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Sometimes It’s Fantastic To Be A Heel

What to wear tips

Finding products to rave about and share with you can be expensive, because I want to buy them as much as I want to share them with you. Maybe more.

I read about Kara Mac and her genius shoes, in a business journal close to a year ago, and contacted her via social media only about 2 months ago.

I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

We finally met at Starbucks, where else, and she brought me her shoes, heels and trims.

BLISS! Shoes are the best accessory, and when they are comfortable and look good, I helplessly and joyfully fall in love.

And this time, my shopping, and shoe affair, has only begun. So far I purchased the heeled ankle boots and I plan on also buying the flats and sandals.

And then they arrived.

What to wear tips

Here is the beauty of this shoe company. You change the heels!! I bought 3 different heels, and if you include the black heels that the boots come with, I now have 4 boots in 1.

What to wear tips

What to wear tips


My heels match my clothes, personality and feet! They are true to size and very, very comfortable.

The heels are interchangeable, so if I had the pumps I could use my boot heels and add the front trims so as to create lots of styles.

When I get the flat sandals and flat patent shoe, I will be able to switch the heels between the 2 styles.

Imagine the possibilities for travel

Get the details and possibilities on KaraMac.com. I promise you’ll be amazed and impressed.

P.S. Notice the gorgeous box my boots arrived in. Kara Mac understands the importance of making a great first impression.

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What to wear tips

“I don’t know if Scarlett has ever been described as a clothes-whisperer, but now that I have worked with her online and over the phone, when I went on my first shopping trip afterwards, I heard her lilting voice in my head saying, encouragingly. . .remember to stick with the colors and necklines that are best for you. It made shopping much easier, and I am delighted with the how great I feel in what I selected. Thank you, Scarlett.”

Sandra Lundgren Director, Communications and Marketing at American Optometric Association

Let’s See If You are Cheap Or Expensive?


Are You Cheap Or Expensive?

Take a look at this great article from Redbook with tips on how to not wear shoes that look cheap, no matter what they cost.

All the examples are high heeled shoes, but the advice pertains to lower heels as well. Recently I wrote about how too high heels, can not only be dangerous, but also very distracting.
No matter how great your outfit may be, the wrong shoes will ruin all your efforts.
If you have shoes that are worn out, then get them out… of your closet and off your feet.

Please don’t wreck your wardrobe with cheap looking shoes


Need Help To Read?

time and money
A colorful option

Artist and creator, Linda Clayton, designed and created these lightweight and brightly colored  readers.

Naturally I got a pair in red, and am having fun with these make you smile, readers. They are incredibly comfortable, and even glow in the dark.

You could use these fun readers to help you carefully examine any questionable shoes in your collection.

Oh, now I can see you!

time and money

Endless amounts of time and money.

There are two things people often run out of: time and money. My job is to save you both.

If you want to focus your time and money on growing your business and connections, and not wandering around the stores getting frustrated while you are trying to find something to wear for your next event or meeting, we should talk. It’s really up to you.


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I’m Weak, As I Love Buying Shoes and Handbags

shoes and handbags I have a problem, but I am not ashamed; I love shoes and handbags…a lot. I find that they are a simple and quick way to update an outfit in a matter of minutes. Casual to dressy, classic to whimsical, conservative to creative, you name it.

This love affair of mine means I like to buy shoes and handbags…a lot. Not out of control shopping, just taking advantage of sales for the shoes and handbags that will work with the clothes I own and replace the ones that are worn out, uncomfortable, or no longer get worn.

shoes and handbags

I  took the above four 4 pairs of sandals  out of my closet, as I no longer wear them. One pair will be donated to the local Community Center, and the other three will be consigned come next April. They can be consigned because they are in great condition and have been stored properly in my closet.  There is money to be found in your closet, or at the very least clothes that would be greatly appreciated by those who are in need.



I only bought 2 pairs of sandals that I love, are comfortable and were a great deal. My new sandals will get worn very often, and now I have extra room in my closet along with more outfits to create 

using my new shoes.

Tip: If you avoid changing handbags because it is time consuming, try using an insert like I do for my handbags.  Then  you will be able to  switch one out for another in less than 20 seconds. Take a look at this handbag organizer from The Container Store.

So what are you holding onto in your closet and WHY?


About Scarlett:

women in high heels

Scarlett De Bease, a professionally trained Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist, is the founder of “The Always Know What To Wear Program™“. As an Image Consultant, Entertaining Speaker & Savvy Personal Shopper, she shows women how to project confidence & success by always knowing what to wear. As a bonus, Scarlett’s tips will help you Look Younger, Thinner and Taller while projecting Confidence & Success as you now will be wearing the clothes that fit and flatter you the most. Since 2006, she has successfully changed the lives of many women, by showing them the correct clothes, colors, styles and accessories that will flatter them the most. If you keep buying clothes and still have nothing to wear, Scarlett will make it possible for you to always know what to wear. Scarlett specializes in make-overs, that are fun and informative. She brings The What Not To Wear experience directly to your home or office, but without the tears, fears and trash can. Scarlett shows women how to Stop Stressing About Dressing. Scarlett’s tips have nothing to do with size, age, income level, career, etc – It’s not about where you shop, it’s about what you buy.

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How Can You Be Mad At This Face? Why I shop at Nordstrom.



I am often asked which store do I take my clients shopping, and the answer is always Nordstrom.

The main two reasons I prefer Nordstroms is because they have a variety of price points and exceptional customer service. And I do mean exceptional customer service.

I have many examples of Nordstrom’s excellent customer service, but none as adorable and painful as what this gorgeous and sweet-faced puppy did to this expensive and once equally gorgeous shoe.


A new ‘shoe’ toy for this gorgeous puppy.


When I found these versatile, attractive and comfortable shoes for my client, after having helped her find many new pieces of clothing, she fell in love with them despite their high price tag.

While she wore all her new clothes immediately she hesitated to wear the new shoes as they were more than she typically would spend on shoes. She kept thinking she would return them, but never brought herself to do so because she loved them so much. So they remained on the floor of her closet, helpless and neglected. That is until…….

Mr. Puppy thought he had a new ‘shoe’ toy, and my client saw $$ disappear before her eyes and sent me the above picture. Once I stopped saying NOOOOO, I suggested she take the half-eaten pair of shoes back to Nordstrom to ask for their help. I think she thought I was nuts, but I guess I earned her trust, and then…

Nordstrom’s famous customer service came thru. They replaced the chewed up shoe, and my client now was back to owning a beautiful pair of shoes, that she happily wears, over and over again.

She even bought another pair!

The moral of the story is to use and enjoy what you have while you can. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of using what you have while you are well and young enough to do so.

Quoting the beloved Erma Bombeck from her book, IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER, “I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage”.



© Scarlett De Bease & Scarlett Image, All Rights Reserved

© Scarlett De Bease. All rights reserved.