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Tag: Tips To Shop Sales & Not Waste Your Money

4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales

4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales
4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales


Oh, how I love shopping end of season sales.

I get such pleasure out of buying a pair of boots for about 70% off in the summer or a pair of sandals in winter at similar savings.

I admit trying on anything with wool during the summer, or sleeveless in the winter is tough, but think how snuggly you’ll feel in your bargain sweater, coat, bathing suit, or waterproof boots while others are scrambling to find something in the stores at full price.


Below are a few tips to help you shop sales & not waste your money or time.

  1. Shop the stores in person and online that you usually stay away from because you think they are too expensive.
    A pair of shoes that originally were $200, that are now reduced to $90 will last you longer and be more comfortable than a pair that retails for only $60.
  2. Sign up for any shopper program a store may have so that you get extra savings, sales alerts and rewards you can use towards future purchases.
  3. When you shop online use the category filters to personalize your search. For example: Select your best colors, which if you worked with me or another image consultant you’d know them, plus your size, price range, and item type.
    This way you won’t be bombarded with hundreds of sneakers or leggings in all sizes. And if you are looking for sneakers and leggings, selecting your size will eliminate a whole lot of eye blurring headache producing nope not for me items.

See this example of category filters from Nordstrom.

4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales

4. Don’t worry about returns. Most stores offer free shipping both ways, or you can easily return an online purchase in the store itself.
P.S. I highly recommend returning what doesn’t fit or look right vs. holding on to them because you are thinking “one day it’ll fit” or just don’t bother returning what you won’t be wearing.
I cannot even count how many times I’ve seen clothes in a woman’s closet still with the price tag on simply because she never got around to making the return.
No, no, and no to not getting your money back.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

FYI: S-A-L-E was the first word I taught my daughter to read from the Gap window while pushing her in the stroller in the mall..yes I may have created a shopping monster, but she sure knows how to save money on clothes.