women in politics

I’m Going Into Politics and Please Vote!

women in politics

Congratulations to women in politics!

I love politics and how women are getting more and more involved by running for office at every level all over the world, so I am throwing my styling hat into the ring, well sort of.

It was an honor and privilege to be asked by the Women’s Campaign School At Yale University to teach a course, Dress To Win, for women running for office as well as those already elected.

There is so much more to dressing for political success than just wearing a flag pin…..or is there?

Please take a look at my video, and share in the comments below what you feel a woman in politics should wear and do to improve her image in politics.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

Thank you so much for speaking at our  Women Bankers Conference. You did a fabulous job! It was so cool to see how our conference participants had made themselves over the next day. The ladies really listened to your tips regarding the importance of how the correct colors, styles, fit and accessories will make them feel and look younger. I think they all appreciated your advice that they don’t have to go out and buy a new wardrobe – their “new looks” are already in their closet.
I wanted to share one of the comments – “She was great and I enjoyed the personal consultation. Very great tips and good advice on how to use existing wardrobe and get rid of what doesn’t fit.”—Cheri Messerli

Director of Education at Missouri Bankers Association

women in politics

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6 thoughts on “I’m Going Into Politics and Please Vote!

  1. Rita Burke

    Great opportunity to be part of the Yale program. Congratulations. Your students will be in great hands. To be taken seriously, to gain my vote, a woman running for office needs to be able to articulate with passion and belief what she will bring to the local, national or international scene. I’m not interested in younger, thinner, prettier. The key is dressing to project confidence and natural style. Which is what you do so well Scarlett, helping women find that natural and confident style.

    1. Scarlett

      Thanks Rita for the compliment. I agree that the candidates message and mission is on top of the list and that her appearance and choice of clothes should project their ability to carry out the job.

  2. Barbara

    Hi Scarlett, you’ve got my vote!
    I agree, women in Politics should not look overly extravagant, as if they are carelessly spending, however the jeans and Ugg boots get an Ugh! from me. Women in Politics need to look professionally dressed, conservative, neat and pay attention to details, nice shoes, scarves, jewelry and accessories. Taking the time to put themselves together correctly speaks favorably for the candidate. Good luck at Yale!

    1. Scarlett

      Thank you Barbara. I totally agree with you that being properly dressed is very important without fancy labels or high priced clothes.

  3. Rosemarie O'Connor

    Sigh…I wish this weren’t an issue, but in our world, which judges women by their appearance, I guess it’s best to be prepared. Don’t make the mistake we made in the 70’s and 80’s and dress like men. Hillary has another new look: bright pastels, non fitted jackets and a great hair do. She has found it and should keep it, fiddling with it will draw unnecessary attention and distracts from her message. If the candidate is in Tom Harkin’s pasture in Iowa or the Iowa State Fair don’t fall into the cliches. Instead wear pant suit and sensible shoes. I prefer classical clothes and like to see them on female candidates as well. Madeline Albright is only four feet tall and round, but she always had a great look. I loved her pins. They were a great signature piece. It’s important to be understated so people don’t concentrate on the clothes.

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