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My Favorite Things 2022

Oprah shouldn’t be the only one who gets to share her faves, so here are My Favorite Things 2022.

Some make great stocking stuffers, others gifts, and all are perfect to give to yourself because you deserve them!

My Favorite Things 2022

Brush Blow Dryer – This blowdryer has changed my life! When my hair is close to dry, I use this dryer for no more than 5 minutes, and I no longer look like I put my finger in a socket.

My Favorite Things 2022

Eyelash Lift – I get my eyelashes permed so they are not stick-straight and I don’t have to use an eyelash curler.
I go to Julia Brown in Collinsville CT. She’s wonderful and in a very cool location.

Bathing SuitMiraclesuit bathing suits. Yes, they are pricey but boy do they suck in where we need them to. A coupon for $50 off pops up when you go to their site and they have styles on sale.
Note: Be sure to read my sizing tips here before you choose what size to order any bathing suit.

My Favorite Things 2022


Moisturizer – I LOVE this moisturizer. I mean LOVE it, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

My Favorite Things 2022

No-Show Knee-His – The solution to the should I or shouldn’t I wear socks. These are a great answer
to the should I or shouldn’t I wear socks with specific shoes.

My Favorite Things 2022

L’oreal Smoldering Eyeliner – When I need to give my eyes a boost for going online or outside. Great value and long-lasting.

My Favorite Things 2022

Camera Covers – Protect your privacy with these covers for your computer, iPad, phone, or whatever device you own that has a camera.
Recently I was in my bathrobe right in front of my computer, w/o makeup on, getting ready for the day while attending a Zoom event. I thought my camera was off, but it wasn’t. 😬😬😬😳😳😳
Thank goodness I had the camera cover on my computer in the closed position and all the hundreds of other attendees saw was a black square.

My Favorite Things 2022

Tiara Shower Caps – This is the 2nd year I’m recommending these great caps.
Stay tuned, because soon she is rolling out a fabulous natural deodorant that actually works!

My Favorite Things 2022

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!!!

Scarlett’s 2019 Favorite Things Shopping List

It’s that time of year again where you struggle figuring out what to buy for others and tell others what you would like for yourself.

Wouldn’t be nice to give or get a gift that won’t be returned?????

Well, struggle no more, because here is a list of my 2019 favorite things that I hope you either gift or get and will totally enjoy.

Artis Makeup brushes – Oprah loves them, so I had to try one and then I got another, and another…I love them!

❄  IT CC plus Cream with 50 SPF – This is a great product to even out your skin color along with incredible SPF protection because we all need to avoid more sun damage. It’s wonderfully light and very natural looking. It’s also a great time to do gift shopping on Sephora’s site.

 Lysse – I love and live in these denim leggings, which I wear with longer tops. My clients love them too because they’re comfy and flattering. Check out their tops too.

  That’s What She Said  – Delightful, inspiring, and filled with educational quotes book.

❄  Allbirds sneakers and flats – These are sooooooo comfortable and come in tons of great colors. Perfect for travel and/or when you have lots of walking to do. They’re also washable!!

❄  MZ Wallace – handbags.  I love their bags and have quite a few of them. Their ability to withstand rain, having tons of pockets and lasting forever make them a great investment.

❄  Nic + Zoe – Her designs are figure-flattering and almost all of my clients look great in this line. The tank tops are fantastic if you want to start with a true basic.

❄  Stop Stressing About Dressing book – by yours truly. It’s filled with easy to follow styling tips and laughs.

❄  Gift Certificate to give or get to work with me either in-person on virtually. Email me to find out how you can give the gift of knowing what to wear.

Be sure to shop via Rakuten so you can make money on your purchases.
You won’t be sorry!!

Easy packing. Easy choosing what to wear.

2019 Favorite Things

“Yesterday and today I’m on the road meeting with clients. Before packing I pulled up the photos of all the beautiful outfits you created and it made packing so easy!  Everything coordinated and I felt great.  Many thanks!” Christina Larson – Boston Ma.

Just A Few Of My, Not Oprah’s, Favorite Things For You & Gift Giving

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 Lysee leggings – Muffin top foe & women’s body friend.

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Toppix Fill in thinning hair spots for her or him.

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Stop Stressing About Dressing – Book.  Ok, I’m the author so somewhat biased, but it really makes a great gift for women who want to find out the secrets that will help them stop wasting money, time and energy on choosing what to wear. Trust me on this.

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BlinGuard Make your rings stop turning and your earrings stay put.

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KaraMac Change the look of your shoes with just a click

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*Tide Pods As one client said, “love how they make my yoga clothes smell”.

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 Ebates Shopping site where YOU get money back

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Benefit – Eyebrow Shaping .

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Sleevey Wonders – Arm cover-up.

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Munro shoes – Comfy with style…orthotic compatible if needed.

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Mark Jacobs eye pencils – Waterproof and easy to apply.

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*Round Hot Brush – Get control of your hair.

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Gift Certificates for Style and/or Personal Shopping consultations with moi.

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My favorite gift is getting emails like this from my clients:

Dear Scarlett,

Yesterday Was The Best Clothing Experience In My Long Life!!!
Your Ability To Size Up The Person And Their Wardrobe was Incredible. With Your Ability, I Have Eleminated Items I Never Wear And You Put Together Items From Several Outfits To Make Several New Outfits. Bottom Line Is My Closet Has Less Clutter And More Outfits. You Are Very Pleasant To Work With And Your Knowledge Of Fashion Exceptional.
thank You For All Your Help I Am Extremely grateful.




*Recommended by clients and members of my private Stop Stressing About Dressing FaceBook group.

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