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Author: Scarlett De Bease

Clothes Shopping Mistake

Don’t make this common clothes shopping mistake!!!

Watch this short video to see how.

And then she said:

“I hired Scarlett, and my initial thought was,“What was I thinking?” It reminded me of the show “What Not to Wear.” But hiring her was the best decision and gift to me. I donated four bags of clothes that weren’t working for me, and Scarlett helped me update my wardrobe and taught me how to dress for my body type.
Ever since the wardrobe change, my social calendar has been busy.” –
Ann Chin


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Do You Know You’re Worth It?

If Not Now, When?

L’Oreal had it right when they started reminding women back in 1973 that they were worth it. So, why do so many women give more to their families, friends, and pets than they give to themselves?

Your daughter or granddaughter wants you to buy her bras and panties at Victoria’s Secret, and you are buying yours at Costco or Target. Of course, this is assuming you have even bothered buying yourself new lingerie within the past five years!


Your daughter or granddaughter wants exercise clothes from a high-end manufacturer, while you have been wearing the same leggings and T-shirts for years. Even worse, you might actually work out, while the youngster is just looking to strut her stuff without a single squat or sit-up.

Oh, the injustice.

Recently a client told me she had her wakeup call when she realized her teenage daughter had better workout clothes than hers.
I had to tell her the truth. I was the woman many years ago, who after having spent a fortune at Victoria’s Secret for my ‘budding’ daughter, realized that the scales of self-care, were tipping in the wrong direction. Something inside of me snapped, and shortly thereafter I marched myself into a lingerie boutique to treat myself to higher quality and better-fitting bras, because… I am worth it!

Here’s the problem with doing more for others than for us, we are unwittingly making ourselves unhappy by lowering our self-esteem and self-confidence.
It is not selfish to acknowledge you are worth the trouble or expense of self-care.
On the contrary, it’s smart and helpful, as you are teaching your children and significant others that you are important and not insignificant.
If you often deny yourself a decent haircut, coloring, a manicure, new clothes, or even a vacation so you can give more to others, then you are diminishing yourself.

When we become smaller, we have less to give from our hearts and, that is the only place we have so much to give and share.

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Closet Emergency?

Missed the live workshop? No worries! Get the recording of the How To Clean Out & Organize Your Closet training, and learn how to quickly find what you’re looking for, stop getting stressed when you open your closet doors, and stop wasteful shopping. Transform your closet and your shopping habits today!

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Closet Emergency?

Closet Emergency? Help Is On The Way

Sound familiar? Plans are made and… OMG! You now have less than 48 hours to figure out what to wear.

You’re hoping it won’t be a problem to find the perfect outfit to wear because it’s lurking in your wardrobe. You know there must be something fabulous for you to put on, because you have more than one closet filled with clothes, drawers packed so tightly that opening and closing them often requires Olympic strength, shoes up to your calves, along with an ever-growing population of dust bunnies.

No problem, right? WRONG. Why? Because your closet may be overstuffed with clothes wrong for you and gasp…disorganized! But, wait a minute. Didn’t you recently get some new clothes and you loved the way you look in them? That’s why you bought them, after all. Oh, you don’t like how you look in them? Wait, you can’t find them? How can it be that you have lots of clothes, yet still have nothing to wear?

If you believe that you are the only one who feels this way, I think you’ll be happy to know that you are soooo not alone. I don’t want you to feel this way, but retailers and manufacturers do.They are hoping you stay unhappy and keep on stuffing your closets and drawers with more and more, and you end up having less and less to actually wear. So then you shop more.


Closet Emergency?

Missed the live workshop? No worries! Get the recording of the How To Clean Out & Organize Your Closet training, and learn how to quickly find what you’re looking for, stop getting stressed when you open your closet doors, and stop wasteful shopping. Transform your closet and your shopping habits today!

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⏰ Hurry – Times Almost Up!

 It’s Time To Get Your Closet Organized!

Did you know that size doesn’t matter in clothes or closets?

You deserve to be able to open your closet door, no matter how tiny or big, and not get depressed and stressed so that you’ll start each day looking and feeling better about yourself.

It’s easy to keep putting off tackling the mess in your closet, but it is also expensive.

If you can’t easily see what you have, you’ll keep buying more of what you already have, and wear the same few outfits repeatedly, which can make you feel frumpy and bored, while continuing to get overwhelmed when you pick out what to wear.

   It’s Time To Get Your Closet Organized!

You’ll get a video showing how I organized my closet so you can learn how to do the same with yours, my organizing tools resources, systems, and clothes shopping tips in The How To Clean Out & Organize Your Closet. 

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How To Instantly Look Thinner and Taller

Look Thinner and Taller in Seconds

Would you like to know how to instantly look thinner and taller, without buying new clothes, losing weight, or holding in your stomach while not breathing?

I know, you are thinking that this is impossible, but it isn’t, and I’ll show you how to do it in less than one minute.

Here is what you need to do: put on a long-sleeved top and get yourself to a full-length mirror. Now, push only one of your sleeves up. Do you see it? See the subtle and surprising difference? Notice how you look thinner and taller, just by making your sleeves shorter?

How can that be, you ask? Well, the proof is in your reflection. By pushing your sleeves up— go ahead and push the other sleeve up now too—you are creating an emphasis on your waistline or creating the illusion of one. Therefore you look thinner.

The shorter sleeves give the impression of greater height, so now you look taller. Keep in mind that this styling trick is only needed if you want to look thinner and/or taller.

Now if you think you need to get a new top to achieve this result, you would be wrong. This trick even works with sweatshirts from your school days or your children’s or grandchildren’s alma mater.

Rolling or pushing your sleeves up instantly elevates any outfit, and I mean any outfit.

Warning: All of my clients have developed an instinct to push their sleeves up whenever they get dressed, or as soon as they see me walking towards them.
You too may now find yourself pushing up the sleeves of those that you care about, but trust me; they will thank you for it.


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Tips To Swap Out Seasonal Clothes and Shoes

Tips To Swap Out Seasonal Clothes and Shoes

Here’s what I told my client when she asked me about switching out her closet for spring & summer.

Tired of having a disorganized closet and dread switching out your clothes when the seasons change?

Wish you had less in it, but more to wear so that you will stop being overwhelmed choosing what to wear or buy?

Join me on May 4, 2024 at noon ET and learn how to get your closet organized quickly and effectively with the system I’ll be sharing, so that you can find what you need and no longer feel overwhelmed and stressed when you look into your closet(s).

Reserve your spot in my upcoming

How To Clean Out & Organize Your Closet

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Why you buy the wrong clothes – Client Wisdom

Client Wisdom: The More You Know

Today, I’m sharing what one of wonderful, and quite observant, long-time clients sent to me in an email.

“I’ve been thinking about another one of your many words of wisdom – (paraphrased)………’don’t go shopping with anyone’ and, ‘you don’t want to dress like your daughter.’

So, what prompted me to think about this was a recent visit to my local consignment store. I go in to drop clothes off, but never look around to buy. Well, a couple of weeks ago my 20 something niece was visiting from NC and she went in there and bought a lot of really cute clothes. Then last week I dropped off something else and the store was full of 20 somethings buying lots of clothes. These clothes looked great on them but it wouldn’t cross my mind to wear the clothes myself. And it got me to thinking……….where are these clothes coming from? Then I had an aha moment, these young women are buying clothes the mothers are consigning because they bought them while shopping with their daughters! So, if one wants a lot of clothes to consign, go shopping with your daughter!”

Hmmm, something to think about…

Note: The reason she went to the consignment shop was to drop off, and pick up her earnings from the clothes I advised she shouldn’t keep or wear. Be sure to not let money sit in your closet. Consign or donate the ones wrong for you too.


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Shopping tip for mothers and daughters

What would you have said? 😳

If you are a mother or a daughter, you’ll likely relate to
what I witnessed.

Use this shopping tip for mothers and daughters.

Watch below and see why I couldn’t be quiet. 😳

And the she said…

“Before working with Stylist Scarlett, I had a closet full of clothes that no longer fit and zero ideas about how to dress my “new” middle-aged body in anything other than leggings. Scarlett provided thoughtful suggestions based on my needs and feedback about why pieces worked or didn’t work with my body type. More than once, she was part stylist, and part therapist, encouraging me to try new colors and styles. I now have outfits at the ready and get dressed without hating myself! Scarlett is a gem and I recommend her to anyone struggling to find their fashion way.”


Shopping tip for mothers and daughters

Are you tired of feeling frumpy?
You deserve to love what you wear, and how you look in your clothes. 
Book a complimentary 30-minute Know What to Wear Zoom call with me. You’ll learn how to feel confident, stylish, and excited to get dressed every day!

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