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Why Your Clothes Don’t Fit.

This tiny detail is one of the many reasons why your clothes don’t fit and why you might

not have any idea why something is wrong with your outfit, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Take a look at my video on YouTube and see what’s in your closet that fits this common fit problem.

Until you can identify all the different styling details, and there are a lot, you will always wonder why your clothes don’t fit the way you think they should.

Pay attention to details in the clothes you wear and buy, and you’ll end up saving money and walking into a room looking and feeling confident, instead of feeling like you can’t quite get it right.

Here’s how I can show you how to be the best-dressed woman in any room.

The Only Trend You Should Wear

Here’s the top 2022 fashion trend, but know I hate trends for my clients.

There I said it.

Trends are designed to make you buy new clothes.

New clothes are wonderful as long as they look good on you, and when a trend doesn’t look good on you, neither will your new clothes.

There are tons of clothing style choices these days that don’t look ridiculously trendy but do slim us down and elevate our style.

But, I do have one exception.

The hottest trend for this year is…Dopamine Dressing!!

Dopamine Dressing involves dressing with the intention of boosting your mood, and when you wear clothes that make you look and feel slimmer, confident, approachable, and put-together, you’ll be boosted every single day of the year!

Here’s a bit more of my thoughts on fashion trends and dressing to look and feel happy:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I’d love to know your thoughts on this trend- click reply to let me know!

Until next time!

P.S. When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. If you’re ready to dress to make your stomach look flatter, your butt look smaller, and your style less frumpy; if you’re ready to feel confident in your clothes…sign up for my video course today.
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Starting Over In Life & Business

Helping women walk out their door, or turn the camera on, with a renewed sense of confidence and style is why I love showing women which clothes to wear and buy.

Lately, I’ve been doing lots of presentations and I’m sharing below one of them on how to dress to look and feel like a trailblazer,

Catch the entire Dress Like A Trailblazer here.



Why You Have Nothing To Wear


Why You Have Nothing To Wear
Full Closet. Nothing To Wear.

Recently a new client asked to work with me because she was fed up with having lots of clothes, yet nothing she loved to wear.

Every time she was getting dressed for either an in-person or remote meeting she would wear the same one or two outfits that she had in a few different colors, but always felt frumpy.

And she couldn’t understand why the clothes she had bought seemed great when she bought them, and not so great when she tried to make an outfit with them.

She hysterically shared that her recent way of accessorizing an outfit was to put a bra on. LOL

Then she confessed that things got worse when she let her 18-year-old daughter give her styling advice. 😳

Hence, her “I can’t take it anymore” ringy -dingy to my cell.

I virtually took a look at her clothes and a few selfies so I could see what was going wrong and how to make it right. And it worked.

I told her, here’s why you have nothing to wear…

Turns out she was buying clothes just because they fit, instead of loving how she looked in them and following the advice of a teenager might have worked if she was 18, but not at over 45.

She had lots of pieces, but very few that could be mix and matched to create lots of new outfits.

During her Zoom with me, I was able to show her which of her clothes were perfect for her and which to get out of her closet. And because she chose my Premium Virtual Styling service, I showed her the clothes and accessories to try and buy because I knew she’d look amazing wearing them.

Yesterday she emailed me a big thank you. She loves all the compliments she’s now getting when on camera, and finally her insecurities are gone. She also stopped buying clothes she didn’t even like to wear.

PS Now she’s giving her daughter styling advice and she’s listening!!  Respect!

ANNOUNCEMENT –  My Virtual Personal Styling fees are increasing on September 14, 2020. When you purchase a virtual styling service prior to 9/14/20, we’ll work together when you’re ready and you get to save money that you can use towards some new clothes.

Basic Virtual Styling service will go from $250 to $325
Premium Virtual Styling service will go from $400 to $475




What Are You Saying With Your Clothes?

What Are You Saying With Your Clothes?
What Are You Saying With Your Clothes?

When Seth Godin speaks, people listen. Especially those in business, as his words are so darn wise and thought provoking.

In one of his recent posts,titled The Signals We Send, he spoke about the signals we send, by what we do, say and in my area of expertise, wear.

He mentions that many people have trouble sending the signal that they would like to send.

Which makes me ask; what message does what you wear and how you wear it, send to your current and/or prospective clients, management and yes even on first dates?

If you are looking to work with high end clients, but your outfits and coordinating lack of confidence are sending the signal of just getting by, you won’t be gaining the attention of those with money to spend and invest.

If you are a nutritionist, but your clothes hug you in the wrong places because they are simply the wrong size and style for you, then prospective clients won’t trust that you can help them look and feel healthy.

If you specialize in coaching others to grow their businesses, but look exhausted and over-worked simply because you are wearing the wrong colors and clothes, then potential clients won’t believe that you can help them improve their lives and careers.

If you are sending the wrong or perhaps even no signal, then please ask yourself why, and then do something about it. Please don’t keep putting off sending the right signals to yourself and others.

So, What Are You Saying With Your Clothes?

See below for shameless self promotion.

A simple way to start choosing the right clothes, is by following the incredibly easy but transformative tips in my new book, Stop Stressing About Dressing.

Warning: Be prepared to laugh while you learn, and then know how to easily and stylishly, send the right signals with your clothes.

What Are You Saying With Your Clothes?


Take a look at the reviews of my book on Amazon.  All 5 Stars, so If I were a restaurant, people would be standing in line to get in! Just saying. 


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Sorry For The Late Notice

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Stressing About Dressing

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Information on Nancy Michaels:

Nancy Michaels is CEO and Founder of Grow Your Business Network, the place where business grows up. Coined as “America’s #1 Fortune 500 Consultant” Nancy is a globally recognized business development coach, author of seven books (including Perfecting Your Pitch and Off the Wall Marketing Ideas), speaker, and consultant to both large and small business owners and companies targeting women. She has been featured in numerous business publications including Entrepreneur magazine, US News and World ReportBusiness Week, and Fortune Small Business. To learn more about Nancy, please visit

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Stressing About Dressing

Scarlett De Bease

Scarlett De Bease, named Red Hot Image Maker by Westchester magazine, is the founder of the Always Know What To Wear (TM) Program.  She is a professional image consultant, wardrobe stylist and personal shopper.  Scarlett does not give up until she finds what will make her clients feel great about their appearance with kindness, compassion and genuine respect for their needs and feelings.

If you keep buying clothes and still have nothing to wear, you’ll love Scarlett’s fun and informative presentations so you can…

 Stop Stressing About Dressing!

It’s all happening on Tuesday, March 11th

12 pm Eastern Time

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Information on Nancy Michaels:

Nancy Michaels is CEO and Founder of Grow Your Business Network, the place where business grows up. Coined as “America’s #1 Fortune 500 Consultant” Nancy is a globally recognized business development coach, author of seven books (including Perfecting Your Pitch and Off the Wall Marketing Ideas), speaker, and consultant to both large and small business owners and companies targeting women. She has been featured in numerous business publications including Entrepreneur magazine, US News and World Report, Business Week, and Fortune Small Business. To learn more about Nancy, please visit

How Long Should Your Pants Be?

Basic Black Pants
How Low Should You Go with Your Basic Black Pants?


What message does wearing pants that drag on the floor say to you?

This is a photo of a saleswoman in a better department store, and I could not help but notice, that her basic black pants were dragging on the floor.



Do you get the message that she is neat, organized, creative, and pro-active? Would you want her advice on how you look in the clothes you are trying on in the store, or how to decorate your home?

My guess is that you would answer no way!

I am all for wearing comfortable shoes, especially when standing on your feet for hours, but pants need to be tailored to be just above the floor, not touching, or in this case dragging on the ground.

The easy solution is to have just two pairs of basic black pants. One pair tailored for flats and the other for a heel. This way you will look polished and professional and not like you borrowed someone else’s clothes or wearing hand-me-downs.

NOTE: The same guidelines apply to dark denim and/or white jeans.


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You Are A Leader, but Do You Dress To Win?

Dress To Win


 Want To Know How To Dress To Win?


Via Twitter, I asked what one of the fabulous Women’s Campaign School at Yale attendees what her biggest takeaway was from my presentation. I love what she said, and here it is in plain English not Twitter speak:

“If you are a leader, it should be seen. If you don’t have time for yourself, how will people know you have the vision and time for them”

Shouldn’t you be a leader too? Don’t you want all those around you in both your business and personal lives, to believe that you care and will work hard to support them?

I had the privilege and honor to be asked to present my Dress To Win seminar to the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University.

73 women from all around the world who are either running for office or are looking to run campaigns, attended and had many questions about how to dress so as to project the right impression to their constituencies.

Based on all the questions and feedback that I received, I quickly realized that the goal of knowing how to dress to win did not exclusively apply to politics. All women want the same things:

* Dress age appropriately
* Look professional
* Know what style of clothing is best for their shape
* Convey ability and creativity
* To know which colors look good on them
* Have a wardrobe that does not cost a fortune
All the questions that you probably have as well.

It turns out that dressing to win is about understanding that your personal image affects what you get, give, and feel in the life that you live.

I have clients who have followed me for years until they made their first appointment with me. Why did they wait so long you ask?
Perhaps they did not realize what great leaders they really were and needed some time to accept that their personal image makes a huge difference in how they feel and what they say, without words, to those around them.

Let me save you some time; YOU ARE A LEADER!


Get my wardrobe stylist’s tips on how to organize your closet, no matter what its size may be, so that you can easily find what to wear and love opening up its doors every single day with my free guide to End Your Closet Shame here.


Dress To Win


“I’ve been style-challenged pretty much most of my life. It had become a way of life…stressing over what to wear, deciding on something, and most times feeling unattractive, unsexy, and worst of all, not feeling myself.  I decided one day I didn’t want to feel like this anymore. I took an honest evaluation of my personal and business life and realized that many times I fell short of booking a job or reaching out to increase my network of friends because I didn’t feel great about myself. Scarlett has an amazing ability to get to know you quickly and choose looks that accentuate your unique and best qualities. I’m at my best when I feel great, and Scarlett has transformed an aspect of me that needed a boost. I feel more ready than ever to get out there and do it! Thank you, Scarlett! You are a style rock star!”

—Maria Allen


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