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Tired Of Sinking Into The Grass?

heels from sinking into the grass

Tired Of Sinking Into The Grass?

Outdoor weddings, graduations, polo parties, okay not really, and so many other festive occasions are being held outdoors this time of year. You may have the perfect outfit to wear, but what about that sinking feeling you have about your shoes? No really, you are worrying about sinking into the lawn.

Hey you are there to celebrate and have fun, not to aerate the lawn.

heels from sinking into the grass

So, if you don’t want to look like a tiny stuffed animal is clinging to your heels, check out these strips for your shoes from Grasswalker’s

“Our transparent strips adhere to the bottom of your favorite heels without causing any damage, creating a sturdy, yet practically invisible guard that will keep your heels from sinking into the grass. And unlike most heel protectors on the market today that simply fit around your heel, Grasswalkers are unique because they were specifically designed to create a flat surface to walk on, covering the entire bottom of your shoe that comes in contact with the ground. Grasswalkers provide extra protection and stability so you won’t sink into the grass.”

Grass walkers $8.99 per pair

Their video, below, shows you how they work.

I wrote about another product last year, to keep heels from sinking into the grass, that is much less obvious but won’t be as great of a conversation starter as the Grasswakers product.

Either way, nothing can ruin your outfit faster, than sinking into and perhaps onto the lawn.