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Is Your Mirror Telling You The Truth?



A full-length mirror should be in each of your homes, and preferably near where you get dressed every day. But, did you know that your mirror could be lying to you?

Real Simple Magazine had a small blurb regarding how you place your mirror so that you see the ‘truth’ in your reflection.

Very simply, do not lean your mirror against a wall or door, as that will artificially make you look slimmer and taller, and you won’t see the actual way your clothes look on you.

Be sure to place or hang your mirror flat against a door or wall, and leave the looking younger, thinner and taller to me. The right fit, as well as the style of clothes, will make you look great for real.

Don’t let your mirror lie to you.



“Thank you so much for the fabulous wardrobe session. I had so much fun working with   you to review my closet collection and look at colors and outfits in a whole new light! I am amazed at how many outfits I have just waiting for me to wear! Can’t wait for our upcoming shopping day.”—Colleen Ashe  Ashe Organizing Solutions, Ltd



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Professional Wardrobe Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

professional wardrobe advice

Professional wardrobe advice for women entrepreneurs and speakers is available, affordable, and essential if you are looking to grow your business, get more clients, and feel confident about your appearance.

Please answer the following questions and note how many have YES, as an answer:

1. Are you one of the many talented and successful women entrepreneurs who are not sure that your professional wardrobe is appropriately representing your accomplishments and talents?
2. Do you feel that you look out of style or lack any style?
3. Do you look into your closet and see that you have plenty of clothes, yet it takes you hours to figure out what to wear for business and personal events?
4. Do you feel self-conscious about your appearance in the clothes you are currently wearing?

If you answered yes to more than two of the above questions congratulations! This is great news because you are now aware that you are smart enough to realize your success and income depend upon a variety of factors, including what you wear.

professional wardrobe adviceI discovered thru a FaceBook friend, this excellent advice for professional speakers, although it applies to executives and entrepreneurs as well.
“When you come out to speak, realize that your attire and demeanor are conveying a message. You want to make sure they are consistent with the message of your brand.” John Rasiej, Developer of the Speak Louder Than Words System.


Apply for a Know What To Wear call here, if you’re ready to learn what clothes to wear and buy so that your professional, and personal image will reflect your strengths and talents. 

“Scarlett makes it incredibly simple to view your closet as your friend, (not your enemy) when designing the business image you want to project to your market. She educates and inspires you to create the image you want to project in the context of what you truly want to attract. And for so many business owners, that can be a critical distinction in the kind of clients you get to serve. She’s a 6-figure business owner’s partner in success!
Think Bigger Coach and creator of the 6-Figure Idea Incubator: Where profitable businesses are born(TM)

—Chris Makell, Danbury Ct.

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Wardrobe Stylist asks: Where Is The Best Shopping Deal? Outlet, Off-Price Retailer, Or A Store Sale?


Personal Shopper Scarlett DeBease
Personal Shopper Scarlett


As a wardrobe stylist, I just had to share with you a great article that I read in Real Simple magazine about where to find the best deal – outlet or off-price retailer.

I myself have never been much of a fan of shopping outlets, as just like the article states, much of their merchandise is made for the outlet itself, therefore not the big bargain they want you to think you are getting.

Typically the merchandise made for the outlet is of a lower quality and although it can be fun to go from store to store, I find that you can still get a better deal at off-price retailers such as TJ Max and Marshalls.

Based on my personal and professional wardrobe stylist shopping experiences, I still find that I get the best buys at retail store sales, and it is always worth checking out on-line sales too. On-line shopping is also a lot less exhausting than outlet shopping, allowing you more time to organize your closet and create some new outfits with your bargain purchases.


If you like this post and want to learn more, be sure to click here.

“Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett, is a pleasure to work with. She’s professional, knowledgeable, and fun! I loved playing dress-up with her guidance. She arrived with a bag of tricks, ready to work in my closet to prune, create, tweak, and suggest wardrobe additions. By the time she left, I had a small pile of clothes to donate, an understanding of my most flattering styles, many outfit options, and a shopping list for wardrobe enhancements. She followed-up by emailing the photos she took of all the outfits we had created (accessories and all), which will make getting dressed and packing for trips much simpler. Don’t even question whether or not to hire her. Just do it! Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett has a great eye, is creative, understands clothing and different body types, and is a really fun to work with. You will come away with clarity and confidence.”

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How to Fold Clothes For Packing a Suitcase

 How to Fold Clothes For Packing a Suitcase

how to fold clothes for packing a suitcase

I’ve given the suggestions as to what to pack for as long as a week and with only a carry-on suitcase in other posts, but it is also important to know how to fold the clothes so you make the best use of a smaller amount of space.

I only took a few lingerie items, as they are easily hand washed in the hotel room, there is no need for more than 2 bras and perhaps 4 pairs of panties, I use the space in my shoes, which are in the shoe bags on top of my clothes, to stuff panties, socks, makeup, jewelry, etc. Since I was going to London, I knew packing an umbrella would be wise, and it did come in handy as you can see here.

how to fold clothes for packing a suitcase

Note, that the top portion of the suitcase is empty. that is where you can pack all your makeup and toiletries, in clear bags, so as to easily access them if needed for security purposes.

Above are the clothes I wore for my flight and packed with the handbag I used for my laptop, magazines, wallet, and a few other items I wanted to have handy on the airplane. If traveling to a tropical location, you can use the same bag for beach or pool use. Always think in terms of double duty.

I created a video for you, that shows how to fold clothes for packing a suitcase. I show each step of how I folded my clothes into a bundle. I got this great packing style tip from Real Simple Magazine.

LOVE your tips! Thanks to your how to pack a carry on suitcase tips, I was able to pack for my 15 day destination wedding and honey moon using only a carry-on suitcase! Of course, I am carrying my wedding dress onto the plane separately.
—M. Vizvary Ct.


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