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What To Wear When Working From Home

What to wear when working from home





Are You Dressed From The Waist Down? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to be nosy, but…did you wonder why Robert Kelly didn’t get up to usher his adorable children out of his office, while being interviewed live on the BBC?

If you missed it, you simply must watch this video and if you already saw it, go ahead and view it again, as we could always use laughter to brighten up our days.

AND, you’ll really love the what if this was a woman being interviewed  version at the bottom of this post.

So, why didn’t he get up? Well according to the very funny Stephen Colbert, host of the Late Show the answer is obvious…he wasn’t wearing pants.

I mean come on, he’s working from home, so why bother?

Ok, I think all of us who work from home need to get dressed, especially if we do Skype, Zoom, Video Conferencing, FaceTime or any other platform that allows you to be seen and heard.

One should always be prepared for children, pets, or horrors,  unwanted pests that crawl up our arms and cause jumping out of the chair and uncontrolled screaming. Or when the doorbell rings and you have an unexpected visitor during your office hours.

So, imagine you brushed your hair, put on your mascara, lipstick, and lovely top. From the waist up, you’re good. On the bottom, perhaps you are wearing gym leggings, and you didn’t even go to the gym, or sweatpants. Now let’s say you have to suddenly get up…not a pretty picture, is it?

Besides being half dressed can be a problem if you need to get up and out of your home office, it also isn’t that good for your confidence and self esteem.

Studies do show that making the effort to get dressed and not stay in pjs or gym clothes, allows for more productive days for the work from home professional.

So, what to wear when working from home? Take a look below.

Here are a few outfit ideas for you to wear when working from home. They are simple to put together, attractive, comfortable and ready for being seen on screen or out the door walking the dog or running errands in between calls.

  • Jean or black leggings that in no way resemble what you would wear to the gym. Not regular jeans, which can be uncomfortable for some.
  • Long tops, such as a tunic style top. The goal is to cover the tummy & tush with loose tops.
  • Throw on boots, flats, fun sneakers or sandals depending upon the weather.
  • Tie one on…shame on you, I meant a scarf, which will give instant oomph to your comfy outfit.

Here are a few photos for inspiration.

What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from homeWhat to wear when working from home

What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from home
What to wear when working from home