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What Shoe Shapes Are Out Of Style?

Ever wonder what shoe shapes are out of style?

Every time I review a client’s closet’s contents, try saying that 3 times fast… she asks:

“Are these shoes out of style?”

And lately, my answer is almost always…”NO.”

Why no you ask?

Because these days almost all toe shapes, pointy, round or Square are ‘in’.

Same for heels. Kitten, stiletto, wedge, block, or chunky are all fine to wear but do wear the ones best for your feet and lifestyle.

Pssst. I’m not a huge fan of most square-toed shoes as they tend to make feet and outfits harsher looking.

You can see this is true by looking at the recent style feature in a magazine.

What Shoe Shapes Are Out Of Style?

The only real toe shape exception would be the ones that are so pointy, they could be used as a weapon by a sexy villain in a James Bond movie.


Want to know what is going out of style? PAIN!

Shoe designers are creating more and more styles meant to get us where we’re going with style while helping to maintain our sanity.

Women are now choosing comfort for healthy feet and minds, over agony for the sake of looking good.

Note: If your shoes are worn out beyond help, then those are indeed ‘out of style’ and it’s time to say goodbye to the shoes and boots that will make you cringe if you bumped into someone and they looked down at your feet.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

I once had a client who used to always wear some sort of Spanx like undergarment.
When I took her shopping she was in her Spanx trying on clothes and I found her a very flattering dress for work, speaking, and networking, but it was a size too small.
While she was looking at her reflection in the 3 -way mirror outside of her dressing room, and I was about to get it for her in one size up, another store customer passed by and without either of us asking for her opinion, proclaimed quite loudly:

“Oh just put on a pair of Spanx, and it’ll look great!”

Thud. Ouch. And, who asked you??? It was so hard for me to smile and say nothing as protecting my client’s feelings was all I cared about.

Have you ever gotten unsolicited and hurtful advice from a stranger in a dressing room?

Make Your Middle Disappear

Often a  woman, before working with me, was wearing Spanx tanks as a way to make her middle disappear.

The trouble is, that these super tight tanks also control aka flatten out their chest.

When the breasts are flattened, droopy, or simply nowhere to be seen, you lose the opportunity to accent/create a waistline.

Even if you want to reduce the size of your bustline, flattening them out is not the solution.

No matter what size you are, when your bustline is artificially flattened out, the body shape is more of a support column. Not the kind of support we should be aiming for.

This model is possibly a size 2 and about 16 years old, so not exactly truth in advertising, but here is the tank from the Spanx website I am referring to.

Make Your Middle Disappear




A Better Way To Make Your Middle Disappear, to hide the muffin top and the jiggles in the middle, is to wear a loose fitting tank over your bra and under your tops.



I found the one below hanging in the lingerie department of Kohls.


A Better Way To Make Your Middle DisappearA Better Way To Make Your Middle DisappearWhen the tank or camisole is simply draping your middle, your clothes will not cling to the parts you least want or should show.


Try just might like it!

Often I am asked what type of women do you work with, so I thought why not tell you as below an excerpt from my website.


What type of woman should not use your services?

It is important for you to know that I only work with women who are ready to invest in themselves and their business as well as public image. They finally want to stop putting off taking care of themselves. I do not work with the woman who loves to shop and has to have the latest trends and status symbols labels. The women that I work with understand the impact of their personal image on their career and life, and are ready to take action to look their best.

Have you seen one of my popular videos on the Muffin Top? Over 21,000 views!! Take a look HERE.