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How to Look Attractive and Get Your Inner Goddess Back

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Want to know how to look attractive, sexy, professional, stylish, successful?
If you feel like you have lost the look and feel of the woman you remember but not longer see in the mirror, please read about a few of the tips I use when working with my clients.

As a certified professional image consultant and wardrobe stylist, I always try to help my female clients gain and/or re-claim their inner Goddess when choosing what to wear and how to look attractive again to themselves! For starters, when I take them shopping I have them try on pieces and sizes that they would never have selected on their own.

Here are a few other tips and tricks I provide my clients.
* GET A BRA FITTING AND NEW BRAS. By lifting up their breasts, their waist is revealed and they feel perky and sexy once again. I actually had one over 50 year old client scream out loud with joy from the lingerie dressing room when she saw her breasts lifted up like they were when she was younger. She truly did not believe she could look like that again and she nows feels sexier and confident in her ability to still look good!

* BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT YOUR BODY, and not just the size number you think you are or want to be. In other words, go for fit and let your curves (or the illusion of them) show. By going for what fits the largest parts of a woman’s body, and taking in any gaps (usually at the waistline), my clients discover the beauty of their bodies and actually stand taller and smile more brightly. Women tend to get so hung up on only trying on one size, that they lose the ability to look great and sexy by wearing flattering fitting clothes.

* NO MORE COVERING UP IN OVER-SIZED CLOTHES. So many women believe that by wearing boxy oversized clothes they think they look thinner, when in actuality they look bigger, disappear and look anything but sensual. I have my clients wear clothes that show their bodies and they discover feeling like women again and not like a clothesline!
* WEAR A BELT. Adding a belt, especially to the larger size woman, gives them a major boost in their feeling sexy as they now have waist definition. This always makes them feel sexy as they now have an hour glass, va, va, va, vom, shape!

“Today was so much fun! Thanks for your help! My closet looks much better and I feel much better knowing I can wear the things in my closet. I also learned a few things along the way! Who knew I was a gold? Now I can’t wait to go shopping! This was a great birthday treat for myself.”


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