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Only Travel With A Carry-On Bag

Only Travel With A Carry-On Bag

When you see this post, I will have already been in London and on my way to Lisbon, and when I travel I only use a carry-on bag, so I’m outta here.


Two Countries, One Week In A Carry-On Bag.

WHAT??? Only a carry-on, you ask?

Yes, ONLY a carry-on. No suitcases to check in, and nervously wait for at the carousel. I want every minute to be used for touring, eating, and shopping.

I’ll be posting on my Scarlett Image FaceBook page, the different outfits I created using what I packed, including my comfy travel outfit.

Hey, I plan on sleeping while I fly, or at least try to, so comfort without wearing pj’s is important to me.

Plus, I like to arrive NOT looking, like I stumbled out of bed.

Here is what I packed, and see the bundle after I folded all the clothes I’m taking.

Only Travel With A Carry-On Bag

Only Travel With A Carry-On Bag Only Travel With A Carry-On Bag

Go ahead and take a Like and a Look at my FaceBook Scarlett Image page, to see more styling and shopping tips.

Here is what I packed:

1 dress
1 lightweight black loose topper
1 pair jean leggings
1 pair black leggings
1 pair harem style pants
1 black tank top
1 black 3/4 sleeve top
1 tunic
1 white shirt tunic (my husband LOVES when I wear this top).
1 sleeveless printed top
1 large lightweight black & cream scarf that can double as a wrap.
2 pairs earrings
1 silver necklace
2 lightweight fabric necklaces
1 watch
3 pairs sandals
1 pair sneakers (not the going-to the-gym kind)

Note: I bring more pairs of shoes than some may need, as we do lots and lots of walking when in Europe and I need to wear a different pair each day to avoid discomfort. I get cranky when my feet hurt.

To answer your question, yes I bring pj’s, underwear, and toiletries.
I wash underwear and, if needed, my clothes in the bathroom sink. I only take fabrics that dry very quickly, so that by morning all is dry.

If you are not already a member of my private Stop Stressing About Dressing Group, please request to join for even more tips.

Only Travel With A Carry-On Bag

Carry-on, Carry off – What Women Should Pack

What to pack in a carry-on for a week? Woman Lives Out Of Bag For 10 Days

what women should pack

10 full days in California with at least 20 outfits using the following clothes:

White jeans that I can roll the hem up to get a fun casual look.
Denim pull-on legging jeans (see here)
White tank to wear under sheer tops and light sweaters.
White sleeveless top
Multi print tank top
Black/multi tank top
Sheer blue/white top. Hey it is hot here in California.
Sheer blue top.   Still hot here.
1 lightweight black sweater for the cooler mornings, nights and plane rides.
1 lightweight blue sweater for the cooler mornings, nights and plane rides.
1 blue patterned long sleeveless dress (can be worn with blue sweater)
1 red/black/brown patterned long sleeveless dress (can be worn with black sweater)
3 pair sandals 1 pair act as my slippers and pool flip flops
1 pair black & white sneakers
2 necklaces and 2 pair earrings
1 sheer blue & white scarf
1 handbag, in red of course.

All packed in a carry-on bag including toiletries, essentials, a bathing suit and a work-out clothes.

what women should pack
What I wore on my flight

While here, I can change my outfit twice per day and still create a new look every day I am away. The trick is to pack pieces that can be mixed and matched along with the possibility of being layered as well. My white tank can be worn alone and under the sheer tops or light sweaters. The possibilities are endless.

what women should pack

All my clothes are hung up, so I really will not be living out of my suitcase after all.

Time investment:

20 minutes max in selecting which clothes and shoes to bring.
5 minutes to pack it all in my bag.

How long does it take you to pack?

If you ever struggle with what to pack, you should be giving me a call. My clients never have that problem anymore, so why should you? Contact me here.

Stop struggling trying to figure out what to wear. Join the many hundreds of women who use these tips to help them Stop Stressing About Dressing.

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How To Pack Up Your Winter Clothes

How To Pack Up Your Winter Clothes

Out with the cold, and in with the new and warm weather clothes.

Many women switch out the contents of their closets when the seasons change. Up to the attic, down to the basement, or in a spare bedroom’s closet will soon go, and not soon enough, all the cold weather clothes.

In the March 2015 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine there is a tip to use bundling to pack up clothes for storage.  However, if you have been reading my posts, you know that for years I have been using bundling for packing my carry-on, and only, suitcase when traveling.

Truthfully, every women should not need to switch out her closet, no matter what the size as she really needs far fewer clothes than she realizes. If you want to know what clothes you should be keeping, wearing and buying, I will be happy to have a 15 minute call with you, at no charge.

Contact me if you want to take advantage of my gift and time.

Here is a video, I created years ago showing step by step, how I packed for a week-long trip.

This chart from provides easy to follow bundling directions.

How To Pack Up Your Winter Clothes

How To Pack Up Your Winter Clothes
“With some exciting changes in my career and life, I was ready to simplify my wardrobe and create a fresh look. Scarlett helped me decide what to keep and what to toss, how to create great outfits by putting my current clothes together in new ways and what to shop for to round out my wardrobe. Working with Scarlett was such fun! My closet is now very organized with clothes that fit well and flatter.”
Jean Haynes, Ct.


Copyright © Scarlett Image™., All Rights Reserved.   THIS BLOG claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this blog are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.


Packing Tips from Professional Wardrobe Stylist for Women

Shop Smart magazine had a great packing tips article regarding how to pack light for a vacation. I take it a major step farther, as when I travel I only bring a carry-on suitcase. Yes, it is a challenge, but when your wardrobe is all coordinated, you would be able to as well.

Last month I was in South Beach Florida, staying at the gorgeous W Hotel, and managed to pack in my carry-on, 2 dressy & multiple casual outfits, along with pool attire. It can be done, and here is how I did it for a previous trip to  a wonderful week away in sunny and hot Arizona a few years ago. I give and live the packing tips I suggest to my clients and readers.

I recently took 8 days off to travel with a great friend to stay in her beautiful, and thankfully air conditioned, Arizona home.

No major decisions to be made, other than trying to figure how to pack everything I need in 1 carry-on bag. So what did I take?

packing tipspacking tips

1 pair of shorts khaki
1 pair shorts black
1 dress black, off-white & brown print
1 pair white capri pants
1 top blue
1 top black
1 top blue/white print
1 pair sandals off-white
1 pair black sandals
1 pair sneakers
1 workout outfit
1 bathing suit
1 red handbag
So what jewelry could I take that would work with every outfit I put together? Well, that
was the easiest decision I had to make on this vacation.
 I had purchased a wonderful coral & turquoise necklace, that complimented all my clothes and made me smile every day. The designer, Diane Lohman Schroeder made my necklace for me in silver, but it is available in bronze as well. As per my request, Diane also made me simple link earrings, but she also has beautiful turquoise and coral earrings that go with the necklace as well.
Find a necklace that goes with many of your outfits. If your wardrobe is customized to consist of only the colors and styles that are right for you, you will discover how well one or two pieces of jewelry will work with more outfits than you could ever have imagined.

packing tips“I recently attended Scarlett’s Styling Workshop Event, and found it to be life changing. I am now armed with knowledge; like what colors to choose for me, what’s in style, where to shop, how to accentuate my best features and how to choose a few quality pieces to add to my wardrobe. I went home and was able to clean out my closets. I love how Scarlett believes that you can still be comfortable and look good.

If you like this post and want to learn more, be sure to click here.

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How to Fold Clothes For Packing a Suitcase

 How to Fold Clothes For Packing a Suitcase

how to fold clothes for packing a suitcase

I’ve given the suggestions as to what to pack for as long as a week and with only a carry-on suitcase in other posts, but it is also important to know how to fold the clothes so you make the best use of a smaller amount of space.

I only took a few lingerie items, as they are easily hand washed in the hotel room, there is no need for more than 2 bras and perhaps 4 pairs of panties, I use the space in my shoes, which are in the shoe bags on top of my clothes, to stuff panties, socks, makeup, jewelry, etc. Since I was going to London, I knew packing an umbrella would be wise, and it did come in handy as you can see here.

how to fold clothes for packing a suitcase

Note, that the top portion of the suitcase is empty. that is where you can pack all your makeup and toiletries, in clear bags, so as to easily access them if needed for security purposes.

Above are the clothes I wore for my flight and packed with the handbag I used for my laptop, magazines, wallet, and a few other items I wanted to have handy on the airplane. If traveling to a tropical location, you can use the same bag for beach or pool use. Always think in terms of double duty.

I created a video for you, that shows how to fold clothes for packing a suitcase. I show each step of how I folded my clothes into a bundle. I got this great packing style tip from Real Simple Magazine.

LOVE your tips! Thanks to your how to pack a carry on suitcase tips, I was able to pack for my 15 day destination wedding and honey moon using only a carry-on suitcase! Of course, I am carrying my wedding dress onto the plane separately.
—M. Vizvary Ct.


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