What To Wear Workshop

Tired of never knowing what to wear?

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Do you dread the moment every morning when you’re…

  • Standing in your robe…

  • Looking at all your many, many, many clothes…

  • Thinking UGH. What am I supposed to wear today?

    You couldn’t be more bored with every. single. piece. in. there.

    Not to mention: nothing even quite fits.

    You’re seriously considering canceling everything on your calendar today so you don’t have to get dressed!

    Staring into your closet, you wonder, “What’ll look good today?”

    (The answer’s usually “Nothing”, even though you’ve got a lot of clothes & not a damn thing to wear!)

    Psssssst – this is also why you always end up in
    I’ll-Just-Wear-This-Again Uniform

It’s time you learn how to change how you choose what clothes to wear and buy with the styling tips & tricks, you’ll learn in…

 The What To Wear Workshop

March 31, 2023, 12 noon to 1 pm ET.

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*NOTE: Price increases to $97 on March 30, 2023 at 6 pm ET.

In this Interactive Virtual Styling Workshop, you will learn…

  • How to change your clothes shopping habits – so you stop wasting money on clothes you don’t even love to wear.
  • Looking great is not about the size – but what you wear.
  • How to turn an outfit from just OK to OMG – so you’ll feel confident.
  • What to do with the clothes already in your closet- so you’ll love opening up that door each morning.
  • How to stop feeling frumpy.Note: The What To Wear Workshop will be recorded.

Major Fun Alert:

Show me a piece of clothing or accessory from your closet that you’d love to know what to do with, and I’ll give you ideas on how to wear it.

And you’ll be saying…

Damn, I look good

What To Wear Workshop
I used to feel frumpy and never knew what to wear, but now when I wear the clothes Scarlett found for me, I feel confident, sexy, and as per my friends, ‘cute!Now, I look forward to getting dressed in the morning!” Jenna E.

Another reason why you’ll love this workshop is…

Because the problem isn’t you…It’s the clothes you wore and bought, because…

  • You don’t know which are the most flattering for your shape.
  • You don’t know which are the most flattering for your lifestyle
  • You don’t know which will show your personality.
  • You don’t know which are the most flattering for your age.
What To Wear Workshop
I found I was getting lazy about how I was dressing after two years on Zoom and wanted to get out of my rut as in-person events were starting up again. Scarlett looked at what I had, came up with new combinations, and recommended which clothes and accessories to buy so I have even more new outfits. The best part: this was all on Zoom!  Thanks to Scarlett, I can now go anywhere, in-person and virtual, and always look my bestLynn Tranchell

You’ll get my always-know-what-to-wear tips and tricks when you sign up for your seat in my virtual What to Wear Workshop.

What To Wear Workshop
I attended Scarlett’s Styling Workshop and found it to be life-changing. I went home and was able to clean out my closets. I love how Scarlett believes that you can still be comfortable and look good. THANK YOU SCARLETT! Melissa Shultz

You’ll walk away knowing how to…

  • Start to discover your own personal style, so you’ll know what styles & clothes are perfect for you.
  • Get the skills to create a wardrobe you love & feel confident in!
  • Ditch the drama and get dressed with confidence.

It’s time to learn which clothes are right for you – and which ones to purge from your closet or leave on the fitting room floor.

What To Wear Workshop
“If you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett – take it! I attended a What To Wear Workshop and came away with so many tips to improve my wardrobe & shopping habits. Brava!” Carolyn Browning
What To Wear Workshop
Before working with Scarlett, I had a closet full of clothes that no longer fit and zero ideas about how to dress my “new” middle-aged body in anything other than leggings.  More than once, she was part stylist, and part therapist, encouraging me to try new colors and styles. I now have outfits at the ready and get dressed without hating myself!   Heather Frechette-Crowley
What To Wear Workshop
“Fantastic!  I left energized and ready to make changes, heading directly into my closet.  I Highly, highly recommend if you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett in a group or individual setting you should do it.” Teresa Solecki
What To Wear Workshop
“Scarlett has helped me so much – she is amazing! I used to hate figuring out what to wear, was insecure, and never felt good about how I looked. Scarlett has transformed my wardrobe and organized a variety of outfits including accessories for different occasions. Now my confidence has gone way up. I honestly don’t have to stress about what to wear no matter what I am doing. And I know she is always there to help if I need it. I am forever grateful that I met her. It has truly transformed me.” Lisa Elliott

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Reserve Your Seat   $47

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