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Why Are some Stores Tricking Shoppers?


Stores Tricking Shoppers

 Why are some stores stores tricking shoppers?

Well, I’m not one to say I told you so, but….. I did, and way before the news started covering the story.

I have been bringing attention to fake discounts for years, and I am so glad actions are being taken to stop tricking and protect shoppers.

Stores are now being sued for the make believe original prices and the false savings so many shoppers think they are getting. So why are some stores tricking shoppers? Quick answer, to make money.

Their system tricks shoppers into believing they are getting a great deal, therefore purchasing items based on the pretend deal the stores make you think you are getting.

You can read about the lawsuits now taking place in the NBC news story here.

A few months ago, I wrote about another way stores take advantage of shoppers. Check it out, if you missed what made me so darn mad.

 Buyers Beware

I find great deals at traditional stores, but those retailers that have fake original prices, are messing with you, so please don’t be fooled!

Stores Tricking Shoppers
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