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Who Can Help Me Play Dress Up With Gayle King?

What Should Women Wear When Speaking
Gayle King Speaking at WOW 2014 Forum

I have had a goal for the past four years to show Gayle King how much more fabulous she can look off the air, and sometimes on as well.

I have seen her in The Westchester Mall, but did not bother her, have mutual business acquaintances, spoken to her at a C.U.R.E. fund raiser, but got interrupted just as she asked me what I do……I’m still not over this. I feel that one day I will have the pleasure of showing her how fabulous she can look, using the many clothes she already owns, but worn differently than she does now.

When my client, Jane Pollak, told me she was speaking at the Wow Forum 2014 held by the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce in Torrington Ct., and that Gayle King would be the keynote speaker, I knew I just had to attend. Finally, I might have a chance to finish my conversation with Gayle King, hear her, Jane Pollak, and a number of other fabulous women speak and inspire myself and fellow attendees.

Well, Ms. King was delayed by an hour and a half, so she spoke and ran, and I lost my chance again. She was charming, relatable, informative and intelligent while she spoke, but had to be helped up onto the stage as her heels were stilettos. Although she said it was her bad knees that caused her to need help to get up on that stage, I am not convinced. She also kept tugging at her dress so it would not keep riding up. She was slightly distracted by the tightness of her dress,  and I found myself distracted from what she was saying while she was on the stage.

I would love the opportunity to show Ms. King, how she can wear her beloved bright colored clothes in flattering and no need to tug at ways. Oh how I long to show her that there are shoes that are sexy, flattering and comfortable, without going from one extreme to another. Ex: Stilettos to flip flops.

What Should Women Wear When Speaking
Ouch: The wrong shoes to wear while speaking


What Should Women Wear When Speaking
Gayle King loves bright colors

On the other hand, Jane Pollak was looking stunning and never had to tug or need help to walk, and she too was wearing heels, but the not the kind that gives you nose bleeds.

Jane was fully focused on her talk and audience, never distracted or uncomfortable. Looking good should never have to make a speaker feel antsy or preoccupied with how she looks or if a seam, knee, or button may pop.

Sorry about my fuzzy photography.

What Should Women Wear When Speaking
Jane Pollak at WOW 2014 Forum

My clients who are speakers, authors and coaches always have an outfit to wear that will make them look and feel that they command the room and stage, and still have room for lunch in their waistlines. Bet you know that feeling.

So, what should women wear when speaking?

1. Shoes that add some height, but do not hurt or cause blisters. They exist, and my clients and myself own a few pairs.

2. Tops, dresses, pants and skirts that lay smooth on the body so they do not ride up or make you think that you cannot eat a thing till you get home and rip off your clothes.

3. An outfit that reflects a speaker’s authority, authenticity and accomplishments.


What Should Women Wear When Speaking-1
Thank You!

“I admire you, I respect you, and I am so thankful for you!” Holly Cohen, New York, NY