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4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales

4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales
4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales


Oh, how I love shopping end of season sales.

I get such pleasure out of buying a pair of boots for about 70% off in the summer or a pair of sandals in winter at similar savings.

I admit trying on anything with wool during the summer, or sleeveless in the winter is tough, but think how snuggly you’ll feel in your bargain sweater, coat, bathing suit, or waterproof boots while others are scrambling to find something in the stores at full price.


Below are a few tips to help you shop sales & not waste your money or time.

  1. Shop the stores in person and online that you usually stay away from because you think they are too expensive.
    A pair of shoes that originally were $200, that are now reduced to $90 will last you longer and be more comfortable than a pair that retails for only $60.
  2. Sign up for any shopper program a store may have so that you get extra savings, sales alerts and rewards you can use towards future purchases.
  3. When you shop online use the category filters to personalize your search. For example: Select your best colors, which if you worked with me or another image consultant you’d know them, plus your size, price range, and item type.
    This way you won’t be bombarded with hundreds of sneakers or leggings in all sizes. And if you are looking for sneakers and leggings, selecting your size will eliminate a whole lot of eye blurring headache producing nope not for me items.

See this example of category filters from Nordstrom.

4 Tips To Help You Shop End Of Season Sales

4. Don’t worry about returns. Most stores offer free shipping both ways, or you can easily return an online purchase in the store itself.
P.S. I highly recommend returning what doesn’t fit or look right vs. holding on to them because you are thinking “one day it’ll fit” or just don’t bother returning what you won’t be wearing.
I cannot even count how many times I’ve seen clothes in a woman’s closet still with the price tag on simply because she never got around to making the return.
No, no, and no to not getting your money back.

Pssst…Overheard In The Dressing Room

FYI: S-A-L-E was the first word I taught my daughter to read from the Gap window while pushing her in the stroller in the mall..yes I may have created a shopping monster, but she sure knows how to save money on clothes.



Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?
Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Now That Nordstrom Dropped the Ivanka Trump Line, and a few more retailers are joining the migration, many of her fans are wondering what is going on and where will they be able to get her merchandise.

So, should you buy Ivanka Trump’s brand? To be very honest with you, I was never a fan of her line. I found the fit was not flattering for most body types and the quality was poor.

Years ago I bought a pair of her shoes because they looked so good, but after wearing them for one night and losing all feeling in my feet as they hurt so much, I realized my feet were not meant for her shoes, no matter how cute they looked.

When a line of clothes or accessories gets bad reviews and the quality is not that great, people stop buying it.

It happens to be very common for retailers to drop lines from their stores, and Ivanka Trump isn’t the first and definitely will not be the last.

I got Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?the following stats from International Business Times website.

“Citing internal Nordstrom data, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line dropped by about 32 percent last fiscal year. Sales of Ivanka’s footwear and apparel fell more than 70 percent lower in the second, third and fourth weeks of October 2016 compared with the same time the year before.”

But, if you loved how her line fits you and the feeling it evokes when you wear it, have no fear as many stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and Zappos still carry Ivanka Trump products.

If her sales keep slipping, it won’t be long till more retailers go from having Trumps products go from available for sale, to on sale, to no longer available for sale.

That’s business, not politics.

There are many lines out there that offer style, comfort, flattering fit and high quality. I tell my clients about them all the time.

Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?Join my on-line course, Scarlett’s Stress Free Style System: How To Build A Wardrobe You’ll Love On The Budget You Have and you too will be able to open your closet door, choose a fabulous outfit and feel like a million bucks.

Stop Digging In Your Heels!

Save your shoes!!!

shoes for outdoor wedding

When warmer weather arrives, so do outdoor events.

Weddings, garden parties, graduation ceremonies, and any other event that is being held outside presents a problem for a woman: What shoes can she wear that won’t dig into the grass and ruin her heels?

While shopping with a client and her future daughter-in-law, for the perfect dress (we found two) to wear to her son’s wedding, we headed to the shoe department. She needed shoes for outdoor wedding.

I wanted to find her a pair of shoes that will be comfortable, attractive and could be worn for other occasions as well. And I did.

But that wasn’t what I wanted to share with you.

Her adorable and absolutely lovely daughter-in-law to be, discovered this product in Nordstrom’s shoe department. I think it is a brilliant solution to the damage that can occur to shoes, when your heels sink into the lawn.

You can purchase the heel protectors separately, or get the Wedding Rescue Kit, which make s a fantastic gift to the Bridal Party.

The individual heel protectors comes in 4 colors and three widths, so as to fit a variety of heel sizes and colors.

shoes for outdoor weddingshoes for outdoor wedding


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If you want to know how to organize your closet(s), go here.


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What To Wear To A Holiday Party. Plus 8 Tips to Add Holiday Sparkle to Your Outfit.

what to wear to holiday party

What To Wear To A Holiday Party
Needing a makeover or a chest waxing?


It’s that time of year again. The invitation has arrived to a holiday party or dinner, and the suggested dress code is ‘Festive Attire’, or dressy casual, cocktail, or smart casual. Which makes me ask: who dresses in ignorant casual?

Now you are faced with two very important questions. What do I wear and for heaven’s sake, what do these suggested what to wear dress codes mean?

So many invitations are suggesting this new dress term, and so many more people are confused by what it means.

Festive attire is NOT, what the person in the above photo is wearing. These sweaters are reserved only for a growing poplar party theme: Ugly Christmas Sweater holiday parties.

Batteries Not Included

Typically festive attire is a way of asking the guests to dress up, as in no jeans, but not go as far as a gown. It is a way of guiding you to make an effort to dress up, jazz up what you wore to work or to have a little fun with your basic black dress or pants. If any piece of clothing or accessory requires batteries, then they are not appropriate for festive attire invites to parties.

So if you’re looking to get some ideas on how to turn your basic black dress or pants outfit into a wow outfit that is fit for any festive attire event, then try a few of the following tips.

what to wear to a holiday party
A basic dress in a color that flatters you, is just the start of a perfect outfit.


 8 Ways to add instant pops of festive attire, without spending lots of money:


1. Wear a necklace that has more than one strand to it. Try a multi layer strands of pearls, or combine two or three necklaces together to make a statement.

2. Combine bracelets that are slightly similar so as to create a more dramatic look than when just wearing one single bracelet.

3. Or add a cuff (wide) bracelet that has some color and/or shimmer on it.

4. Instead of a necklace, add an interesting lightweight scarf in a color that compliments your eyes.

5. Wear dramatic earrings if you are not wearing a necklace or if you chose a scarf.

6. Don’t wear your everyday handbag when you are dressing up. Wear a smaller and dressier handbag. Try one with color or even basic black as long as you do not look like you didn’t bother to switch out your bag from work or shopping.

7. Switch your shoes as well. This is the time to dust off those special occasion shoes that might be less than comfortable, than your regular pair but definitely worth it.

8. Apply gloss over your regular lipstick. It quickly dresses up your face and makes the eyes sparkle.

Don’t fall into the trap of wearing all black, unless you have added some sparkle or shimmer. Chocolate brown, navy, ruby red, emerald and sapphire are great alternatives. If you do choose to wear black, then add color with your necklaces or a scarf so you create some contrast and interest.

Remember to have some fun with your choices, and enjoy the festivities.

 What To Wear To A Holiday Party

Looking for more what to wear tips?

Be sure to click here to get

5 Tips to help you Stop Stressing About Dressing.


What To Wear To A Holiday Party
Jane Pollak -Leading Remarkable Women To Uncommon Success


“I’m the first one to tell people, when they compliment me on how I look, that I have a secret weapon: Wardrobe Stylist Scarlett Debease. I’ve worked with Scarlett for years now and recommend her heartily to family, friends and colleagues. She not only shops with me for beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe, but she also comes to my home and coordinates the new purchases with the rest of my wardrobe, then photographs the outfits to create my own personal look-book. I NEVER have to think, “What will I wear today?” I simply consult my look-book and get dressed. I know I’ve saved time and money using Scarlett’s invaluable service.” Jane Pollak




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4 Tips To Shop Sales and Save Money Shopping For Clothes


4 Tips To Shop Sales and Save Money Shopping For Clothes 

4 Tips To Shop Sales and Save Money Shopping For Clothes.

As much as I love taking advantage of ALL the sales, it can be a very expensive way to save money if one doesn’t buy the right things. A bargain purchase is only a bargain when you actually need and can use the item. It helps to know how to shop sales and what you should not buy no matter its cost.

That $100 top for only $40 plus an extra 20% is so enticing, but if it is in the wrong color, size and/or style, it will sit in your closet unworn and worst of all, unloved. Don’t let this tragedy happen to your purchases.

I have gotten some incredible deals and will keep taking advantage of the sales, for myself and my clients because that is one of my favorite ways of building a wardrobe without spending a fortune. After all, the first word I taught my daughter to read was SALE!

4 Tips To Shop Sales and Save Money Shopping For Clothes:

1.  When you see that a store you like is starting a sale, go to their website where you will have a bigger selection than what one individual store has in their inventory. This is especially helpful for smaller stores like J.McLauughlin, The Gap, etc.

2.  Shop thru Ebates, where not only will you get to shop online but will also receive cash back for your purchases, in the form of a check every 3 months. I have gotten back over $430 since I joined Ebates, which naturally I spent on sales.

3.  Don’t avoid higher-end stores like Neiman Marcus. For about the same cost, you can get higher quality merchandise during their sales, than the lower quality you might be buying at regular prices.

4. Last, but not least, only buy the clothes and accessories that look good on you. Not what is in style, a great deal or the salesperson tells you looks marvelous on you and is their best seller.

If you want to know what to buy and wear and stop wasting your money you can contact me and I will tell you what will make choosing what to wear fun, easy and oh so flattering.

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What to Wear To Holiday Parties

What to Wear To Holiday Parties
What to Wear To Parties
What To Wear to Parties
What To Wear to Parties

What to Wear To Holiday Parties? Every now and then, pictures are better than words for answering a wardrobe stylist and personal shopping question.

So take a look here to get visual ideas on What to Wear To Holiday Parties.

All of the pieces I found are available at Nordstrom, which is the store I take almost all my clients to for personal shopping.

No, Nordstrom does not pay me to shop at their stores, but their excellent customer service, variety of styles and price points are why I love to pamper my clients with a Nordstrom shopping experience.

What to wear to holiday parties“As the owner of a marketing agency, personal shopper Scarlett understood the “look” I wanted to achieve. She presented me with mix-and-match options that were age-appropriate and budget-friendly. Now, I feel much more confident when I am making new business presentations, facilitating client meetings and attending networking events. I actually look forward to getting dressed each day. I can’t wait to shop with Scarlett again!”

—Heather B. Habelka, Principal, Red Poppy Marketing

Looking for more wardrobe stylist tips? Be sure to click here to get your copy of
                 5 Secrets to Instantly Improve Your Image

Schedule your Get Acquainted Call to find out how I can show you how to always know what to wear.


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Shopping Advice: Don’t Leave Your Dressing Room!

Shopping Advice: Don’t Leave Your Dressing Room!

wardrobe stylistwardrobe stylist

There you are in the dressing room trying to find an outfit for your next, presentation, interview, networking event, or special occasion, but you need to see how you look from all sides before you can decide if this is the outfit to solve all your problems.

“Oh Honey, that looks wonderful on you!”

No problem, all you have to do is step out of your dressing room and take a look in the three-way mirror all the rooms share. Then you hear those reassuring words; “Oh Honey, that looks wonderful on you!” In case you couldn’t hear her, as you were too busy jumping up and down trying to see how you would look in heels, a neighboring customer also tells you how fabulous you look. SOLD? 

So what if the color  is all wrong, and you are having a hard time breathing in this outfit as your lungs are being compressed by the fit.  Two strangers love it on you and despite the fact that one of them happens to be on commission, you now love this outfit on you as well. You love it, because their compliments have caused you to unconsciously become attached, and have clouded your ability to make your own decision. Stores deliberately place three-way mirrors in communal space so that you get the ‘compliments’ from strangers that will seal the deal.

When I take my clients shopping, I am provided a special wardrobe stylist’s dressing room that has a three-way mirror in it, chair, shelves and tons of hanging space. It is a private, fantasy dressing room that allows my client’s initial reaction as to how they look when they see their reflection, be the deciding factor as to whether the clothes are right for them. Not even my opinion counts, because it should always be the thrill of how great and comfortable you look in the clothes. I pick out clothes that my clients most probably would not have selected on their own, and they then discover how beautiful they can look.

Consider my shopping advice and stay in your dressing room, be wary of the kindness of stranger’s compliments in the dressing room, and trust your own initial reaction when you see your reflection.

I am now offering virtual consultations for those who finally want to know what to wear? Send me your pictures and required information, and I’ll give you the styling and shopping tips you need so that you will always know what to wear.

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How Can You Be Mad At This Face? Why I shop at Nordstrom.



I am often asked which store do I take my clients shopping, and the answer is always Nordstrom.

The main two reasons I prefer Nordstroms is because they have a variety of price points and exceptional customer service. And I do mean exceptional customer service.

I have many examples of Nordstrom’s excellent customer service, but none as adorable and painful as what this gorgeous and sweet-faced puppy did to this expensive and once equally gorgeous shoe.


A new ‘shoe’ toy for this gorgeous puppy.


When I found these versatile, attractive and comfortable shoes for my client, after having helped her find many new pieces of clothing, she fell in love with them despite their high price tag.

While she wore all her new clothes immediately she hesitated to wear the new shoes as they were more than she typically would spend on shoes. She kept thinking she would return them, but never brought herself to do so because she loved them so much. So they remained on the floor of her closet, helpless and neglected. That is until…….

Mr. Puppy thought he had a new ‘shoe’ toy, and my client saw $$ disappear before her eyes and sent me the above picture. Once I stopped saying NOOOOO, I suggested she take the half-eaten pair of shoes back to Nordstrom to ask for their help. I think she thought I was nuts, but I guess I earned her trust, and then…

Nordstrom’s famous customer service came thru. They replaced the chewed up shoe, and my client now was back to owning a beautiful pair of shoes, that she happily wears, over and over again.

She even bought another pair!

The moral of the story is to use and enjoy what you have while you can. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of using what you have while you are well and young enough to do so.

Quoting the beloved Erma Bombeck from her book, IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER, “I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage”.



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