Scarlett Image

Scarlett Image

Scarlett On Call – Debit Card

Scarlett Debit Card

So you know how sometimes you wish you could ask me:


  • Scarlett, should I wear this or that?
  •  Scarlett, should I buy this?
  •  Scarlett, what shoes should I wear?
  •  Scarlett, what outfits should I wear to…..?
  •  Scarlett, can you find me an outfit for me….?
  •  Scarlett, what should I pack?
  •  Scarlett, what accessories should I wear or buy?
  •  Scarlett, I wish you were here right now!!!!

You spoke and I listened and now there’s a way for you to get my help quickly and without a full consultation.

Introducing my new Scarlett On Call Debit Card available ONLY to women who have already worked with me.

Now you can get 4 hours of my styling and/or shopping time for $500, to be used for consultations via the phone, online shopping, e-mails, or via Skype right when you need it the most.

Over the course of one year, you can use my time in any combination that you need and then you’ll no longer ask;
“What would Scarlett say?”

Get your VIP Client Debit Card Here