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What To Wear

Tired of never being able to find what to wear in your closet? Do you keep putting off cleaning out your closet? Make today the perfect day, to get your closet in shape simply by taking the following steps:

Step#1 Remove all tops that are too short.

Step#2 Remove all pants, dresses, and skirts that are too short.

Step#3 Remove all tops that have shoulder pads from the 80’s and 90’s and/or look like it was worn on a TV show from that time period.

So now the final step, and an easy one……………drumroll please………

Step#4 If it is stained, has holes, or is in a non-flattering color or fit, then get it out of your closet and drawers!!! You should only have in front of you pieces that make you feel and look good. Nothing should take up space that cannot be worn, or is only there to remind you of times gone by, and/or if only I were that thin again. Sound familiar?

If you take the time to follow these simple steps, you will save many hours trying to get thru the jungle of your closet to find what will look good on you. You’ll also spend much less time putting back all the clothes you took out while trying to figure out what to wear.

This photo was sent to me by my client Jane Pollak, as a thank-you card, after I had organized her closet. She always knows what to wear, and as you can see has a variety of choices. There are no duplicates, and nothing that wouldn’t look good on her every day for any occasion.

Note: I am writing an easy to follow guide on how to organize your closet so you can create more outfits, know what to wear and find what you have and I would love your thoughts on my project. Please leave me a comment or suggestion as to what you would like to see in my guide.