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Beware Pop-Up Ads

Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen head over heels for a dress, shirt, or pair of pants while scrolling through your social media feed, or casually browsing online?

Oh, those vibrant colors, perfectly draped fabrics, and models looking like they’ve just stepped out of a fashion fairytale – it’s like a siren’s song luring us into a sea of shopping temptation. 

But here’s the twist: what arrives at your door might resemble what you saw in the ad about as much as flip-flops do to stilettos.

It’s the classic tale of the bait and switch – the dress that looked like it was spun from dreams turns out to be spun from something that feels like plastic wrap, the color that seemed so alive on your screen is now closer to a distant cousin of its former self, and the fit that was supposed to be tailored perfection ends up making you look more like a makeover before than an after. 

Now, let’s talk about quality – or lack thereof. Remember the promise of a luxurious fabric that caresses your skin like a soft summer breeze? Well, brace yourself for something that might feel more like sandpaper in comparison. 

It’s not uncommon to discover that the “finely crafted” seams are unraveling at the sight of a gentle tug, or that the buttons have decided to take a leap of freedom just when you’re about to head out the door.

Before you get carried away, take a moment to peek behind the curtain – read reviews, and do a little detective work on the brand’s reputation. 

Make sure to share your own stories of successes and letdowns in a review, adding a dash of honesty and clarity to the enchanting mix of online shopping.

If you can hold yourself back, instead of buying from those pop-up ads, try shopping from more traditional retailers and designers. 

I’ve made a few mistakes myself, and don’t want you to do so as well. It was a humbling reminder that not all that glitters online turns out to be gold in reality.

True Story

A  dear friend ordered a wild and wacky outfit for a party and brought his purchase over to my house for me to share his experience with you. HERE it is. 

Note: the reason you can’t see how extreme the blurriness was like we could, is because the iPhone automatically corrected it.

Ladies, it’s time to shop smarter and say goodbye to fashion regrets! Book a Zoom call with me and find out how I’ll find the perfect clothes for YOU.