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Virtual Wardrobe Styling

Imagine How Great It Will Feel Being Confident in Knowing What to Wear!

virtual wardrobe styling consultation with Scarlett DeBease of Scarlett Image

I designed my Virtual Wardrobe Styling for the woman who lives outside of my travel area or wants to “try on” my services without literally trying things on in front of me.

You’ll learn which style of clothes and accessories you should wear and avoid without leaving the comfort of your home or office. No video, changing your clothes, or showing me your closet required.

In-person styling and shopping available upon request.

Virtual Styling… How’s that possible?

Here’s how:

You’ll finally always know what to wear to look and feel beautiful, confident, professional, and perfectly put together.


  • You’ll learn which colors, shapes, styles, clothing details, and accessories you should wear and which to avoid.
  • You’ll have your very own Personal Styling Tips page with your photos and my notes/tips for you to refer to as needed.
  • A virtual closet for you to upload photos of your clothes and accessories to get my feedback on and to create outfits with.
  • Links to the clothes and accessories I’ve found online for you to buy and use as inspiration for when you go shopping on your own.
  • Your very own Look Book page with photos of outfits I created using your existing clothes and my online finds. Odds are, they are not combinations you had thought of before.
  • Together we’ll review the outfits I created for you.
  • You’ll learn which stores you should be shopping in. Pssst, they are likely NOT where you currently shop.
  • Scarlett On Call – Ex: If you’re putting together an outfit, want my opinion, need me to create new outfits, or if you need to be talked off the ledge when you’re shopping in-person or online, I’m only an email, text, Zoom, or call away.
  • Online shopping and outfit creation for your online, in-person needs, special events, and speaking opportunities.
  • Learn how to look your best on Zoom or other remote platforms.
  • Makeup application tips and lessons. My career started as a makeup artist.
  • Eyeglass frame recommendations.

It’s time for YOU to Always Know What To Wear.

Refund Policy: I’ll do everything in my power to provide you the best possible service, but do not offer refunds for these or any other styling services. 

Wardrobe Styling

It’s time to say hello to a wardrobe that truly fits.

A Virtual Closet

Upload photos for my feedback and suggested outfit combinations.

One-on-One Styling Sessions

Review outfit suggestions with me via Zoom and learn what works for you.

Personal Online Boutique

Purchase from links I’ve found or use as inspiration when shopping on your own.

Personal Styling Tips Page

My notes/tips are saved in the LookBook app for reference whenever needed.

You don’t have to believe me…
but you can believe all the women below.

I used to feel frumpy and never knew what to wear, but now when I wear the clothes Scarlett found for me, I feel confident, sexy, and as per my friends,”cute!”
Now, I look forward to getting dressed in the morning! J.E


It’s been a bucket list item of mine to hire a stylist for years, but I continued to tell myself that I’ve been dressing myself for over fifty years and doing ok, so why pay for it.  I can figure it out. Then I had to empty out my bedroom and closet for a new carpet install.
The time had finally come to get an expert’s eye to guide me on what should go back in.
So, I hired Scarlett and we got to work.  Four and a half hours and five Hefty bags later, I sighed a HUGE feeling of relief, grateful that I got help.   Plus, she was able to put together a bunch of outfits for me in ways I had never thought of before.  Another big win! My only regret was not getting help sooner. Kristen Hallett Rzasa


Stylist Scarlett

Stylist Scarlett is very knowledgeable, professional, and creative, with a great sense of humor! She helped me put together a professional wardrobe that is unique to me. She listened to what I need and what I like and what I do not like and made great suggestions that I would not have thought of on my own. Scarlett did all the heavy lifting of shopping online and provided me with links to purchase the items which made it very easy for me and then helped me decide if I should keep those items or not. I highly recommend Scarlett’s services!

Adi Klevit

Working with Scarlett De Bease hasn’t been “work.” It’s been a joy. Like many women, over time I’ve transitioned through wardrobe and physical changes. Scarlett helped me not only clear the clutter from my closet, but also my inner critic. My sense of what colors, shapes, and styles look best on me feels sharper. I have confidence as I shop online or in person for what’s right for me, and what I can leave on the rack. (In the past, many of those items would have come home and remained on a hanger or consigned). Today I browsed in a favorite store and noticed many items aren’t for me, but I also let the manager know what I’m looking for and she’ll set them aside for me. It creates sustainable habits for my wallet and the planet. Win-win. Let Scarlett get into your head and wardrobe and you’ll find yourself winning, too!

Kathy Koenig

Now it takes me no time to get ready because I know what to wear, have what I need, feel great in my new outfits, and don’t waste money on the wrong clothes anymore. Scarlett is The Best!!

Christina Larson

Scarlett has been amazing in upgrading my wardrobe so that it’s now professional, attractive, and ready for anything! When I wore one of the beautiful business suits that she selected, I was able to exert full authority as I advocated for a hospitalized client in an explosive situation. This is just one example of the unexpected effects of dressing for the part. Scarlett, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ruth Levy

Scarlett has done wonders for my wardrobe. She does a masterful job selecting pieces to compliment my existing clothes. I am astounded by her ability to take what’s in my closet and make many different outfits. I give her my highest recommendation.

Mary Ann Power

Scarlett to the rescue! I was tired of guessing what clothes did and didn’t work for me.  I just wanted to feel and look put together all day whether I was working, running errands, playing with my grandchildren, or all three in the same day.  With Scarlett’s guidance I learned which styles and colors made me feel comfortable and classy. Thanks to her savvy shopping skills, Scarlett guided me to buy a chic and modern wardrobe that works best for me. Her keen eye combined color, clothing, and accessories in ways I never dreamed I could wear.

I’m thrilled with all the new outfits Scarlett has created, and now when I look at my closet, I’m excited about which new outfit to wear instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Barbara Andrews

Stylist Scarlett
Before working with Stylist Scarlett, I had a closet full of clothes that no longer fit and zero ideas about how to dress my “new” middle-aged body in anything other than leggings. Scarlett provided thoughtful suggestions based on my needs and feedback about why pieces worked or didn’t work with my body type. More than once, she was part stylist, and part therapist, encouraging me to try new colors and styles. I now have outfits at the ready and get dressed without hating myself! Scarlett is a gem and I recommend her to anyone struggling to find their fashion way.

Heather Frechette-Crowley

Stylist Scarlett

My experience with Stylist Scarlett was a wonderful internal and external journey. I not only experience joy getting dressed every day but was reminded that it’s okay to wait for something I actually like.  Moving to Southern California from San Francisco, I noticed that if I wasn’t wearing athletic clothes,  I was often asked,  “Why are you so dressed up.” This was even if I was wearing jeans.  Eventually, my San Francisco clothes got old, and my style became frumpy and drab. Scarlett’s online closet, where I saw all my worn and over-washed clothes, helped me see that I have really neglected my esthetics for some time. As a psychotherapist, it has been an illuminating internal journey. Being the 3rd sister growing up, I was used to oversized hand-me-downs, which were clothes I never liked but accepted. As an adult, I often settled for colors and styles that were just mediocre. What I appreciate about Scarlett is that she was not offended if I didn’t like what she picked out and assured me she was not the designer and was fine with it.  She did a great job learning my style, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to refresh their wardrobe. I now have new shoes, jeans, belts, dresses, and really great workout clothes.  I loved it!  An excellent project of self-love and self-respect. I highly recommend Stylist Scarlett to help you find your inner queen again.

Freda Salamy

“When I hired Scarlett, I finally committed to investing in myself, as I just wanted to stop feeling stuck or blah about what I was wearing. I was simply tired of feeling like I didn’t have the “right” things to wear. Scarlett helped me get rid of the clothes that were not serving me well and created a closet full of outfits I could wear. It was also really helpful to learn the key pieces that were missing from my wardrobe and how to best use my accessories.”

Nancy Sheed

Lisa gives five star testimonial for Scarlett Image personal wardrobe styling services

“Scarlett has helped me so much – she is amazing! I used to hate figuring out what to wear, was insecure and never felt good about how I looked. Scarlett has transformed my wardrobe and organized a variety of outfits including accessories for different occasions. And equally important, she has helped me with my makeup, including a makeup lesson. Now my confidence has gone way up. I honestly don’t have to stress about what to wear no matter what I am doing. And I know she is always there to help if I need it. I am forever grateful that I met her. It has truly transformed me.”


I found I was getting lazy about how I was dressing after two years on Zoom, and wanted to get out of my rut as in-person events were starting up again. Scarlett looked at what I had, came up with new combinations, and recommended which clothes and accessories to buy so I have even more new outfits. The best part: this was all on Zoom! Yes, she can tell what looks good on me via Zoom. Thanks to Scarlett, I can now go anywhere, in-person and virtual, and always look my best.

Lynn Tranchell

“I’m the first one to tell people, when they compliment me on how I look, that I have a secret weapon: Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett Debease. I’ve worked with Scarlett for years now and recommend her heartily to family, friends and colleagues.

She not only shops with me for beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe, but she also comes to my home and coordinates the new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe, then photographs the outfits to create my own personal look-book. I NEVER have to think, “What will I wear today?” I simply consult my look-book and get dressed. I know I’ve saved time and money using Scarlett’s invaluable service.” Leading Remarkable Women To Uncommon Success.” Jane Pollak, CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach & Author.

Jane Pollak

Jane Pollak’s video testimonial on working with image consultant Scarlett De Bease