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Move Over Richard Gere: How You Could Have Your Own Pretty Woman Experience.

Personal Shopping

Didn’t you love the scene in Pretty Woman, when the character played by Julia Roberts was surrounded by personal shopping saleswomen happily finding her the perfect clothes & accessories? Thank you to Richard Gere, for making so many women want you in their lives, and wish that you………sorry, I’m digressing.

Oh, the magic of movies….wait a minute.

Personal shopping is not a fantasy or solely for the wealthy. It’s for women who hate the clothes they own, how they look in them, and despise shopping!

Many department stores offer you their personal shopping services at no cost but keep in mind their goal is to sell and not to find you the clothes that will allow you to open your closet and easily find what to wear.

As a matter of fact, a new client of mine spent $$$ at a store with their personal shopper, and was so upset when she realized she still had nothing to wear!! That’s when she called me.

I offer personal shopping to my clients, and my goal was to find the pieces that will allow her to easily and quickly pick out what to wear. First I went to her home, reviewed her clothes, created new outfits, explained why some clothes were not working on her, and created a list of what she needs for when I shop for her, to complete the blanks she needs in her existing wardrobe.

Take a look at this short video I took of what your Pretty Woman personal shopping dressing room can look like for you.


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