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3 Ways For Women Over 40 To wear Skinny Pants

how to wear skinny pants over 40











3 Ways For Women Over 40 To wear Skinny Pants.

Back a few years ago, I would not wear skinny pants simply because I looked terrible in them. Tops were typically designed to be cropped and the skinny pants were made so tight, that tools were practically required to pry my body in or out of them.

But then fashion designers heard the cries of women all over the world, as they wiggled their way out of their skinny pants, and added lycra to them so women would no longer need to go to extremes to get in and out of their skinny pants.

Around the same time, cropped tops were being replaced with longer tops. Perhaps designers actually noticed that most women over the age of 30 were tired of pulling down their shirts so as not to expose their belly buttons.

Now, I knew how to wear skinny pants and now many of my clients how to do so as well.

Here are some of my tips on how to wear skinny pants, no matter what age or size a woman may be:

1. Curvy, hippy or wider in the middle shaped women should wear tops that stop just below the widest part of your hips.

2. Straight body shapes can wear tops that meet the waistline or all the way down to to the hips. See below, how one of my clients looks fabulous in the right pair of skinny pants in one of the before and after pictures below.

3. Skinny pants can be worn tucked into boots, with flats or heels. Personally, I love wearing skinny pants with boots.

The photos on the top of this post are from a How To Wear skinny jeans feature, with great tips by Adam Glassman, in an issue of Oprah magazine.

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