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Move Over Scarlett O’Hara Cause I Actually Do Declare

Styling Tips for 2018
Styling Tips for 2018



Well, I do declare! I decided to proclaim loud and kinda clear, my 2018 plans for you. Since I make my videos without a script, mistakes can happen. I misspoke when I said my FaceBook Q & A is every week…it will be every month. My styling tip in less than 5 minutes is every week.


You spoke. I listened. AM I CRAZY?
Based on feedback from women who really want to work with me, but are on a budget or just a bit too nervous to let me into their closet, I came up with a $99 1-Hour consult I’m calling Wardrobe Review & Revive.
Go HERE to see what this means for you.

In case you are not on FaceBook, here is one of the first Styling Tip in less than 5 minutes I made about how to not look like you have, or emphasize a double chin.