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How To Spring Clean Your closet

How To Spring Clean Your closet


Use these 3 words to spring clean your closet:




Watch the video below which originally aired on FaceBook, to get all the ways I share how to spring clean your closet and get it working for not against you. Get control over your clothes
and you’ll be able to see what you have to wear now.

How To Spring Clean Your closet

Note: The webinar I refer to in this video has already occurred.

How To Quickly Make Your Closet Look Better

How To Quickly Make Your Closet Look Better

Q. Who wants to know how to quickly make your closet look better?
A. Everyone.

I’ve said it before and am saying it again.

One of the quickest ways to make your clothes and the closets they hang in look neater and more welcoming, is to put all your clothes on identical hangers.

You’ll also most likely will find a few pieces you’ve forgotten about and discover others that truly need to go.

These hangers below, not plastic, are the type you should use and will love. They’ll also keep your clothes in better shape and keep them from sliding off the hanger.

Trust me it’s worth the small amount of time to do this, and while you’re at it please take out all those nasty wire hangers and give them back to the dry-cleaners for recycling.

Here Comes The Bride…no, not me.

Recently a longtime and very stylish fellow member of a woman’s networking group, asked me if I would consider offering a group virtual color consultation for her daughter-in-law to be and bridesmaids. She thought it would be a fun way to gather from all over the country, grand-mothers, moms, aunts and friends… it sure was.

How To Quickly Make Your Closet Look BetterFrom the bride herself:
“That was the perfect activity for a bridesmaids brunch!
Not only should it be something everyone is cognitive of when getting ready for events, but everyone learned something and it also worked as a fun way to break the ice”. Eva Maria

I wish I had thought of this fun service myself.

I showed the bride and bridesmaids what their best colors and necklines are, so that they will be even more gorgeous on next year’s wedding day.

Reply back to get the details on how your family can have this stylish wedding party fun too. It really was a blast!



How To Organize Handbags

How To Organize Handbags In Your Closet



As the temps get cooler, you’re going to need to start finding and wearing the clothes that will keep you warm and cozy. But just because the leaves are dropping doesn’t mean our clothes and bags need to be falling too.

Here’s where I’m going with this…

Recently I looked into my closet and said to myself, enough is enough!

My bags, not just the ones under my eyes, were floppy and dingy and the clothes on my shelves looked like the back of my elbows. Wrinkled and in rough shape.

I figured out that the solution was to inject fillers, but not the ones you get at a spa or doctor’s office.

Step one: Injecting myself with determination and energy to get the job done.

No more saying one day, when I have time, or have nothing else to do, because we all know how one day often turns into no day, no way, no how.

We need to decide that one day is today and that is just what I did in just a few hours to make my closet look young and fresh again.

You can too when you follow these easy to do tips.

Fall in Love with Organizing Your Closet

Inject Fillers Into Your Floppy Handbags

Step two: Dumped out all my handbags onto my bed, and yes I do have quite a few of them, so I can see which needed more plumping up.

Most of them are loosely structured and need stuffing to stop flopping around on my closet’s shelves.

The solution is to inject fillers into the bags by stuffing them with bubble wrap, paper, or even the t-shirts you’re no longer wearing.

Just like your hair, they need some body to look good.

Once filled and stuffed, the bags will stand up straight and keep their original shape.

Gee, I wish it was that easy for our shapes.

Fall in Love with Organizing Your Closet

Tip: I put them back by color, and used a clear magazine holder for the little pouches, extra straps, etc. Think of it as Spanx for holding in all your loose pieces.

FYI most of my handbags are from MZ Wallace. I’m quite a fan of their bags.

All of my leggings are by Lysse. I’m a devoted fan of their bottoms too.

Nope, I’m a BIG fan.

Fall in Love with Organizing Your Closet

Then I tackled the clothes and shawls/ponchos I have folded on my shelves, or you may have them in drawers.

I folded each one neatly, so that not only can I clearly see what each piece is, but also to make it easier to decide which one to wear or pack when traveling.

To me, they look so much prettier now too, and yes I’ll keep them this way.

Fall in Love with Organizing Your Closet

I do have lots of leggings and jeans which I actually wear, so I organized them by color and made one pile for those in a larger size because let’s face it…we all have those days, or weeks, or months…you get what I mean.

Fall in Love with Organizing Your Closet

P.S. Not sure you noticed, but nothing from above was about which clothes I had to keep or toss.

Why do you ask?

Well, that’s because I stopped having an unhealthy relationship with my clothes, many, many years ago. Knowing when and how to say bye-bye to the clothes that are doing you wrong is life-changing and you’ll have less mess in your closet too.

Get help knowing how to break up with some of your clothes when you go here to get my FREE End Your Closet Shame 5 Day Video Guide.




I originally wrote the above article for The Three Tomatoes, a wonderful on-line newsletter for women over 50.


clothes in a box

The Truth About Ordering Clothes In A Box

clothes in a box

No way can I count how many times I’ve been asked if I know about the companies that will ship you a variety of clothes in a box for you to try on.

Yes, way I know all about them and have seen quite a few sad expressions on my first time client’s faces when I ask about some of the unworn and/or unloved pieces in her closet?

So why the long faces?

Well, often it is because she imagined that by telling the online personal stylist whatever info they requested, that she would actually be getting pieces perfect for her.

Reality check time.

These services are NOT my competition, and no I don’t want to offer the clothes in a box service. I won’t change my business model from serving to selling as I’m motivated by seeing a woman looking and feeling confident, and not by making money.

I don’t believe in telling women to wear Spanx to fit into their clothes, so why should I squeeze myself to fit into someones else’s business mold? I hate constrictions of all kinds!!
 If I don’t let my clients be pushed and squeezed into the wrong clothes for their shape and lives, why should I squish myself into what doesn’t fit my own business and personality?

These clothes in a box companies mission are to make money by selling you more and more, not to help you have a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched.

More stuff doesn’t mean you have more to wear.
       But you probably already knew that.

You can make these online clothes in a box services work better for you, if you actually know what colors, patterns, styles, labels, and fabrics are the most flattering for you. And please request items that will give you the ability to make many more outfits vs just the one outfit they send you.

The best wardrobe is one that you can do lots of mixing and matching with, instead of clothes that don’t go with anything you already own.

It might be fun to try a service that sends you clothes in a box all wrapped up with a pretty ribbon, but based on the regrets I’ve seen on women’s faces or hanging in their closets, it doesn’t always work out and I don’t want you to think something is wrong with you or your body if the clothes don’t look that great on you.  

Remember, it’s not you. They simply were the wrong clothes for you.

“Want to feel “cuddling with baby goats” happy when you open your closet?

Then let me show you how to let go of the clothes you’ve been holding onto for all the wrong reasons and you’ll see that breaking up won’t be so hard, or messy, to do for FREE!!!

Sign up here to get my 5 videos Sign up for End Your Closet Shame In 5 Days, and you’ll get 5 days of easy to follow steps delivered to your inbox.

clothes in a box

Here’s A Quick & Easy Closet Makeover Tip


I’m embarrassed to say, that my closet was ugly & needed a makeover.


Change is good and easy.


No More Wire & Plastic Hangers!

You would be amazed at how a $20 dress can look as good as a $200 dress when hung on a simple attractive hanger. Just as surprising, is how bad a $200 dress can look on a wire, or plastic store hanger.




This used to be how I hung my clothes. Yes, the hangers are all the same, but they are ugly. Plastic white hangers tend to turn yellow and stand out in an unattractive manner.



Hang all your clothes on the same type and color hanger, and you will find yourself smiling each time you open your closet doors.

Imagine how if one simple change such as switching out your hangers will make, how much more can be done with your “I can’t find anything to wear” closet.

I used these hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond
and don’t forget your 20% off coupon.


Well, you don’t have to imagine, because when you join my FREE 5 day Clean Your Closet Plan to End Your Closet Shame.


Sign up HERE to get an easy to follow tip per day for just 5 days, so you can only have the clothes in your closet that you’ll
want and love to wear.


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Do You Know How To Give Yourself The Boot?

Well, I really mean how to care for boots. 

how to care for boots Next to sandals, boots are my favorite shoe style to wear. They are comfortable, if you bought the right ones, and offer an easy way to add some pizazz to any to care for boots

But a floppy boot is a no-no.

Without proper storage and support, your boots will develop creases, wrinkles and get stinky. Nobody wants wrinkles and creases in their footwear or bodies, but today I offer a solution to your boots. Plus, boots can be pricey, and an important way to care for them is to help them stay in shape.   We go to the gym to stay in shape, and sometimes we sweat, but your boots don’t have to.  Problem solved as I found an easy way to perk up your boots and not take up space in your closet; introducing the Voot boot shaper. TaDa!

See the video below to see how the Voot boot shaper works.

And they’re made in the United States.

how to care for boots

voot discount

Be sure to enter your email below & you’ll be guaranteed to get my Styling & Shopping Tips. 

how to care for bootsToday was so productive AND you made it fun too! Thank you!  Now I look forward to getting dressed!   Before meeting with you, I second guessed what colors and styles were most flattering on me.  Now I just consult my color chart and the pictures you took and I’m dressed in a flash.”

Karen Herman – Organized Photos Forever

Cleaning Out Your Closet

6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Cleaning Out Your Closet

There Is Another Way For Cleaning Out Your Closet

Seasonal weather changes, means seasonally changing the clothes in your closets and drawers.

Rather than opening your closet door, and then promptly slamming it closed as you feel overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning it out, try the following ideas and tips.

When cleaning out your closet, and trying to decide which of your clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves, or jewelry to label as trash or treasure, try starting small.

No, I don’t mean the clothes that may not fit you anymore, I’m suggesting that you just take 10 items and 30 minutes tops to have a little Q & A with yourself. Try asking yourself the following questions.

Every time I help a client determine what she should keep and actually wear, she can’t wait to get out those pieces that accentuate the body parts she is not that fond of, and start wearing the ones that make her look and feel like bumping into as many people as possible when she leaves her home.

Not only will your closet be lighter, but you’ll actually feel lighter as cleaning out your closet will be very cathartic. Hey, that’s what I’m told over and over and over again.

Use this chart as a guide, and I can guarantee that after you get started, you’ll actually start enjoying the process.


Many more closet organizing tips are available HERE.

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Hanger Bumps

How To Get Rid Of Hanger Bumps

Don’t you hate how some clothes look like they have bumps in them and stick up and out on your shoulders?

Follow these tips to rid yourself of hanger bumps.

Hanger Bumps

The temps will start to dip soon and you will find some of your clothes a bit lumpy on the shoulders if they were not hung properly.

Now is the perfect time to get your tops, jackets and sweaters that you have on hangers and re-hang using one or both of the following tips.

Sweaters should either be folded or hung as in this ingenious method I found for you on a cool site called So clever and smart.

Hanger BumpsThis shoulder shaper from Ikea, will fit over the slim hangers I recommend in my closet organizing guide, despite Ikea saying they are for their hangers. Professional organizer Betsy Krobot found them for my client, who I found had some clothes that badly needed  padded hangers.

Hanger Bumps

These shoulder shapers will also be great for your coats and jackets, which sadly we will all be wearing soon…too soon and hopefully without hanger bumps

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Another Image & Style Consultant Product You Should Own

 image & style consultant
As an image & style consultant, I often find unusual solutions to very common problems.

One problem I have never have to solve is keeping a toupee on a man’s head. However, if I did then I would recommend Top Stick Men’s Grooming tape, but yet I actually can recommend this product to YOU!

I recently discover this product, and it  costs less than a popular ‘Fashion Tape’ product out there, and can solve so many so called fashion emergencies.


  • Peeking out bra straps.
  • Hems that need emergency hemming.
  • Peek-a-boo necklines that need a bit less peeking.
  • Belt straps that flap around and you still haven’t added extra holes to get a better fit.

 image & style consultant

Place the tape between bra strap and top, and voila instant classy lady vs. throwback to the 80’s Madonna period.

Product info: Top Stick Men’s Grooming Tape 1 Pack of 50 Strips for under $8.

Keep a few in your bag and be the hero next time you witness a fashion disaster.



Did you get your copy of my new book, Stop Stressing About Dressing? Well what are you waiting for? Grab yours here and find out how to pick out what to wear so you end being frustrated overtime you need to leave the house.

 image & style consultant

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3 Tips For Changing Out Clothes For Different Seasons

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I am extremely fortunate to have had one week in Paradise, AKA, Turks and Caicos.

My biggest decision while away, was which top should I wear with my white jeans. Yet, I almost didn’t have the opportunity to make that choice.

3 tips for changing out clothes for different seasons

When I took my white pants off my closet shelf to pack, I saw that I had not washed them before putting them away in September. There were stains on the hems and some sort of schmutz on one of the legs. I failed to clean them after wearing them for the last time. Perhaps I was in denial that warm days were over for the year.

My bad.

My big mistake, and clearly my having been to lazy to take the time to review my clothes properly before putting them away.

Fortunately, I was able to get the stains out, and even better get my body back in those jeans. Double whew.

When the seasons and what we wear change, it is best to clean your clothes before storing them away. Here are 3 tips for changing out clothes for different seasons.

  1. Wash or dry clean the clothes you often wore.
  2. Make any repairs to your shoes and/or boots before storing them away.
  3. Review all the clothes you didn’t wear, and determine if they should even be in your closet and drawers.

Then when the next season starts, you will be ready to go.


3 tips for changing out clothes for different seasons

Need help to get to actually see what is in your closet? Go HERE to find out how to make YOU and your closet happy, confident and organized.



“HI Scarlett, Always Amazing and Adorable – that’s a triple AAA!  Good advice, thanks!!
Nice things blog readers tell me.


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