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Tag: You Are More Than The Size On Your Tag

You Are More Than The Size On Your Tag


You Are More Than The Size On Your Tag. and I’ve been preaching for years, actually over a decade, that the number on your clothes has nothing to do with looking or feeling good.

Yet, women continue to get hung up on the numbers in the clothes hanging in their closets and in stores.

So, if you won’t listen to me, then take a read at this wonderful post by one of my idols, Kim Caldwell, aka Hurray Kimmay.

I am More Than My Size On the 

Real talk time (as always around here.) Have you ever not bought a great dress because you fit better in a size up than you normally wear? Have you ever felt a huge hurray when you can squeeze into a smaller size than usual? Have you ever felt like an outcast because you have to … Continue reading

Kimmay is a bra fitter like no other, as she is uber passionate about what a proper fitting bra does for a woman and has made this her life’s mission.

Like myself, she knows that the right bra not only transforms how a woman looks, but also feels about herself.

The same for your clothes. The right style and fit makes a women want to shout out hooray. You are more than the size on your tag.

Be sure to check out Kimmay’s wonderful More Than My Numbers program, because WE ARE ALL more than just a number!! #MoreThanMyNumbers

So stop stressing about the numbers and set yourself free….but first, please wear a proper fitting bra.