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How To Look Classy On A Budget

Personal Stylist Tips: How To Look Classy On A Budget.

How To Look Classy On A Budget

If I were to be asked the following questions in an interview, I have and here are the answers that will help every woman look classy on a budget.

Q. What are 3 inexpensive ways to look classy and put together?

A. 1. Wear clothes in the size you are now and not what you once were or want to be. Trust me, it’s worth the sacrifice.
2. Wear pants that are properly hemmed, so they don’t drag on the floor or look like you walked thru a flood. You’ll even look thinner and taller.
3. Wearing colors near your face that make your eyes sparkle and your skin not look yellow or green.

Q. What are 3 pieces of clothing that every woman needs?

A. 1. A proper fitting bra, so you are up where you belong with the bonus of having a more defined waistline.
2. A pair of pants that are comfortable and visually make your bigger parts smaller and your legs look longer. YES, they exist.
3. A handbag in a color, other than black, that doesn’t have any signs of wear and tear.

Q. What’s one common misconception about looking classy & well put together?

A. The biggest misconception is thinking that it costs a lot of money to dress well and look classy. If a woman buys clothing that costs lots of money but is in the wrong colors or fit, all she has are expensive mistakes hanging in her closet.

ALERT: Don’t lose weight or get younger. Get smarter.

YES, there are tons of clothes & styles right for you, but until you know what they are, nothing will change about your struggles.
If you want to personally get my tips without having to show me your closet or try on clothes, then you should look HERE.

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“LOVED this session!! Truly life changing. Thanks again Scarlett.”

Melissa Schultz

If you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett – take it! I attended a workshop she gave today and came away with so many tips to improve my wardrobe & shopping habits. Brava!

– Carolyn Rettbert Browning

How To Look Classy On A Budget

How To Look Classy On A Budget

“I attended Scarlett’s Styling Event, and it was fantastic. A small group of women shared learning and experiences and many many questions and laughs as we learned about our colors, ‘pulling things together’ and loads of style tips. I left energized and ready to make some changes, heading directly into my closet. Of course with all the extra space there was room for a tiny shopping trip to see if I could find at least 1 new piece in ‘my pallet’. The sales clerk was quite impressed with my focused shopping efforts as was I! Highly, highly recommend if you have the opportunity to work with Scarlett in a group or individual setting you consider it.”

– Teresa Solecki