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Want To Take A Sick Day?

How can my advice show you how to call in sick? How can knowing what to wear get you a sick day?

Find out here in a short exert from a talk I gave to Kathy McShane’s Ladies Who Launch group a few weeks ago.

I love giving women tips on what to wear, as well as showing my clients exactly what she should wear and buy.

Thank you to SEO Queen, Suzen Petit for video taping my what to wear talk.

If you would like me to present to your group, please contact me, and you can count on a fun and informative time for all those that attend.


Want more tips on how to choose what to wear and improve your image? Then go here to get your free copy of my Style Tips Guide and the bonus of my weekly posts with solutions to your wardrobe problems.

“Scarlett is a pleasure to work with. She’s professional, knowledgeable, and fun! I loved playing dress-up with her guidance. She arrived with a bag of tricks, ready to work in my closet to prune, create, tweak, and suggest wardrobe additions. By the time she left, I had a small pile of clothes to donate, an understanding of my most flattering styles, many outfit options, and a shopping list for wardrobe enhancements. She followed-up by emailing the photos she took of all the outfits we had created (accessories and all), which will make getting dressed and packing for trips much simpler. Don’t even question whether or not to hire her. Just do it! Scarlett has a great eye, is creative, understands clothing and different body types, and is a really fun to work with. You will come away with clarity and confidence.” L.S.

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