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Trying-On Clothes Tip

To shoe or not to shoe when trying on clothes?

Here’s a quick trying-on clothes tip to help you properly evaluate whatever you’re trying on…

Wear shoes!!!!

It is amazing how much better pants, jackets, dresses, skirts, or even tops, look when you’re wearing the shoes that you’d wear with them.

Shoes add height which completely changes the proportions of how clothes sit on your body.

Even a ½ inch heel makes a difference.

Just the other day I tried on a new dress barefoot and was feeling like it was just ok.

Then I put on the sandals I would wear with it and was in love.

You might be not buying or wearing certain clothes because you didn’t try them on with shoes.

The twenty seconds it will take you to put on shoes will allow you to be less unhappy when you are shopping or putting an outfit on when home.

Hey, it’s a shoo-in!!


And then she said…

“Please take advantage of Scarlett’s expertise to save you time AND money. She will teach you tricks of the trade to make you look and feel your best. She provides so much information on a personal level, you will know how to dress to make you look like your best self.” JB

Here’s what JB did to say the above.