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Taking Time Off From Wardrobe Styling

wardrobe styling

I’ll be taking a week off starting Tuesday from personal shopping and in home wardrobe styling consultations, as I will be having surgery on my right shoulder to repair some damage.

I could say that the damage occurred from all the clothes I carry from wardrobe styling and personal shopping, but truthfully I don’t really know how my shoulder got damaged.

I do know that next week I’ll be back to one to one consultations and this week I will only be having online, telephone/Skype wardrobe styling consultations while I recover and learn to master applying makeup with my left hand. Now that should be interesting!

Till I am back next week, I wanted to share with you my guest blog post for : Color Matters: How to Update Your Style for Success.

Don’t forget to use COLOR, to help you get your wardrobe and makeup working for you, and not against you:

C – Create a look that works for your own individual look and style.

O – Open up your mind to try new looks.

–   Less clothes & lighter makeup.

–  Organize your clothes and makeup.

–  Review and remember what you own and how well it works on you.


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wardrobe styling


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“Thank you Scarlett – so much great advice – my closets are so, so much easier to navigate – You made editing easy and possible – the idea of getting dressed without hassle and wasted time and money is just thrilling – so many better things to do. I am thrilled with “Less is More.” Christine Biddle, Pound Ridge NY

wardrobe styling


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