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Thank You

To all my wonderful clients, readers and followers, I wanted to thank you for your unending loyalty, praise, and support. Showing you how to look and feel gorgeous, stop wasting money on the wrong clothes, and how to dress fabulous instead of frumpy, truly makes my day. Nope, it makes all my everydays fun and fulfilling.

I love getting your emails, calls and SOS fashion emergency texts.

YOU, make me smile and laugh.
YOU’re the best!

But, right now I’m a bit sad as I can’t work with any clients this week or do much on the internet, as I’m in the hospital, with terrible WiFi, with my son who is getting EEG monitoring for his Intractable Epilepsy.

So, as a gift to you, here is what I look like when I’m not working, and style is not on my mind. This week. I’m just a mom trying to keep my son and I from going nuts in here.

Thank youAnd, oh yes, I’m wearing men’s sweatpants!
You’re welcome for that laugh. 🙂
Thank You for being so wonderful!
Scarlett De Bease