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Here Is How To Look Thinner In Photos

Easy to follow tips for how to look thinner in photos.

It is not a problem for me to advice women on what to wear and how to wear their clothes, to look and feel better about themselves, however when it comes to posing for photos, I need help.

I do not like thinking about how to pose or angle my body for optimum results, but this short video tutorial is so good, that I just might give t a try.

How about you?

If you read my last post, you learned of my strong desire and determination to one day work with Gayle King, to show her how she can wear her beloved bright colors, be comfortable, and command the room just like all my other speaker clients.

So how unbelievable is it, that the day my post came out, my husband sent me this picture of a woman he was chatting with at the airport in Kentucky?

How to look thinner in photos

Yup, there he is with Ms. Gayle King herself, and for the record, he was the one who interrupted me as I was answering Gayle’s question of “what do you do?”


How to look thinner in photos

“I want other women to experience Scarlett’s magic. She is AMAZING!! I can’t believe I waited this long to find someone like her. I don’t like shopping, and SHE DOES and she has the best eye. Before working with her, I was in old, tired, out of date wear. Now I look and feel terrific. Somehow she finds the PERFECT clothes at an INCREDIBLE price. I can’t wait to have her line up my fall fashions. Thanks Scarlett! Everyone’s raving about my look now!” —Linda Albright Unleash Your Biz


Clothes Shopping Tips For Women


Agree or Disagree that friends don’t let friends shop alone?

Clothes Shopping Tips For Women
Clothes Shopping Tips For Women

One of my Always Know What To Wear(TM) Clothes Shopping Tips For Women tips is to shop alone. 

Please read the email I received below, from an attendee at one of my presentations. She really confirmed why I strongly suggest women should shop alone.

Hi, Scarlett,

I attended the event last week and heard your presentation and I laughed when you suggested that we shop alone, and not with a friend who will dress us in her tastes and not mine.   This was my recent experience. A friend we’ll call “Floral freak” selected an orange, yep, ORANGE floral top for me and she enthusiastically said it complimented my looks. Upon reflection, I do think it was the top she was admired and not me in it. It was half price and we could not resist!
When my wits returned and I was home again with buyer’s remorse, I decided to donate it to someone who actually looks good in orange. And that I will. Thanks again!”

When you are trying on clothes at a store, follow your initial reaction and not someone else’s opinion. I pick the clothes for my clients to try on from their closets or store racks, but it’s their decision to make as to whether they love wearing them. 

Trust your gut, or you too may end up wasting your money on the wrong clothes.

About Scarlett

shop alone

Scarlett De Bease, a professionally trained Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist, is the founder of “The Always Know What To Wear Program™“. As an Image Consultant, Entertaining Speaker & Savvy Personal Shopper, she shows women how to project confidence & success by always knowing what to wear.
As a bonus, Scarlett’s tips will help you Look Younger, Thinner and Taller while projecting Confidence & Success as you now will be wearing the clothes that fit and flatter you the most.
Since 2006, she has successfully changed the lives of many women, by showing them the correct clothes, colors, styles and accessories that will flatter them the most. If you keep buying clothes and still have nothing to wear, Scarlett will make it possible for you to always know what to wear.
Scarlett specializes in make-overs, that are fun and informative. She brings The What Not To Wear experience directly to your home or office, but without the tears, fears and trash can. Scarlett shows women how to Stop Stressing About Dressing.
Scarlett’s tips have nothing to do with size, age, income level, career, etc – It’s not about where you shop, it’s about what you buy.

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