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A Real Before and After Makeover

BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

Before and After Makeover                                                             Before and After Makeover

Before and After Makeover.

Don’t you ever wonder why most of the TV makeovers take a woman in jeans and then put her a cocktail dress as part of her makeover?

Let’s not forget, she is also placed in heels she can barely walk in and often remove her glasses so she cannot even clearly see what she now looks like?

That kind of makeover drives me crazy, because the women’s lifestyle, budget, and needs were not considered for her makeover. These are a made for TV makeover and not for the real women that I work with. You know who I mean because you most probably are like my clients.

You rarely need to wear a cocktail dress, but you do need to know what and how to wear what you already own and what you should buy to expand your wardrobe and make it easy for you to figure out what to wear.

Actually, what you might want to know is what to wear to the grocery store or to meet a client for a casual meeting. You know, all that real life kind of stuff.

Above is a before and after makeover using what my client had in her closet. The top photo is what she wore to greet me at the door, and the after makeover outfit is what I put together for her, using what I found in her closet.

She told me that she never would have put these pieces together, and hadn’t even been wearing the topsI discovered in her closet.

The reason this makeover works is because I was able to determine which colors, cut and style would be the most flattering on her, by digging thru what she already owns.

Can you imagine how successful shopping for new clothes will be when you know what works best on you?

      BEFORE                                                                            AFTER


Scarlett’s warmth and kindness immediately put me at ease as soon as she stepped in the door. She came to help me put together an outfit for the most important moment of my career, giving my first TEDx talk! I was working through my stage fright, and I knew that if I looked great on stage, I would feel much more confident on the big day.
Scarlett helped me choose the right colors for my skin and hair, and ended up not only choosing a fabulous outfit for the TEDx talk, but she also put together many more outfits for my professional life. I would never have thought of combining that blouse with that jacket and skirt. It was like getting five new outfits without spending a penny on clothes.
Sandy Weiner – Last First Date


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