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Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?
Should You Buy Ivanka Trump’s Brand?

Now That Nordstrom Dropped the Ivanka Trump Line, and a few more retailers are joining the migration, many of her fans are wondering what is going on and where will they be able to get her merchandise.

So, should you buy Ivanka Trump’s brand? To be very honest with you, I was never a fan of her line. I found the fit was not flattering for most body types and the quality was poor.

Years ago I bought a pair of her shoes because they looked so good, but after wearing them for one night and losing all feeling in my feet as they hurt so much, I realized my feet were not meant for her shoes, no matter how cute they looked.

When a line of clothes or accessories gets bad reviews and the quality is not that great, people stop buying it.

It happens to be very common for retailers to drop lines from their stores, and Ivanka Trump isn’t the first and definitely will not be the last.

I got Should You Buy Ivanka Trump's Brand?the following stats from International Business Times website.

“Citing internal Nordstrom data, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that sales of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line dropped by about 32 percent last fiscal year. Sales of Ivanka’s footwear and apparel fell more than 70 percent lower in the second, third and fourth weeks of October 2016 compared with the same time the year before.”

But, if you loved how her line fits you and the feeling it evokes when you wear it, have no fear as many stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and Zappos still carry Ivanka Trump products.

If her sales keep slipping, it won’t be long till more retailers go from having Trumps products go from available for sale, to on sale, to no longer available for sale.

That’s business, not politics.

There are many lines out there that offer style, comfort, flattering fit and high quality. I tell my clients about them all the time.

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Bargain Shopper Warning

Bargain Shopper Warning
Bargain Shopper Warning

Bargain shopping here I come.

While in California for work and pleasure, I decided to have some fun by checking out Saks Off 5th.
This is where a shopper can find merchandise that did not sell at the regular Saks Fifth Avenue stores, and brought over for her to get to deeply discounted prices.

Or, can she???

I frankly am outraged at the nerve of this retailer fooling their customers into thinking they are getting a deal.
This off-price retailor is carrying brands including Nine West, Jones NY, Ivanka Trump, and Rafaella that have never seen the light of day in a Saks 5th Avenue store.

Give me a break.

As an image consultant and personal shopper, I really and I mean really know labels, prices and deals.

I love a good sale and know when I see one.

I don’t like being manipulated, and don’t want you to get tricked into buying something that is not a deal.

For more tips on outlet shopping, I wrote about where the better deals are a while back in this blog post.


Bargain Shopper Warning
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