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Stop guessing which clothes are right
for the body & life you have right now!

And instead confidently open your closet every day & dress without stress – because you’ll know how to put together great-looking outfits, customized for you, no matter your size or age!

You were never meant to blend in. You were meant to shine.

And you deserve to know what to wear for the body and life you have now and stop losing money by not showing up as your best self.

Working with women of all shapes and sizes, both in person and virtually, I’ll take you shopping and create fabulous new outfits from what you already own along with your new clothes. 

When you know what to wear, you’ll be able to walk out your door (or to your Zoom screen) feeling confident, put-together, and ready for your day, no matter what’s on your calendar!

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Lisa gives five star testimonial for Scarlett Image personal wardrobe styling services

five star review
“Scarlett has helped me so much – she is amazing! I used to hate figuring out what to wear, was insecure and never felt good about how I looked. Scarlett has transformed my wardrobe and organized a variety of outfits including accessories for different occasions. And equally important, she has helped me with my makeup, including a makeup lesson. Now my confidence has gone way up. I honestly don’t have to stress about what to wear no matter what I am doing. And I know she is always there to help if I need it. I am forever grateful that I met her. It has truly transformed me.”


Welcome to Scarlett Image

Personal Shopping and Styling

Do you struggle figuring out what clothes are right for you?
Want to not have to think about what to wear?
It’s time for YOU to Stop Stressing About Dressing.

Any of the Following Sound Familiar?

  • You open Instagram and see that size 4 stylist making it look “so easy”, but when you try it — because you want to look great on stage and on camera — you just can’t make it work! 

  • You wonder how to pull off a new look — just something fun to try for that event you have to go to — but have no idea how to make it work on your size 12+ 50-something body.

  • You’ve tried the “style in a box” services — but month after month you groan with every delivery, wondering, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I make this work?”

  • Or you’ve decided, “It’s time to give up on style.” You’ve thrown your hands in the air and find yourself everyday wearing the same outfits over and over — even though you’re tired of feeling frumpy and insecure.

  • And let’s not even talk about going to Real Life Events! Every invitation stresses you out and you suddenly come down with a “stomach bug”, instead of trying to figure out what to wear to leave the house!

If you’ve experienced any of these issues, read on to see how I can help you!

Jenna E

five star review
I used to feel frumpy and never knew what to wear, but now when I wear the clothes Scarlett found for me, I feel confident, sexy, and as per my friends, ‘cute!’ Now, I look forward to getting dressed in the morning!”

Jenna E.

Here’s How I’ll Help You
Stop Stressing About Dressing

personal wardrobe styling expert Scarlett De Bease

Personal Wardrobe Styling

Stop suffering from not knowing what to wear – get your Unique Style Profile with style tips, outfits and guidelines.

Virtual Wardrobe Styling

Learn how to always know what to wear to look and feel beautiful, confident, professional and put together.

personal shopping assistant Scarlett De Bease


I’ll find you the best clothes for your life, shape and budget – often things you would never pick out yourself.

What Clients Say

Stylist Scarlett is very knowledgeable, professional, and creative, with a great sense of humor! She helped me put together a professional wardrobe that is unique to me. She listened to what I need and what I like and what I do not like and made great suggestions that I would not have thought of on my own. She did all the heavy lifting of shopping online and provided me with links to purchase the items which made it very easy for me and then helped me decide if I should keep those items or not. I highly recommend Scarlett’s services!

— Adi Klevit
Stylist Scarlett

About Scarlett

Find Your Style With Me

Hi, I’m Scarlett … and I show women how to see themselves differently and always know what to wear. You know what? There is no such thing as a perfect body or look, and we just frustrate ourselves trying to look like someone we aren’t.

Scarlett De Bease, personal stylist and shopper