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Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day

wear white after Labor Day

Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day, and you should as long as the weather matches your outfit.

When it is above 70 degrees, I will wear white jeans and, please don’t judge me too harshly, sandals too!

►► Go by the temperature and the skies when you choose what to wear.

Imagine how hot and silly looking it is to be wearing Uggs, on the first day of school? Imagine it is 90 degrees outside and no A.C. in the building. Just ask my daughter, who wouldn’t take my advice a few years back. She couldn’t get home fast enough to pull those suckers off her feet and store them away till it was cold outside, many, many weeks later.

Oh hell yeah, she listens to me now.

wear white after Labor Day
I have no words for his choice to wear Uggs with this outfit. Maybe, just got caught up in a trend?

►► Don’t let outdated and silly fashion guidelines keep you from being comfortable and happy.

Here I am talking about how YES, you can wear white after LaborDay.

This article, by John Surico, for The Village Voice, gives a few descriptions of how the whole craziness of no you cannot wear white after Labor Day, nonsense started. I especially find the Gilded Age explanation the most fascinating and believable.

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