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How To Check What Your Photo Is Saying

Here’s how to check what your photo is saying, and the message it’s really sending.

Go to  and upload the photo(s) you use for social media, dating sites, or your website, and for free discover what people will see and feel from looking at your pics.

Here’s what this photo of me is saying:

How To Check What Your Photo Is SayingHow To Check What Your Photo Is SayingHow To Check What Your Photo Is Saying

I did not look up the dating score in case my husband reads my blog. 😂😂😂😂

Go see what your photo is saying to your audience, and see if it is what you intended.

And then she said:

Working with Scarlett De Bease hasn’t been “work.” It’s been a joy. Like many women, over time I’ve transitioned through wardrobe and physical changes. Scarlett helped me not only clear the clutter from my closet but also my inner critic. My sense of what colors, shapes, and styles look best on me feels sharper. I have confidence as I shop online or in person for what’s right for me, and what I can leave on the rack. (In the past, many of those items would have come home and remained on a hanger or consigned). Today I browsed in a favorite store and noticed many items aren’t for me, but I also let the manager know what I’m looking for and she’ll set them aside for me. It creates sustainable habits for my wallet and the planet. Win-win. Let Scarlett get into your head and wardrobe and you’ll find yourself winning, too! Kathy Koenig