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Why Wearing Jeans May Be Over

why wearing jeans may be over

I’ve noticed I have not worn my jeans that much, if at all this fall and winter, and Erica M. Blumenthal showed me that I am not alone, in her piece for the January 15, 2014 New York Times Fashion & Style page: Even Jeans Need a Break Once in a While, Shopping for New Pants That Act Like Jeans.

To be fair, I have needed to wear pants that can tuck into my knee-hi waterproof boots, as it has been a miserably cold, snowy and icy winter here in the NorthEast and since I do not wear skinny jeans, my traditional straight and trouser shaped jeans have been temporarily abandoned, although not forgotten.

Why wearing jeans may be over, is apparent by simply taking a look at other women around and you will see that most women are wearing casual style pants, that are comfortable as they typically have some stretch to them and can easily be dressed up or down.

The danger in this trend, is what I wrote about on my post leggings are not pants, and without realizing it, was a hint that wearing jeans may be over…..for now.

Instead of wearing leggings or elastic waist pants, look for styles that have waists, buttons and zippers like that of structured pants, as seen on the photo below for White house Black Market.

why wearing jeans may be over

With a style like these, you can get away with more of your rear showing, as you are wearing real pants as opposed to leggings or heaven forbid tights.

If your hips are fairly narrow, you can wear a regular top, and if they are wider,  put on a top that stops just below your widest area on your hips.

These pants will transition easily from cold weather dressing to warm. Substitute your boots with ballet style and/or a heel, and the look goes from casual to dressed up in an instant.

How about you? Are you wearing your jeans less too. Please post your comment below, and let me know what kind of casual pants you have been wearing lately.

Contact me, if you would like to know how to have multiple new outfits using the clothes you already own. Playing dress up is fun and a money saver, when you discover what looks great on you.


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