Try It You’ll Like It

Today I bought a size small top.

I am NOT a size small but it fit me, I liked it, and the price was right.

I tried it on because it looked like it could fit me. I don’t try to squeeze into a size, but I’m willing to try on a smaller size if I see it potentially might fit me. It did.

One of my dear friends found the perfect bra, at an incredible price at a Nordstrom Rack store. She was so excited about how well it fit and felt on her.

Try It You'll Like It

And then…….She noticed the hangtag….

And it was a sexy Nursing Bra!!!!

Try It You'll Like It


But here’s the thing. It fit her beautifully, so she kept it and couldn’t wait to share a good laugh with me.

You just never know what will look good and fit well, until you try it on.

Maybe you’ll need a size or two up, or in my case down depending upon the specs of the garment, one size or two down.

Either way, please just be willing to try it on…but be sure to read the hangtag first. Come on…Try It You’ll Like It.

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane.

Here is the original Try It You’ll Like It ad from 1972. Anyone rembember it as fondly as I do?



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