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Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Makeover

I simply could not have explained the fashion makeover process of Mindy Kannon working with me, wardrobe stylist, better than she did herself.

Thank you Mindy for such a great blog post on our first two makeover appointments together.

I Am A Plain ol’ Jane!

By Mindy Kannon – Digestive Health Coach

They say that it only takes 3 seconds for someone to judge you by your looks.
I have never been one to care much about my looks.
I was cute enough.
My mom tells me that I was down-right adorable as a baby.

Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Makeover

I was never unhappy with how I looked and lucky enough to be okay looking.
But as I do more speaking engagements I am finding that I need to think about what to wear and the image I am trying to create!
Wow, that is a real big pain.
So recently I hired Scarlett DeBease.
I was a little nervous I will admit.
She was coming into my house, my bedroom, my closet – oh boy!
I did do a little organizing so she could see what I owned.
When the day arrived, I was psyched at all she showed me.
First, we took a picture of me before:

Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Makeover

She showed me what colors looked good on me: brown vs back, gold vs silver jewelry and what neckline is best.
She then went through my closet and created outfits from the clothes that fit the criteria.

Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Makeover

I got rid of a ton of clothes and happy to do so – really happy.
I had a lot of stuff and it was always a little depressing that I had nothing to wear even though my closet was full.
She took a lot of pictures so I would remember the outfits.

Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Makeover

We then went shopping.
Okay here is one of the big revelations – I had a bra fitting – first time ever!
Wow! Was that an eye-opener.  I now have a bust-line in the correct place…hahahaha
I am small but it was definitely misaligned if you know what I mean.
We found lots of clothes that looked great and had fun doing it.
I can now walk into my closet and see outfits that I can grab and go with and feel confident that I look pretty good.
Confidence! My clothes now give me confidence!
Thanks, Scarlett,

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