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Stop Ignoring Regular Sized Women


Stop Ignoring Regular Sized WomenStop Ignoring Regular Sized Women


What About The Women Who Are Not Shaped Like Models?

Hey out there, Stop Ignoring Regular Sized Women.

Come on ladies, let’s shout out:

We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Recently I was tagged on FaceBook by a friend who was outraged about the size of models, and she wanted my feedback, so…take a look at what she wrote:

“SO….I opened up Self Magazine today with the new “plus size” model Ashley Graham on the centerfold pages…looks good, I turned the page and I saw the skinniest woman I have seen since Kate Moss..looks good…But where the hell are the NORMAL-sized women? Women I see every day on the street and in the mirror. It’s either go for feast or famine with our country. Where’s the happy medium, the you and me?!!!!!

Ashley Graham is a size 16 and most typical models are a 2 to 4. So, as my friend pointed out, where are the rest of us being represented?

And may I add that in my opinion a size 16 is NOT plus-sized. Especially not so, when the model is tall.

My question, is why? Where are those women? There are a lot of us, sized between 4 and 16 as well as over 16, and we are NOT being represented!

My goal is, and has been to change this.

  • I wrote my book for the woman not being represented on TV and in magazines.
  • I speak to women’s groups, sharing tips on how to not feel and look forgotten, but rather confident and fabulous.
  • I blog, to keep the conversation going & inspire women of ALL sizes, not to give up on themselves and hide in ill-fitting and non-flattering clothes.

Stop Ignoring Regular Sized Women

“I recently had the pleasure working with Scarlett De Bease. Let me retract that, I had a lot of fun spending time with Scarlett recently, as we created comfortable outfits for an upcoming business trip. Her keen eye and direct approach on what looked ideal on me, made me feel ultra confident. if you need help with the items in your closet, then invite Scarlett over, you’ll be glad you did!!” Barbara Grapstein