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Shopping Advice: Don’t Leave Your Dressing Room!

Shopping Advice: Don’t Leave Your Dressing Room!

wardrobe stylistwardrobe stylist

There you are in the dressing room trying to find an outfit for your next, presentation, interview, networking event, or special occasion, but you need to see how you look from all sides before you can decide if this is the outfit to solve all your problems.

“Oh Honey, that looks wonderful on you!”

No problem, all you have to do is step out of your dressing room and take a look in the three-way mirror all the rooms share. Then you hear those reassuring words; “Oh Honey, that looks wonderful on you!” In case you couldn’t hear her, as you were too busy jumping up and down trying to see how you would look in heels, a neighboring customer also tells you how fabulous you look. SOLD? 

So what if the color  is all wrong, and you are having a hard time breathing in this outfit as your lungs are being compressed by the fit.  Two strangers love it on you and despite the fact that one of them happens to be on commission, you now love this outfit on you as well. You love it, because their compliments have caused you to unconsciously become attached, and have clouded your ability to make your own decision. Stores deliberately place three-way mirrors in communal space so that you get the ‘compliments’ from strangers that will seal the deal.

When I take my clients shopping, I am provided a special wardrobe stylist’s dressing room that has a three-way mirror in it, chair, shelves and tons of hanging space. It is a private, fantasy dressing room that allows my client’s initial reaction as to how they look when they see their reflection, be the deciding factor as to whether the clothes are right for them. Not even my opinion counts, because it should always be the thrill of how great and comfortable you look in the clothes. I pick out clothes that my clients most probably would not have selected on their own, and they then discover how beautiful they can look.

Consider my shopping advice and stay in your dressing room, be wary of the kindness of stranger’s compliments in the dressing room, and trust your own initial reaction when you see your reflection.

I am now offering virtual consultations for those who finally want to know what to wear? Send me your pictures and required information, and I’ll give you the styling and shopping tips you need so that you will always know what to wear.

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