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Galentine’s Day

Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You

Galentine’s Day

Many and I mean many years ago, I was at a conference in California while working for a major cosmetic company.

After 2 days of non-stop presentations and lectures, we were all gifted a spa treatment to help us wind down.

I booked my first ever massage. This was an indulgence I never gave myself before, so I was really looking forward to it.

I had about 1 1/2 hours before my appointment, so I treated myself to a poolside burger with fries.


Then I hear my name being called, and into the massage cabana by the pool I go.

After a few polite exchanges, and as I was getting onto the table, the masseuse asked me: “how far along are you? Do you know what you’re having?”

I replied with the first thing that came into my mortified mind…”I’m having a burger and fries”.

I was startled and embarrassed. I knew my stomach got bloated after eating certain foods, but never thought much about it…until then.

What we eat can have all kinds of bad side effects, including making us blame our bodies about how clothes look on us.

And, now after almost a full year of Covid stress and being home a lot, your body, wardrobe, and mind might not be where you want them to be.

We’ve got you covered, because Integrative Dietitian Esther Blum and I are hosting a FREE, yes a free Galentine’s Day live event of fitness and fashion!

It’s is all about empowering you to become your best self and I don’t want you to ever say I didn’t tell you about it!

REGISTER HERE, tell a friend, mark your calendar, and be ready to take lots of notes! We can’t wait to spend time with you.





Zoom What to Wear Dating Tips

Zoom What To Wear Dating Tips

Zoom What to Wear Dating Tips

Check out my Zoom what to wear dating tips for my Dating Success episode on Sandy Weiner’s Last First Date podcast. I share tips to help women get the confidence to be seen when dating on Zoom, but my what to wear tips for dating apply to any woman who wants to make her first impression a great one. In this episode, you’ll hear…

Why Scarlett became an image stylist – How a woman’s clothes affect her mindset and confidence in dating – Tips for a woman to rock her first date outfit – How to ace a Zoom date by looking and feeling your best.

Watch or Listen to get my Zoom what to wear dating tips.

Want to know how to stop stressing about dressing?

If your answer is yes, then you need to be in my next Always Know What To Wear Workshop.

Reserve one of the last few seats before they’re gone.

Five –  3 seats left for the 2/6/21 Know What To Wear Workshop.

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How To Clean Out Your Closet Fast

How To Clean Out Your Closet Fast – Tip #1

This is the perfect time of year to start tackling your over-loaded and messy closet.

My apologies if your closet isn’t messy.  You could either be a client, a professional organizer, or a very neat person. But even if you are all or any of those things, you might have some
of the _______________ I share in the video below.

Use my tips to get them out in just minutes. You might have heard these tips before, but if your closet is not looking the way you want it to, watch my short video from last week’s Facebook Live and you’ll be so much closer to a less cluttered closet.

How To Clean Out Your Closet Fast – Tip #1


Psst: Take a look at your calendar to see if you’re free on February 6 at 1 pm ET or February 19  at 10 am ET, in 2021…
I’ll be telling you why in a few days.




Buying More Clothes Isn't What You Need

Buying More Clothes Isn’t What You Need

Jennifer Klepper, the author of Unbroken Threads, has a great 10-minute  WIPMondays Instagram show.

WIP stands for work in progress. Aren’t we all WIPers?

She asked me to be a guest a little over a month ago, and even I was amazed at how much can be shared in just a few minutes.

I gave a few tips and thoughts about what you already have in your closet and that buying more clothes isn’t what you need to get your closet to serve you well.

Why Buying More Clothes Isn't What You NeedHere’s what Jennifer wrote after my spot on her Monday 10-Minute Instagram show:

Full truth: My closet includes two embarrassingly large stacks of pants and skirts that don’t fit me anymore. I used to be thinner. So there. I’m going to take Scarlett’s advice: box them up and get them out of the closet. I know what looks good on me. Why keep the stuff that doesn’t?

After you watch my 10-minute spot, reply back with what you did, or plan on doing with some of the clothes in your closet. I love hearing from you.

Oh, and please ignore my Casper 👻 like appearance. I have no idea why my iPad did that.

New year note:

Here we are at the end of a year we can’t wait to leave behind and to get started on a new year filled with much needed fresh starts….but are you ready for 2021?
If you’ve been hiding behind the excuse of “nobody sees me”, yet remain uncomfortable with what YOU see in the mirror after you get dressed, you are so not taking your career and well-being as seriously as you should.

YOU need to address how you dress so you’ll feel better about yourself, which will get you more comfortable to do virtual speaking, networking, and help you make more money.

Speaking of money, you can save some before my prices increase. Choose one of my virtual styling services or my online course Dress Without Stress, at my 2020 prices for you to use anytime after February 15 when my calendar opens up a bit, in 2021. The sooner you choose the service right for you, the earlier you can work with me, and the faster you’ll be feeling and looking put-together and successful in your career.

I Think I Said Too Much

I Think I Said Too Much

Ever start talking and what you planned to say is not what came out of your mouth?

Well, it happened to me a few days ago. I intended on discussing a common complaint that I hear from women, and then…I think I said too much

It’s really scary to share a personal story, and I managed to do it live on Facebook.
I simply got caught up in excuse-a-mania.



Look no more for the perfect gift to give and receive.
Give or ask 😉 for a gift certificate towards any of my virtual personal styling services starting at $100.

I Think I Said Too Much

Hit reply or call 914-441-0756 and a gift certificate will be in yours, hers, or his in-box just in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and A Very Happy YOU Year.




Celebrate You

Here’s How To Celebrate YOU

Celebrate You

Tis The Season to Celebrate YOU.


The two most common problems women tell me they have in the relationship with their clothes are:

1. “I need help on putting new outfits together.”
2. “I have so many clothes and need help figuring out which to keep.”

For those who haven’t worked with me or another personal stylist…why are you still saying that?


Do you know what happens when you don’t solve your problems?

When the new year starts I will be rolling out a new version of my virtual styling – Celebrate You.

But for 4 smart women, who want to get ahead of the game and leap into 2021 with a head of steam, I’m making
Celebrate You available at a rate you will never see again.

Choose either:
Celebrate You – New Outfits 
Celebrate You – Declutter My Closet 

You’ll receive photos of new outfits I create using your clothes and accessories or my comments and suggestions guiding you to know which of your clothes are no longer right for you now.

P.S. Celebrate You or any of my other services make fantastic Holiday gifts for yourself and those you love.

Any questions? Give me a call at 914 4410756

NOTE: My prices will be going up in 2021, so now is the time to snag any of my services at 2020 prices for you to use in 2021.

Tips On Looking Good On Zoom and In-Person

Tips On Looking Good On Zoom and In-Person

Tips On Looking Good On Zoom and In-Person are here for 2020 and beyond.

Whether for Zoom, aka remote, meetings, presentations, speaking, selling, dating, connecting, or anything else you can think of, you’ve turned your camera on more than ever before and I bet sometimes you wish you didn’t have to.

You’re being seen and heard in ways never imagined before, but have no fear because the tips I gave in the below Tips On Looking Good On Zoom presentation to the New Canaan Ct. Library, will help you turn that camera on with confidence and, dare I say, glee.

Note: Each what to wear tip will help you get out of your wardrobe rut for on-camera and in-person meetings.

Click on the remote control and enjoy the show.

Tips On Looking Good On Zoom and In-Person

Tips On Looking Good On Zoom and In-Person

NOTE: In this presentation, I offered a few free Know What To Wear calls with me.
I no longer have time left for any calls in December, but since I mention this opportunity in the video, here’s the link to book your call with me, but…

Please only book a free call with me if you are seriously tired of the problem of not knowing what to wear and want help to fix it.

How To Dress In Layers

How To Dress In Layers This Fall

It’s time to dress in layers.

How To Dress In Layers

The other day it was a dreary, cold, and rainy morning, so I dressed in layers.

This is the best time of year to dress in layers so you can pile them on and take them off during the temperature changes typical in the Fall.

Other than the necklace, I bought everything else on sale, at great prices, and bought them from anywhere from 2 to 6 years ago.

I can find a deal the same way a pig can find a truffle. 😂


Below is how I layered clothes to create my outfit in only 10 seconds.

Bonus points if you see who video-bombed me.

Where’s Scarlett?

Did you know that I’ve been a team player?
Okay, what I really have been doing is presenting Get Zoom-a-fied workshops to various business teams, and it’s a Win-Win!

Managers are hiring me as a thank you to their teams, and they in turn have employees who immediately use my tips on looking great on Zoom and in person.

Team Reviews

“We had such a wonderful time when our team came to you as a teambuilding activity and to finally spend time on something we often overlook–the way we look to our clients! As professional consultants in the learning and development space, our work brings us in front of clients every day. We need to send a message that we are professional and aware of how our impression impacts their staff, and their clients, too. Since your presentation, we have all stepped up in our visual resume. It is noticeable not only to each other but our clients. Some of our bottom line increase is because we are collectively presenting ourselves with a more put together and current look. This is all because of your good insight and supportive conversations with our team. We’ve been sharing stories of cleaning out our closets and wearing more put together outfits. We know you were responsible for helping us individually, and as a team, present our best selves. Thanks, Scarlett!”

“My team had so much fun today!  Thanks for a great session, I think every one of them was engaged, even (and especially) the one male on our team.”



When Your Clothes Don’t Fit


When Your Clothes Don't Fit

When Your Clothes Don’t Fit

Fourteen years ago, I enrolled in an expensive and in-depth Image Consulting course at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

I had been encouraged to start my own personal wardrobe styling business, but I wanted to know more than others in my field and have more invaluable tips to give to my clients.

At the time my son was still in his early years of having intractable epilepsy, and after a failed brain surgery we were now trying the very strict Ketogenic Diet. It required me to measure every morsel and plan every meal in advance.

The main focus of my life at that time was to help him have fewer seizures and save him from even more brain damage.

It was consuming, depressing, and exhausting. So I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when I put my outfit on for the first day of class and couldn’t even close my pants. 😳

While being so focused on my son and also trying to keep things ‘normal’ for my daughter and husband, I was rarely working out and eating more than I should have.

The bottom line: I wasn’t paying attention to myself and it showed. Actually, it showed on my stomach, hips, thighs, and even my face.

I dramatically changed what I was eating, but never starved myself, and by day 4 of classes my clothes were already fitting better.  I was able to wear the outfits I had pre-planned while using a few of my tricks to disguise any extra wiggle in my middle.

I was miserable when I couldn’t close my pants and had to use a rubber band to wear them, yet I learned a lot from that experience.

1. Don’t assume your clothes will still fit a body that isn’t what it was when you bought them.

2. Just because you are not as thin as you used to be doesn’t mean you can’t have outfits that make you look younger and thinner, along with the best accessory of all – confidence.

3. Making a small tweak in what I was eating allowed me to quickly lose a small amount of weight, which made a big difference in how my clothes fit me and how healthy I felt.

I don’t want you to rubber band your way thru the clothes in your closet and health, and that’s why you should…
REGISTER HERE for a power hour of fun, fashion, and fitness with myself and integrative dietitian Esther Blum.

Whether you’re home-schooling your kids, working on your business via Zoom, or yikes both – what you wear affects how you feel
and the message you’re sending to others.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and work to love what you wear and how you feel. YOU deserve it.

You’ll learn how to lose 3 pounds in just a week plus how to look and feel like you are one or two sizes thinner when you have the right clothes in your closet.

Here’s to you!

How To Clean Out Your Closet Fast

Why You Have Nothing To Wear


Why You Have Nothing To Wear

Full Closet. Nothing To Wear.

Recently a new client asked to work with me because she was fed up with having lots of clothes, yet nothing she loved to wear.

Every time she was getting dressed for either an in-person or remote meeting she would wear the same one or two outfits that she had in a few different colors, but always felt frumpy.

And she couldn’t understand why the clothes she had bought seemed great when she bought them, and not so great when she tried to make an outfit with them.

She hysterically shared that her recent way of accessorizing an outfit was to put a bra on. LOL

Then she confessed that things got worse when she let her 18-year-old daughter give her styling advice. 😳

Hence, her “I can’t take it anymore” ringy -dingy to my cell.

I virtually took a look at her clothes and a few selfies so I could see what was going wrong and how to make it right. And it worked.

I told her, here’s why you have nothing to wear…

Turns out she was buying clothes just because they fit, instead of loving how she looked in them and following the advice of a teenager might have worked if she was 18, but not at over 45.

She had lots of pieces, but very few that could be mix and matched to create lots of new outfits.

During her Zoom with me, I was able to show her which of her clothes were perfect for her and which to get out of her closet. And because she chose my Premium Virtual Styling service, I showed her the clothes and accessories to try and buy because I knew she’d look amazing wearing them.

Yesterday she emailed me a big thank you. She loves all the compliments she’s now getting when on camera, and finally her insecurities are gone. She also stopped buying clothes she didn’t even like to wear.

PS Now she’s giving her daughter styling advice and she’s listening!!  Respect!

ANNOUNCEMENT –  My Virtual Personal Styling fees are increasing on September 14, 2020. When you purchase a virtual styling service prior to 9/14/20, we’ll work together when you’re ready and you get to save money that you can use towards some new clothes.

Basic Virtual Styling service will go from $250 to $325
Premium Virtual Styling service will go from $400 to $475