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Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?
Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Now That Nordstrom Dropped the Ivanka Trump Line, and a few more retailers are joining the migration, many of her fans are wondering what is going on and where will they be able to get her merchandise.

So, should you buy Ivanka Trump’s brand? To be very honest with you, I was never a fan of her line. I found the fit was not flattering for most body types and the quality was poor.

Years ago I bought a pair of her shoes because they looked so good, but after wearing them for one night and losing all feeling in my feet as they hurt so much, I realized my feet were not meant for her shoes, no matter how cute they looked.

When a line of clothes or accessories gets bad reviews and the quality is not that great, people stop buying it.

It happens to be very common for retailers to drop lines from their stores, and Ivanka Trump isn’t the first and definitely will not be the last.

I got Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?the following stats from International Business Times website.

“Citing internal Nordstrom data, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line dropped by about 32 percent last fiscal year. Sales of Ivanka’s footwear and apparel fell more than 70 percent lower in the second, third and fourth weeks of October 2016 compared with the same time the year before.”

But, if you loved how her line fits you and the feeling it evokes when you wear it, have no fear as many stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and Zappos still carry Ivanka Trump products.

If her sales keep slipping, it won’t be long till more retailers go from having Trumps products go from available for sale, to on sale, to no longer available for sale.

That’s business, not politics.

There are many lines out there that offer style, comfort, flattering fit and high quality. I tell my clients about them all the time.

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5 Ways To Shop Sales and Save Money

5 Ways To Shop Sales and Save MoneyBeware of fake sales!!!


50% OFF






There are real sales, great sales, and fake sales. Personally, I love the really great sales and, as all my clients know, there isn’t a sales rack out there that I haven’t scoured to find a great deal.

Avoid falling for the sneaky trap that some retailers offer. Usually, a sign on top of the rack showing the original price and then what their ‘special’ sale prices are for that day, is merchandise that was bought and priced to be sold at the lower price, so you are not getting a deal at all, trust me on this.

So what are the best ways to shop sales? Here are 5 Ways To Shop Sales and Save Money:

1. Browse the stores you like before they have a sale, so you know what you like and the original price the items sold at before they get marked down.

2. Don’t get overwhelmed at the multiple racks of deals. Focus on what styles, labels, and colors look best on you. Do Not focus on the price! A bargain is
no bargain when it is not right for you, no matter how inexpensive it may now be.

3. Keep your receipts, and if the items you purchased get marked down within two weeks of being purchased, most stores will credit you the difference.

4. Ask stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Lord & Taylor if they have any coupons for you to use towards your purchases. Often the salespeople are very
generous with what they have hidden in their drawers.

5. The days after Christmas are a bargain hunter’s delight. That sweater that was not right for one woman, is perfect for you and truly now is 30 to 50% off
Always get a price check on an item at this time of year, as often the sales people are too busy to place the reduced price on the ticket, and you might miss
out on a deal if you don’t ask for them to scan the tag. Take advantage of the After Christmas Sales!!

5 Ways To Shop Sales and Save Money

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Dump The Heels and Wear Flats To Parties


Heels aren’t the only way to make your outfit look great.

flats to parties  flats to partiesHate or can’t wear heels?

Then wear flats to parties, weddings, and pretty much everywhere.

According to an article in the New York Times Style section, flats with a touch of festive, make great alternatives.

Not that I want to pick a fight with the New York Times, but some women have to wear flats to parties. For many, they are the ONLY alternative to wearing heels that cause pain and imbalance.

What about having a stylish-looking pair to slip into after having worn the heels that might have looked great when you walked in, but have now caused you to experience pain and discomfort that reminds you of childbirth or dental surgery? Sometimes both.

If heels are out of the question, get a pair of flats with some color or embellishment so you can dance the night away in.

Another tip would be to wear a dress or pants that are long enough to just be about an inch off the ground so that you seemingly float into the room as you will be so light on your feet being pain-free! Just do a Whoopi!

Years ago, Whoopi Goldberg wore a ballgown to The Oscars with comfy combat boots, not torturous heels. I like her thinking.

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I love thumbing through my new outfits. Just so much fun thinking about what I’m going to wear that day.”  Liz VizzaExecutive Director Friends of the Public Garden

flats to parties






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