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Did You Know I Do This Too?

Many of you know a little bit of what I do for and with my clients, but I bet you don’t know all of the services I offer.

Sure I can take my clients shopping and show them what to wear, but did you know that I also help them with……Oh, just watch the video and find out. Maybe you’ll even find out you are one of my VIP clients.



Did you read my post in The Huffington Post?
Well, you can you can right here.


What To Wear

Scarlett’s warmth and kindness immediately put me at ease as soon as she stepped in the door. She came to help me put together an outfit for the most important moment of my career, giving my first TEDx talk! I was working through my stage fright, and I knew that if I looked great on stage, I would feel much more confident on the big day. Scarlett helped me choose the right colors for my skin and hair, and ended up not only choosing a fabulous outfit for the TEDx talk, she also put together many more outfits for my professional life. I would never have thought of combining that blouse with that jacket and skirt. It was like getting five new outfits without spending a penny on clothes. I love Scarlett so much, I have hosted her on a webinar and my radio show, so she can reach my clients who are dating again after divorce or loss.
Helping women feel better about the bodies they have and knowing what to wear? Priceless!” 
—Sandy Weiner Last First Date



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