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Trust Your Own Opinion

Trust your own opinion

One of the pieces of advice I share with my clients, and in many of my presentations, is not to let others tell you what you should wear or buy.

I’m talking about friends, family, or the salesperson that tells you EVERYTHING looks faaaabulous on you.

Yes, I show my clients which clothes fit and flatter them the most, but I NEVER tell them what they must wear or buy.

This becomes their decision when they see how great they look in the right clothes for them, and I ALWAYS and I mean always tell my clients that the only opinion that counts when they look into the mirror is their own. Period!

Don’t let anyone tell you not to wear something that makes you happy or be talked into buying something you don’t really like.

Your first impression is the one that counts.

One of my wonderful clients needed to learn how to stop letting her mother-in-law’s negative comments get into her head, making her feel insecure while she was successfully transforming her wardrobe, life, and self-image.

People from different generations than yours, like moms and daughters, have VERY different style tastes and they are likely not right for you. You have to be able to say no to their ‘helpful’ comments and trust your own opinion.

Simply put…you need to listen to your own opinions, not others.