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Get Out The Ain’t Gonna Happen


 Get Out The Ain’t Gonna Happen
Get Out The Ain’t Gonna Happen

There really are never any good reasons to hold onto clothes that no longer fit, flatter, or make you happy, yet…..

Need an incentive?  How about making money and/or giving others clothes they may not be able to afford?

Here’s an easy way to get out those ‘ain’t gonna happen’ clothes out of your closet and home and make a few extra dollars., is a company that I recently started using so I can easily and quickly get the clothes that no longer fit or flatter me out of the house.
They send you a giant, and seriously mean BIG, bag  for you to fill up to your heart’s content or your closet’s contents.

You get paid upfront for some items while others are sold on consignment.

You chose whether to shop on their site with your credit, or get a gift card you can use anywhere you like.

My last gift card paid for my hair salon visit. Nice, right?

ThredUp also takes your clothing donations.

Typically I donate to our local Community center as it is close and convenient, but if you don’t have that option, then try this company as it so easy, and gives you that warm and tingly purge feeling.

If it has been years since you wore a coat, shirt, pants, shoes, whatever, I can assure that there is someone out there with a lot less than you, who would be VERY appreciate of your donation.

Check out how ThredUp works here.

Hey, need help deciding what to get rid of?
Review my 5 Styling Tips for inspiration & go make some money!!

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