Always Know What To Wear.

Refund Policy: I’ll do everything in my power to provide you the best possible service, but do not offer refunds for these or any other styling services. 

You don’t have to believe me…but you can believe all the women below.

Bonnie Adams

Bonnie Adams

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I received Scarlett’s recommendations, esp as she noted black was not my most flattering color. As a devotee of black I was hesitant to give that up. But…once I started emptying out my drawers and closets and realized I had over 50 black tops of various sizes, I realized this was not a fashion choice but an (expensive) crutch. So I took a deep breath, was merciless and put them all in bags to be donated. And, in a totally unexpected surprise, I found I was not sad or panicky but instead felt lighter and liberated. I do not have as many clothes now, but so far I have still found acceptable clothes that were left in my closet to wear for every occasion. And every time I go shopping now, I hesitate for a moment at a black item, but then move on.”


Karen Kasprow

“I had a closet full of clothes and still nothing to wear, hated shopping and never knew what clothes to look for to fit my body, especially as I’ve gained weight in recent years.

I would shop reactively – going on a trip, had an event and needed something to wear, but I didn’t know what to look for, so it didn’t work out very well. Those clothes just added to what was in my closet that I didn’t really like.

I needed to learn how to do this because I was tired of feeling intimidated every time I had to get dressed and I wanted to be able to go into my closet for any type of event and feel like I could easily pick something to wear. Well I got all of that when I hired Scarlett for a virtual wardrobe styling consultation. Yes, I absolutely got it and now I’m finally feeling more confident in my clothes. Thank you!”


Dianne Moralez

“Scarlett, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the Virtual Consultation! Your professional review & advice was very easy to follow. Your study of my wardrobe photos I sent to you including my colors, shapes & accessories helped me follow your advice. My “do’s” & my “don’ts” helped me see how to re-purpose & re-style my clothes, jewelry, scarves, shapes, colors, shoes, boots, handbags into new re-fashioned outfits right out of my own closet. Plus valuable suggestions for items I want to add to my new wardrobe.”


Michelle Kinney

Michelle Kinney

“I hired Scarlett after hearing her present at an industry event I attended, because I needed and wanted an honest opinion about what would be the best colors and styles to make me look my best and camouflage the parts I didn’t like. I longed to be able to shop with more confidence and learn some new resources for brands and stores where I could find flattering items for me to wear. I thought this would be a birthday and mother’s day gift that I could really use and I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile and the time was finally right.
I wanted to be more confident with both the clothes I already owned and when I shopped in stores. After my virtual consultation with Scarlett I feel much more confident! and was able to eliminate pieces in my closet that I liked but didn’t know how to wear. Trying them on again after talking with Scarlett made finally getting rid of them an easy decision.

I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the shopping suggestions she made were, even though they were from higher end resources! A lot of the items were on sale, so I couldn’t resist getting several of the items she suggested.
Thanks for the courage to search for something perfect, instead of just good enough!”


Jane Pollak

“I want to go on record to tell you that this new service is beyond awesome.
I’ve gotten and LOVE – everything you selected. Having YOU pick it all out for me and send me the links in my sizes and colors was a huge savings. Also, I often get to that point and don’t pull the trigger. Knowing that you had done all that advance work for me made it easier, and now I have the stuff and am already enjoying it.
It was a huge time saver, money-saver (including your fee, because you know how to save your customers money) and fun to do.
This was such a luxury, and I didn’t know it until I experienced it.”

Jane Campbell

Jane Campbell

“Thank you so much for my personal styling call. It was a blast, and I’ve told everybody I know about it!
I’ve gone what for me is completely nuts, buying many of the clothes you suggested I try. At first, I tried to find styles similar to your recommendations — I thought I could do it on my own! But I couldn’t! So I stopped wasting time and went back to the shopping links you sent me.
As you promised, this hasn’t been stressful for me for even one second. I am looking at everything and everybody with new eyes, and I do indeed hear your uplifting voice in my head.”
Back In Sorts Organizing Systems


Jennifer Brown

“Can’t wait to look through these links you’ve sent.
You are a star!
I feel organized, put together, and I have an action plan!”


Dr. Carla S. Smith, MD

“As someone who spends all of her time at medical meetings focusing on the presentations and not on what the presenters were wearing, I knew that I needed to update but felt at a loss for how to go about it. I want simplicity, sophistication and a style I feel comfortable with. Talking on the phone with Scarlett was wonderful. We “shopped” together virtually and could look at items together while physically across the country from each other. It was a wonderful, non-threatening and efficient way to re-create my style and not get frustrated. Prior to my actual consultation, I really enjoyed dissecting Scarlett’s blog and acting on many of her tips as well. I highly recommend Scarlett and look forward to working with her in the future!”

Julia Garlick

Julia Garlick

“Thanks again for your advice! Our session was very useful, and some of the notes are now stuck on my closet door. You even found a stash of my favorite jeans that were discontinued years ago!“
Asst Professor of Economics – University of Lowa


Sandra Lundgren

“I don’t know if Scarlett has ever been described as a clothes-whisperer, but now that I have worked with her online and over the phone, when I went on my first shopping trip afterwards, I heard her lilting voice in my head saying, encouragingly. . .remember to stick with the colors and necklines that are best for you. It made shopping much easier, and I am delighted with the how great I feel in what I selected. Thank you, Scarlett”. Director, Communications and Marketing at American Optometric Association”

Lea Pica

Lea Pica

“I discovered Scarlett through a mutual friend whose ensemble was stunning. I had to ask “who” she was wearing. She passed me Scarlett’s name, and what I got from our engagement was so much more than a few beautiful dress recommendations. She empowered me with the knowledge of the right colors and silhouettes for my coloring and shape. I’ve received piles of compliments on the items we both chose using her guidance. She gave me a tool I will have for the rest of my life. Working with Scarlett is an investment not only in your closet, but your confidence as well!“

Aancy Aker

Nancy Aker

“Thank you for all the photos of the outfits you created for me using my existing clothes. Every outfit I wore last week was one that you put together, and I really appreciate it. It’s like having a closet full of new clothes. I love picking out what to wear, simply by looking at the pictures and having everything together, even the jewelry. Thank you!”

Christina Nevins

Christina Nevins

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started receiving some of the clothes you recommended in our virtual style consultation. I love everything so far, and it all fits great. And those jeans!! Where have they been all my life?! They’re amazing!
Thanks for opening up a whole new world of clothes for me!”

Silvia Pencak

Silvia Pencak

“I absolutely LOVED my virtual consultation with Scarlett! My previous photoshoot was a disaster and I didn’t like my pictures. This time I was determined to give it my best. I hired Scarlett to help me choose the right clothes and accessories. I was tired of having closet full of stuff that looked great in the store, but not so much on me. Scarlett came to the call prepared. She reviewed the pictures I sent her and had incredibly helpful tips for me on how to dress, what colors and styles suit me well. She even created a WishList on an online store to show me what types of clothing might look good at me. Scarlett transformed my life. She not only helped me feel like a superstar during my photoshoot, but gave me confidence to walk away from clothes that don’t compliment me and focus on styles and colors that will make me look and feel great. Thank you Scarlett for turning my photoshoot into a success and teaching me how to be a confident shopper! I highly recommend Scarlett as a personal stylist for any professional woman who is looking to dress for success and look stunning at all times.“

Gina Basich N.J

“Prior to working with Scarlett, I had been shopping at the same store for many years, buying the same conservative styles in multiple colors, and not always wearing the most flattering colors, jewelry, or styles. During my virtual style consultation, Scarlett expertly evaluated my current outfits and showed me how making very small changes such as wearing a different pair of earrings, adding a belt, or raising a hemline by a couple of inches can make all the difference. I was amazed! Scarlett also gently encouraged me to leave my “style comfort zone” and suggested some fashionable, affordable styles online that would highlight my petite frame and add a youthful, yet professional element to my wardrobe. I’m grateful for Scarlett’s suggestions and am so excited to try some new styles!”

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