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Time For A Break

Time for a break with the family this festive season!!!


This is the time of year, that I take time off from work to enjoy the Christmas season with my family.

Our daughter is visiting from her home in Colorado and our son is doing well right now, so I have lots to be thankful for.

I’ll be back in 2016, ready to show you how to stop stressing about dressing and continue blogging.

Stay Tuned: I’m planning on posting only twice per month instead of weekly, so that I have more time to create online and live events for 2016. I also need more time to work personally and virtually with my existing and soon to be clients.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful and very Happy New Year.

Is 2016 the year you will finally stop saying “one day”?  Contact me to setup a time for a brief and FREE call, to tell me your what to wear woes and wishes are. I’ll tell you how to end your frustrations, and you can finally stop stressing about dressing.

Or, you could wait another year? But, WHY?